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227 How to Create a Simple Vision for Your Blogging Business

By Leslie Samuel

Do you have a simple vision for your blogging business?

When you create content, market yourself and even sell products, do you feel a sense of complete alignment with that vision?

In this episode, we deal with creating that vision and letting it fuel everything you do.

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How to Create a Simple Vision for Your Blogging Business

Since leaving my job more than a year ago, I've been struggling with the task of creating a vision statement for my business.

I've been back and forth with a bunch of different drafts, but it never felt right. Fortunately, Over the last two weeks, I’ve come up with something simple – and you just might laugh when you hear it.

Doing this has completely transformed the way I look at my business, and I think it can do the same for you.

Why I Started Thinking about My Vision

For the last year, I’ve been working with Social Media Examiner as the Senior Manager of their Social Media Marketing Society (currently closed to new members).

At the beginning of this journey, we had a vision-casting meeting, where they shared their new vision statement with the entire team. That vision statement was simple, catchy, and they really meant it. It was:

All that we serve is quality and we service all with excellence

Ever since that meeting, my way of looking at what I did for Social Media Examiner changed. It was basically governed by that statement. It was so simple, and we got the message.

Then over the last year of building my business full time, I’ve started to notice that there were so many marketers out there preaching the same “gospel” – Start a blog, create good content, promote that content, make money.

I started feeling like I needed something more, and that there needed to be something different in what I do for me to continue to feel motivated to move forward.

That’s where my simple vision came in.

The Importance of a Simple Vision

Going into my second year of being self-employed, I knew that I wanted something more, and that having that simple vision could make a HUGE difference. Here are my reasons:

  • It’s easy to remember.
  • It helps to give more focus.
  • It helps you to attract the right people – those who are in alignment with your vision.
  • It helps you understand what NOT to do.
  • It gives you the motivation to push through the difficult times.

How to Create a Simple Vision

There’s a lot of information out there about how to craft your vision for your business. It ranges from simple mottos to very complex and detailed vision statements.

How do you create a simple vision?

I don’t resonate with most of what I see out there. In fact, I’ve written a few vision statements in the past using various guidelines and can’t remember any part of any of them.

I knew that in order for it to be something that impacts me and my business, it needed to be simple.

Here are some of the questions I recommend for you to ask when coming up with a simple vision.

  • When it comes to your blogging business, what’s really important to you?
  • In a perfect world, what would your business be accomplishing?
  • Who are some people you admire in your industry and what do you admire about them?
  • When it’s all said and done, what do you want people to remember about your business?

These are some important questions to think about if you want your blogging business to stand for something more than just a job that you created for yourself that pays the bills.

Once you’ve answered these questions, start drafting your vision. It doesn’t have to be simple immediately.

The next step is to get rid of EVERYTHING that isn’t absolutely essential to capture what you want your business to stand for.

My Simple Vision Journey

Through this process of working on my vision, I started with some relatively complicated vision statements that I could never remember.

These were vision statements that I can guarantee would’ve ended up in a document and that’s it.

I would’ve never remembered them and they wouldn’t have impacted my business in any significant ways.

In this episode, I share some of those and I share the simple vision I ended up with. When you listen to the episode, you’ll find it quite ironic.

What to Do with Your Simple Vision

Having a simple vision means absolutely nothing if it doesn’t impact your business in significant ways.

Once you’ve gone through the effort of fine tuning that awesome vision, you need to make sure that your vision is clear in EVERYTHING you do that's related to your blogging business. Here are some ideas:

  • Share that vision clearly in all your content.
  • Share that vision with your team
  • Make it clear on your blog (especially on your about page)
  • Let all your branding reflect your vision

While it’s not necessary to say or write the exact words in every piece of content, it should be clear that your content is influenced by your vision.

Your Turn

What about you? Do you have a simple vision for your blogging business? Do you have any kind of vision for what you want it to be about? Let me know in the comments below.




Some people just love being able to read along with interviews, or they might just prefer to skip the audio completely and just read through the transcript. Hey, if that’s what floats your boat, it is all good. Here’s the transcript just for you. 🙂

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  1. Thank you for this inspiring podcast Leslie. It has really encouraged me to think about my vision for my blog. It’s something that has been at the back of my mind to do but I have been putting it off as it felt like a very difficult task. However hearing you break it down and explain it has really helped. And has also made me realise how important it actually is. I don’t think I’ll come up with a vision today or tomorrow or even in a week but it’s now at the forefront of my mind and something I am going to spend time working on. Thank you again.

  2. A perfect example of how our higher self has the answer but we are not paying attention. When you share your process it’s such a memorable lesson it really motivates me.

  3. OK, this was amazing, Leslie! Thank you.

    I have been thinking about being my own coach. You really got specific here. I finally know where to start. As I wrote these questions down, I realize that –WHY– is the true question!

    I had started in the middle (you might say) but never started at the beginning.

    For the last 2 years or more, I have bought more training than I would care to admit. And I have learned a lot about WP and blogging and much more, but it has just been “busy work”.

    Money is not a primary motivation for me either (in my heart or my interests) . Yet, it has been primary anyway–and because of it–I have failed!

    That was mind blowing to realize. Thank you so much for you changes, they have really helped me!

    1. Wow Mary,

      That’s awesome to hear. I know that money had been the primary motivator for me in the past as well. And then I realized that it just wasn’t enough. I needed something more. I’m glad that you were inspired. Lets do this 🙂

  4. Thanks Leslie – this is so important for all of us. It’s not an easy journey to strive out on our own and a clear compelling vision can help in the tough times.

  5. Hello Leslie,
    This is really very motivating. Having a vision for your blog will really ensure you’re following the right direction.

    And like you said here, your vision don’t have to be complicated, you have to make it as simple as possible to avoid being overwhelmed.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello Leslie,

    It’s so important to have a vision statement. I’m new to blogging so your blogs are very informative for me. I am lucky to have had my vision statement early on in life, having read many Tony Robbins books, mine is ” Constant and never ending improvement.” It has worked very well for me so far and I know will work for me for my blogging too. Thanks again for a great post.

    Cheers Thalia

  7. I am very grateful for your motivational podcasts.. I am struggling in blogging business since few months.. I appreciate the great help you are providing with your blog.. Thank YOU 🙂

  8. This is great. My vision is to provide music & motivation for your spiritual journey. And this podcast really helped to inspire me to focus more on making that CLEAR in everything I do. THANK YOU. Also listening to this helped me to come up with an idea for a FB group that I’ve been wanting to start for my business page but I couldn’t think of a topic for the group and now i’ve got it. So thanks Leslie!!! I’m so happy to be here 🙂

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