There are only 24 hours in a day, and for many of us regular folk, there are a ton of things to get done.

How in the world do you manage to be productive?

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This is a question that I get asked pretty often, and it is a topic I've covered in the past. However, it's something that's constantly evolving.

So what am I doing to be more productive? That's EXACTLY whtat I cover in today's episode. I talk about it in 3 parts:

  • ProductivityPart 1: The Preliminaries. This is where I talk about the things to take into consideration BEFORE taking the action steps I outline for productivity.
  • Part 2: The Action. What are the things that I am currently doing to maximize my productivity? In this section, I go into detail about that, and give very specific examples of how I'm applying them in my life/business. Feel free to take one, some, or all of these tips and implement them.
  • Part 3: Maximizing your productivity. In this section, I go into detail about the tools I use to help me be more productive, in addition to giving you some extra tips to take your productivity to the next level.

Yes, that's a lot to talk about in 32ish minutes, but they are 32ish minutes that if you take action on what I share, you will see increased productivity.


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