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018 Five Tips for getting a lot of traffic from Youtube!

By Leslie Samuel

GREETINGS FROM COLOMBIA! Hope all is well with you guys.

Today's episode covers a very interesting topic – getting traffic from Youtube.

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It's something I've been dabbling in for my Biology Website and I've been able to get a significant amount of traffic from there.

The thing is – the traffic is increasing constantly, which is ALWAYS a great thing.

Before I get into all of that, I answer a question that came in from Tai, from Her question was basically asking about the Wibiya toolbar and the Twitter Follow Badge I recently added to my site.

Here are the benefits I mentioned about including these two features:

  • They promote interaction between my subscribers and I
  • They make it easier for my subscribers to connect with me via social media sites
  • It gives my subscribers a way to share my content, which hopefully results in more traffic, and more traffic is the name of the Game.

Then I give 5 Tips for getting a lot of traffic from Youtube. Here are the tips:

  • Make videos Regularly
  • Include your URL in your description
  • Link your videos to each other with Annotations
  • Respond to comments regularly
  • Thank Your Subscribers.

Check out my Youtube Channel for my Biology Site to see how I've implemented those 5 steps.

Resources Mentioned:

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  1. Leslie,

    A very useful episode. Thanks! I just went through your 7-day bootcamp. Great eCourse. Could you talk about sitemaps in one of your future episodes? How useful are sitemaps? Do I have to update the sitemap of my site whenever I publish a new post?

    Love your show!

  2. Thanks for this Leslie.
    I also want to share some thoughts on relying on Google online for traffic. Google is becoming increasingly unreliable as a source of traffic.
    Watch this video from TED and see what I mean:

    This video demonstrates how two people search for the same term ‘Egypt’ and get totally different search results – why? Because google uses more than your website to show its search results. It also takes into account who the person searching is and their past patterns of internet use.

    The video also warns of how this approach (also used by sites like FB) is resulting in people living in ‘Information bubbles’.

    A must watch video.

    1. Very interesting video John, thanks for sharing. Honestly, I’ve never looked at it like that before and I’m glad I was able to watch it. It doesn’t necessarily talk about why we shouldn’t rely on Google alone for traffic, but it’s definitely relevant.

      I’ve actually come to where I don’t want any 1 traffic source sending me a majority of my traffic. Right now, for my biology website, Google is the biggest referrer, but I’m working like crazy to change that (and it’s starting to work). Will be sharing more about that later.

      Once again, thanks for sharing!

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