How to Create Automation Rules in Drip

Automation rules are powerful features in Drip that allow you to get more out of your email marketing. In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to set them up.

Creating Automation Rules

Once in Drip, click on Automation.

This will give you these two options – Workflows and Rules.

Select Rules.

To create a rule, click on this “New Basic Rule” button.

Drip Automation Rules

The first thing you want to do is name your rule. It’s not immediately obvious where you’d do that.

Click on the default title, which will be a Rule #.

For this example, I’ll name it Apply Tag | Coaching Club

Drip Name Rule

Your naming convention is very important because it will allow you to quickly sort and find the relevant rules. It’s also great to be consistent because it keeps your Drip account from getting messy.

I did an entire tutorial on structuring your naming conventions in Drip.

Now that you have the title, it’s time to set up the Trigger and Action. Remember from the last tutorial that this is the If, then condition.

If this trigger situation or event happens, THEN take this action.

Part of the beauty of working with Drip is that it integrates with all kinds of systems. 1ShoppingCart, Ejunkie, Facebook, Paypal, and Stripe are just a few examples.

Trigger and Action

For this tutorial, Let’s gonna keep it simple by keeping it all within Drip.

For the trigger, we’ll select “Subscribed to a Campaign” and select the campaign “Coaching Club Members”.

I have my membership set up so that if someone becomes a member, they automatically get added to this campaign.

So for this example, if someone subscribes to this Coaching Club Members campaign, Drip should take a specific action.

To do that, I’ll choose the action “Apply a Tag”. And the tag we’re gonna choose is “Customer | Coaching Club”.

Then, you can go ahead and click “Save Rule”

To activate the rule, click on the word Draft and select “Activate”

Then you’ll see that it says “Rule Saved”

Once you see that, you know you are good to go.

Drip Select Trigger
Drip Select Action

QUESTION: What’s the first rule you’ll setup in your Drip account? Go ahead and leave your answer to this question in the comments area below.