How to Use Drip Lead Scoring

Not every email subscriber is created equally. Some are way more valuable to the growth of your business.

Drip’s Lead Scoring feature gives you the ability to rank your subscribers in a way that can help you grow your business more effectively. In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to use Lead Scoring in Drip.

There are people who join your email list that aren’t really interested in what you have to offer. They saw your amazing lead magnet or free gift and joined for the sole purpose of getting that awesome resource you created.

They will never open your emails and aren’t as engaged as you’d like them to be.

Then there are those who will come across your content and fall in love. They devour your lead magnet and whenever your name shows up in their inbox, they skip over everything else and go directly to that email you sent.

Why? Because they know that they are gonna get value from you. These are the ones who open every email, click every link and are way more likely to share your stuff with their friends. They are also your buyers.

They are your true fans

Would you engage them differently if you ran into these two people at an event? Yes, you would.

Unfortunately, this is not what so many bloggers do with their email list. They lump them onto a list and engage them in the same way with the same content and the same kind of value.

Well, that’s about to change for you right now. Because Drip’s Lead scoring feature is AMAZING and makes this process of distinguishing between hot leads and stale leads easy.

An Overview of Drip Lead Scoring

Let’s look at what lead scoring allows you to do at a very basic level.

When looking at your subscribers (now called People), you will see the lead score of all these subscribers expressed as a number.

The higher that number is, the more engaged that subscriber is.

You can filter this list by lead score. You can filter “Lead” and say Score is greater than 100 (or any other number). When you click refresh, it will show your subscribers that match that criteria.

These are some of my most engaged subscribers. If I wanted to do something special for a group of subscribers, these would be the subscribers to start with.

Drip Lead Score Example

How to Configure Lead Scoring

Go to your “Lead Scoring” settings by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of your Drip account. This is where you set the value of different actions your subscribers can take. 

Special Pages

In this first section, it starts off with special Pages on your blog or website – wherever you have the tracking code installed.

There are probably special pages on your site that indicate a higher level of interest than others. For example – I have my Blogger coaching club where I teach my members how to build a business with a blog.

If someone visits the sales page for the coaching club, they are expressing some level of interest in what I have to sell. That says something to me.

Drip Lead Score Special Pages

I will give them 5 points here. Now you can change this URL to whatever page makes sense for you and you can adjust the amount of points to whatever makes sense for your business.

If they click the buy button and go to my pricing page – I give them 7 points.

You also have the option of deducting points if they visit a certain page. For example – if someone goes to a page on your site for requesting a refund. You can deduct points accordingly.

Email Engagement

This is where you can set values for Opens and clicks. As you can see here, whenever someone opens one of my emails, they get one point.

A click is more valuable than an open, so I have that set at 3 points.

Drip Lead Score Email Engagement

Custom Events

These are events that you’ve told Drip to track.

If you don’t know how this works, make sure you check out my tutorial on How to use custom events in Drip and it’ll walk you through the entire process.

The custom event I’m tracking is whenever someone signs up for my coaching club. If they do that, they are tremendously valuable because they are actually spending money with me.

I’m giving these people 10 points.

Drip Lead Scoring Custom Events

Opt-In Forms

If you’re using Drip Opt in forms, you can also set a value for people who submit their details via those forms here. I don’t use the Drip Opt in Forms, but if you do, you can set them here.

The last two things that you can set are also very significant. This is where you set at what point they become leads and at what point they become prospects.

Let’s deal with the Initial score first. 

Drip Lead Scoring Opt In Forms

Initial Score

Whatever you set this at will determine when a subscriber gets flagged as a prospect. Before that point, they are just a regular subscriber.

Drip Initial Lead Score

Lead Threshold

You can also determine at what point they get flagged as a lead, which is a higher level than a prospect.

This is just one of the ways you can easily distinguish different levels of engagement among your subscribers.

What values should you set these at? It all depends on the structure of your business and what makes sense for you.

Drip Lead Threshold

My recommendation is to start with the default, set up your lead scoring and see how your subscribers engage.

Then tweak accordingly as time goes on.

One thing to note – the lead score does go down after periods of inactivity. For every week that they are not active, they lose points. If they are prospects or leads, they will lose 4 points for every week.

Once they drop below that initial score you set, they will lose 1 point for every week.

This emphasizes the importance of staying in regular contact with your list and engaging them on a consistent basis. 

QUESTION: Are you using lead scoring in your email marketing? Go ahead and leave your answer to this question in the comments area below.