How to Create a Campaign in Drip

How do you create a campaign in Drip and make sure you do it the right way? That’s what I’m gonna show you in this tutorial.

If you didn’t watch my tutorial where I talk about the differences between campaigns and broadcasts, you should check that out before this one.

I’m going to assume you understand the difference and just show you how to create a campaign in Drip.

How to Create Your Campaign

To do so, click on Campaigns.

From there, click on the “+New Campaign” button.

Once you do that, give the campaign a name. For this example, I’m gonna call my Campaign “Action Tips”.

The campaign is created and you now I have two options – Choose a blueprint or start from Scratch.

New Drip Campaign
Name Your Drip Campaign

Using Drip Campaign Blueprints

If you don’t already have a campaign written out, you can choose from a number of Blueprints.

This gives you a bunch of blueprints you can use for different purposes. Everything from a 5-day mini course to a 4-week email course, different follow up campaigns and a bunch of other stuff.

If you want, you can preview the email by clicking the preview button.

Drip Campaign Options

Then you can see the content of each email. If you find one you want to use, you can click on the “Use this Blueprint” button.

Now once you do that, you can click on the individual emails to customize it. You can customize the Subject line as well as the content of the email.

Once you’re finished customizing the content, you can either save it as a draft or you can go directly to Save & Publish.

Also, it’s always a good idea to Send a test email to yourself and read through that email.

Trust me, this can save you a ton of headache in the future. Send that test email and when you check it, read the entire email out loud and click on every link.

The last thing you want is to make some silly grammatical mistake or send a broken link. 

Next to the title of the email and the campaign name you see a small arrow.

If you click on the arrow next to the email title this will take you back to the list of all your emails in this specific campaign

But if you click on the arrow next to the Campaign name, it will take you back to a list of all the campaigns.

Drip Campaign Blueprint

Adding an Email From Scratch

To start an email from scratch, click on “Add Email”. You can choose the Visual builder or the Text/HTML builder.

We’ll use the Text Builder for this example and click continue. 

Give your email a name (for your reference only) and then add the subject line. 

If you want, you can add a pre-header, which is that small bit of text that shows right after the subject line.

Lastly, add the content of the email. Of course, you can personalize it by adding their names or other custom fields.

You can also add links by selecting the text and clicking the link icon.

Once you’ve entered the URL, click on Insert.

Once you’re done, click on “Save and Publish”

OK, now we’ll assume that all your emails are written and added to your campaign. Once that’s the case, click the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen.

Drip Add Link

Your Campaign Settings

This will then take you to the Campaign Settings page. This is where you can go and set all of the details related to this campaign.

It will already have the campaign name. And if you’ve followed this tutorial series in sequence, you should already have all of these details set (from name, email, Postal address, etc).

If you want to be notified whenever someone subscribes or unsubscribes, you can leave your email address in that section.

I tend to remove them because I don’t want a bunch of email notifications.

I usually keep this as a commercial campaign because somewhere along the lines, I’ll be promoting something like my blogger coaching club. But if this campaign is for a transaction that has been made, you can change it to transactional.

You have the option to set the timing of the emails and what days they can be sent out.

You can also duplicate or delete this campaign from in these campaign settings.

Once you are done, click save and finally click on Activate.

Drip Campaign Settings

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