Let me help you create an UNFORGETTABLE experience

Your event doesn't have to be boring. Hire me, and I'll help you create something that's BETTER THAN STUPENDOUS! Watch the video above!

My Emcee Process!


I'm not just your emcee. I'm your partner. As such, I make myself available to help with planning the event, prepping speakers, and setting the stage for an awesome experience.


From soundcheck to the stage, I'm there to help to make ensure the attendees are set up for success. I set the mood for them to make the most of their experience of what happens on stage. 


An important part of the process is the event debrief. This is where we discuss what went well and what didn't. It will happen soon after the event while everything's fresh.


Let's be honest. Once you experience having an energetic professional event emcee, there's no going back. We will work together to continually improve your event experience.

Leslie Samuel is the Perfect Choice for Your Next Business/Corporate Event

Leslie has hosted various events related to business, entrepreneurship, and social media marketing - both in-person and virtual. The common theme you will hear from the attendees is that he brought a kind of energy that they never experienced before.

As a Caribbean-born, tech-savvy, biologist and musician, Leslie brings his combines his diverse experiences to craft an experience to remember.

Once you have him emcee your event, it will be hard to go back to the way things were!

What Attendees are Saying...

What a great host! I’m not a big rah-rah person, and often emcees just go over the top and frankly annoy me. But you had just the right amount of energy for my liking. Got me up when I might not have normally, without making me feel “dumb.”

Beth Moore  

Leslie, where do I start? You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made this amazing event even better and you are an absolute joy!

Jared Van Dyke  

I so appreciate the fun loving atmosphere you brought to the stage! You made the event that much more amazing! I really enjoyed singing as you played the piano. That was awesome!

Angela Crayne  


Let me help you craft an

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