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062 How to turn your passion into a business and get over 800,000 views and 1000 testimonials

By Leslie Samuel

Alright, here it is. I've always thought to myself that I need to have ONE episode that I consider my flagship episode.

You know – one that I can send everyone too and say something like “listen to this one and you'll get an idea of EVERYTHING that's involved with building an online business like I have”.

Then I realized something – I didn't have one.

Listen to This Episode

So, after some brainstorming (and consulting with my buddy Chris from Day Job Knockout), I decided to make an episode just like that.

In this episode, you will get a good picture of everything I did to start my Biology Blog. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

I'm convinced that someone can listen to this episode alone, take action on the content and build a serious business around their passion. How do I know? Because it's exactly what I did.

Inside this episode, I cover the following:

  • BlogMoneyWhy I decided to go into the Biology Niche
  • What I did at the very beginning to get things going
  • How I make my videos
  • How I got my traffic at different stages in the game
  • How I developed a product for sale
  • The tools I use to deliver a product in an EASY way
  • How I build a community around my brand
  • The rewards/benefits that I've experienced as a result of my blog
  • How I outsource different aspects of my blog
  • What I believe blogging can do for you.

Does that sound like a lot? Well, there's a reason for that – IT IS A LOT! Seriously – I went ALL OUT on this one, and I tried to be as specific as possible about all those different aspects of my business.

So go ahead, listen, enjoy and Take Action. Oh, and make sure to leave me a comment letting me know what you thought of the episode.

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  1. Great stuff, Leslie. Thanks. The way you outline everything is well done. That is a podcast I will certainly return to from time to time to see what I can improve for my blogs.
    I still think hardest thing is to get going and start on one thing first and establish and grow this. Then go and take the next step. Like starting doing videos and use YouTube and start Facebook a bit later. Otherwise it can be pretty much to do at the same time. Isn’t it? What was your experience? One step after the other or doing everything from day one?

  2. VERY good point Andrea. I would definitely suggest starting on one thing first and growing from there – especially if your time is limited. To be honest, at various points throughout my journey, even I have felt as if I’d taken on a bit too much, and then some things fall by the wayside.

    By focusing on one major thing at a time, you can put your all into it, establish yourself, and then add on as you move forward. To a certain extent, I’ve done that with my biology site. My purpose in this episode was to talk about EVERYTHING I’ve done, but there was somewhat of a sequence to it all.

    Your question does give me an idea for my next episode though 🙂

  3. I like it! Sort of like the Learning With Leslie cliff notes.

    I might have asked you this somewhere before, but it was probably as a guest and I can’t seem to locate your reply. Do you still recommend WP-Subscriber for your light box? I saw that Pop-Up Domination came out with a new version, but it’s a bit more expensive than the previous version.

    SO happy to hear that your Interactive Biology site is rocking it! Or is that CRUSHING it? Either way the numbers you’ve shared are truly impressive. 🙂

    I also wanted to thank you for your interview with Cliff Ravenscraft. He’s a really great guy, in fact, I think you and Cliff share a lot of the same values and passion surrounding internet businesses. I can’t help but to absorb some of that passion just by listening to the two of you, and there’s GREAT value in that.

    Thanks again,


    1. @Lean Muscle Matt I’m not 100% sure Matt. I like the concept of WP Subscribers, but I haven’t played with it enough. It has definitely increased my opt ins, but I couldn’t find a way to get it to stop giving the popups after someone opted in.

      That being said, I haven’t spent the time to figure out HOW to do it. I know they have the option though. At some point, I will be checking them both out in more detail and then updating you guys on what I think.

      One thing for sure, they have BOTH increased my opt ins significantly. I just have to work on the “annoyance factor” 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed my interview with Cliff gspn . He’s a great guy that does great stuff over there at

      All the best Matt!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on all your successes Leslie 🙂

    You deserve them, well earned!!!

    And very cool about the interview on the show

    and being the science/biology expert for them!

    I’m planning to snactch your ebook idea and do

    another ebook myself with repurposed content

    from my smoothie feast recipes

    and lessons that I learned along the way.

    As always you’re in an inspiration.

    Question…. this is really about last week’s google plus thing.

    what plugin are you using to get the plus one button on your blog?



    Simply Natural Ideas

    1. @Rochelle Hanson Thanks Rochelle. It has definitely been a fun (and somewhat wild) ride. LOL, yeah BABY a WILD BIOLOGY RIDE (if that even makes sense).

      That’s a GREAT idea for what you are doing at your blog. Repurposing content for ebooks has been shown to work very well for many people (even me).

      In terms of the Google+ thingy, I use 2 plugins. For the one you see to the left that constantly follows you as you scroll, I use the plugin “Digg Digg”. I used to use Sharebar, but that has been giving some glitches with my theme.

      For the ones to the top and bottom of my posts, I use one called Social Sharing Toolkit.

      I’ve been back and forth on social sharing plugins, but this combination seems to work well for me right now.

  5. Leslie great post as usual. Thank you for reinforcing all the concepts again. I am in the process of implementing some of the Youtube strategies you mentioned. Especially the last video tag to show more of your own videos.

    Question: Any word on Become a Blogger program, any details on it yet? Are you the only one teaching or is there a team of people? Thanks.



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