Drip Campaigns vs Broadcast Emails:
What's the Difference?

Campaigns vs Broadcast Emails in Drip. What’s the difference? That’s what we cover in this tutorial.

Broadcast Emails in Drip

Let’s say you are having a birthday party. Your birthday is on June 5th. You want all your friends to come over and celebrate.

You should send out invitations to all your friend at around the same time.

And if you want this party to go over well, you want to make sure to send them BEFORE June 5th – right?

Drip Broadcast Emails

If the way you communicated with your friends was via an email list, you’d use a broadcast email.

These messages will go out around the same time to everyone, unless you specify otherwise.

You can schedule those broadcasts in advance to go out on a specific day at a specific time.

You can also have you list segmented. Your categories may be Family, Close friends, not-so-close friends, and acquaintances.

Then you can choose to only send that broadcast email to Family and Close friends. Broadcasts allow you to get that specific using tags and other cool features of Drip.

If you’re a blogger, you may have a post that went live and you wanna let your subscribers know about it.

Or doing a time-sensitive promotion and you have a series of emails to send out. You would send all these as broadcasts.

Campaigns in Drip

Campaigns are automated email sequences about specific topics.

Let’s say you’re a biology teacher and you have students that come to you every year to learn biology. You created specific lessons that you give to your students in a specific sequence.

Let's say your first section is the section on the digestive system. In that section, you will have a specific order in which you teach those lessons.

If you were teaching the class online, you could have a digestive system campaign. It would walk your students through the lessons in the right sequence. Campaigns are great for that.

The key is that the sequence is an automated series. You can specify the timing of those emails.

For example, you could say something like this.

When someone signs up to my digestive system campaign, send them the first email. This email gives an introduction to the digestive system.

The next email can go out in two days and may give the parts of the digestive system.

Three days after that, you can talk about what happens in the mouth, and so on.

It doesn’t matter when your students subscribe, they will get the same content. And it will be in the order you specified when you set up the campaign.

As a blogger, you may have webinars, a 5-day ecourse, or an automated email sequence. You can set them all up as campaigns.

In summary...

Campaigns allow you to specify emails that go out in a sequence.

Broadcasts are one-off emails that go out to everyone at around the same time.

QUESTION: If you have an email list - how often do you email your subscribers? Go ahead and leave your answer to this question in the comments area below.