How to Customize Your Drip Campaign Confirmation Emails

In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to customize your campaign confirmation emails in Drip.

When people sign up to your email list, you want to give them a great first impression. Unfortunately, when most people create an email campaign, they go with the default confirmation email on whatever platform they are on.

That’s a big problem. When email marketing services set up these confirmation emails, they have to do it in a generic way. That way, they can “satisfy” as many companies as possible.

But you and I know that when you try to please EVERYONE, you end up doing a poor job at pleasing anyone. So these confirmation emails aren’t very “pleasing”.

You want to create a customized confirmation email that’s right in line with your messaging and tone.

How to Edit Your Campaign Confirmation Email

Drip Campaign
Drip Confirmation Email

The first thing we’re gonna do is click on Campaign in the top menu.

Let’s use my Action Tips campaign as an example. If you click on the campaign name, it will take you into the campaign.

Once there, go to Emails..

This will take you to a list of my Campaign Emails. If you click on the word “Campaign” you will see the option of going to your Confirmation emails.

Once there, you will see what’s there by default. You will notice that the content is pretty generic.

Fortunately, you can change it. However, you want to keep the confirmation link in there.

If you ever make a mistake and delete the confirmation link, you can add it back. Go to Email Fields, and then scroll down to Opt-In Confirmation Link. Then click “Insert”.

Once your email is complete, click on “Save” and you’re good to go. 

Drip Signup Confirmation Email
Drip Edit Confirmation Email

Example Confirmation Email

Here’s an example of an email I’d use:

Hey {{ subscriber.first_name }}I noticed you signed up for my action tips.

AWESOMENESS. You are on your way to building a successful blogging business.

But first I need you to confirm your interest by clicking on the link below

Once you click that link above, I will send you some of the best blogging tips you’ve ever seen.

I’m looking forward to providing you with tons of value to help you grow your blogging business.

Talk to you soon! Leslie - Your Blogging Mentor

QUESTION: Are you using a customized confirmation email? Go ahead and leave your answer to this question in the comments area below.