How to Create Expiring Links in Drip

Do you want to create expiring links in Drip? If you’re doing a special promotion that’s ending on a specific date at a specific time, these expiring links can be quite handy. In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to create them.


Expiring links are pretty awesome. Let’s say you’re doing that special promotion and you have a special page where that promotion is happening.

If someone goes to that page, it will give them the special deal or the special thing to sign up for.

But when the time is up, you don’t want them going to that page. You want to send them to an alternate page without the special offer.

Here’s how you do that.

How to Create Your Expiring Link

In Drip, go to your Email Setup section and then I’ll click on “Expiring Links”.

And of course, I can click on the “New Expiring Link” button and give your link a name.

Enter the special offer URL and set an expiration date and time.

Enter the URL you want to redirect them to once the offer expires.

Then click on save.

Drip Email Setup
Drip - Create Expiring Link
Drip - Expiring Link - Detail

How to Add Expiring Link to Your Email

Once in an email, click on the link icon.

Then select the “Expiring Link” tab and choose the link.

If you hadn’t created the link as yet, you can also use this link to go and create one.

Then click on Insert.

And that’s it, your expiring link has been added to the email. Those who click before the time selected will go to the special page and those who wait too late will be redirected to the alternate page.

Drip Expiring Link to Email

QUESTION: What do you see yourself using expiring links to promote Go ahead and leave your answer to this question in the comments area below.