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025 How to get Joint Venture Partners to send you tons of Traffic

By Leslie Samuel

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic. That's the big thing that most people have the hardest time with when it comes to online business. One of the best ways of getting traffic to your site is by having Joint Venture (JV) Partners – People who already have an audience and are willing to promote your product/service. This is invaluable because it's traffic that you don't have to generate yourself.

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But here's the problem – Most people go about trying to get JV Partners the wrong way – by sending them an email asking them to promote their product. The likelihood of that succeeding is close to 0%.

I've gotten a number of JV requests from people who want me to promote their products, and I've never accepted any of them. Why? Because my list is EXTREMELY valuable to me, and I don't want to take the risk of exposing them to something that I'm not 100% confident in. My list has grown to trust me as a source of reputable info, and that's something I'm not willing to compromise.

web traffic boostNot only that, but there are so many well-established products out there that there's no real reason to promote a random product that someone sends you, without having an awesome reason for doing so.

With all of that said, there's a right way to go about getting joint venture partners, and that's what I deal with in this episode. You will learn . . .

  • How to get on the radar of big bloggers in your niche
  • How to nurture relationships with them
  • How to get them to promote your product

Now, there's no guarantee that every big blogger you approach in the way I talk about in this episode will promote your product, but if you do it the right way, you will increase your success significantly.

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  • Another excellent blog. What you’re saying is soooo true! Although I’m fairly new to blogging, I’m also a recording artist, and I get people who want to collaborate with me on songs and make music together ALL THE TIME. I find it to be annoying. Especially when I don’t even know them or their music! I will apply the same principles to blogging because you are right. Relationships MUST come first.

  • Hey Leslie, you’ve just shared some great stuff about recruiting affiliates, I will be definitely using some of these tips.

    Personally, I have never thought about writing guest posts for other people, in terms of getting them to promote one of my products in the future.

    I think that I will be using this strategy, as well as blog commenting. Thanks Leslie!

    By the way in the interview that we just had, you have shared some great stuff and you said that the main thing that motivates you to take action is seeing the results from taking action and I can totally relate to that!

    I remember not so long when I was struggling, I would log in to my Clickbank and other affiliate accounts and I would see no sales. This does not encourage me to take action…

    But now things are a little bit different. I log in to my affiliate accounts and I see a few sales. That really motivates to take action!

    Again, thanks for everything, Leslie!

    Matt Poc

    • Hey Matt,

      Glad to know that you found value in this content, and from our interview. Guest posting is definitely a great thing to do and helps you network with other bloggers.

      And yes, seeing that progress is definitely motivating. Every sale that comes in is an indication of the possibility of more sales 🙂

      Take care bro!

    • Yeah, it’s really nice to receive these commissions. Yesterday an assistant of Jason Fladlien contacted me and said that she will pay my commissions – what a great day that was!

      Also, Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. Why? Because on Tuesday I get paid commissions from Lee McIntyre :). He pays up to 200% commissions and I love it.

      What’s you favorite day, Leslie?

      Matt Poc

  • Hey Leslie, Great podcast! I’ve been looking for information on how to set up JV relationships and found your page here. I totally agree and find the similarities between marketing a business and marketing a JV relationship (or product) as you described very similar. I advise people all the time to approach others with a giving hand, to provide them with something of value. Well before ever asking for anything in return, even just waiting for them for reciprocate. The “give to get” principle. Thanks for the reminder and relaying it to this new avenue for me.

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