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082 How to Nurture Relationships that Will Accelerate The Success Of Your Blog

By Leslie Samuel

Co-host: Chris Deals
Blog: Day Job Knockout

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This was Bound to happen, and it finally did.

When I first started with Internet Marketing back in 2008, I met this guy by the name of Chris Deals from Day Job Knockout. We hit it off right from the beginning and have been in constant contact since.

Chances are, if you see something I do online, you've seen it after I've been through a few convos with him. It's like a two person mastermind.

This is the way it usually happens: Chris and I are on the phone having a discussion about online business. The discussion goes into a lot of detail, and has a bunch of value for both of us. Then we end up saying – MAN, we should've recorded this!

So, we decided to have a planned discussion this time, record it, and release it as a Podcast Episode for Learning With Leslie.

In this discussion, my cohost and I talk all about Relationships.

What it really comes down to is this – To be successful online, you have to nurture relationships, and be able to leverage those relationships to help you succeed.

However, there are right ways and wrong ways to go about doing this. Trust me, I've seen MANY of the WRONG ways, and you don't want to go down that road.

Chris and I want to make sure you do it the right way, so make sure to listen and take notes.

Inside this Episode

We cover:

  • How to identify people in your Niche to Form relationships with
  • What a Relationship database is and how to build one
  • Basic tips for building relationships that will accelerate your success
  • Advanced tips for taking your relationship building to the next level

Resources Mentioned

  1. Leslie & Chris,

    I LOVED this podcast!…actually I love them all (lol) but this one really touched home for me on so many of the points and tips, and I think this would be a great one especially for those who are newer to the blogging world. The “newbies” could really benefit because if their start-up is anything like mine has been, they can build connections and relationships with fellow bloggers to, at the very least, have support in what they’re doing – support that they may not find from people in their daily lives who might not “get” why they want to blog. Support, I’ve found, is a HUGE help, especially when you are just starting out.

    I definitely agree with all the advice you guys gave, & there are several I actually do myself now and can vouch for. One is with the commenting – how you both mentioned making sure you don’t comment just to comment; make the comments meaningful and heartfelt. I definitely do that now…there are several blogs that I follow on a very regular basis, and I won’t leave a comment unless the post has touched me in some that means something to me. I also share the posts, especially if I think they’ll benefit others…& I do exactly what Chris mentioned about adding my own little comment in with the share link. I think that by doing that, it lets the author of the post see that you not only found the post & read it, but that you truly enjoyed it and want to share your enthusiasm about it with your followers. I buy the products of those I follow and truly want to learn more from. With this one, I have a little suggestion – if someone is buying a book that the blogger has written, once you have read it go to the website that you bought it from (aka Amazon, B&N, etc.) and leave a review on it. This not only lets the author know that you read it but it moved you enough that you want to share your thoughts with potential future buyers as well.

    I could actually keep writing on all the greatness of the advice you guys gave, but I don’t want to post a comment that’s of “monster” length (lol)…so I will end it here and just say – you guys did an AMAZING job on this one! Thank you wonderful podcast!! 🙂

    – Cassandra

    1. Wow, so glad to hear how much you enjoyed this podcast Cassandra. That’s awesome.

      Your suggestion about buying their book and leaving a review is just awesome. That’s another great way to let someone know that you support what they do, and to potentially form a relationship with the individual.

      Thanks for such a well thought out comment. YOU ROCK!

    2. Aw, making a girl blush! (LOL) JK…but thank you! I am very glad you liked my comment. I was worried that it was too long. (lol)

      I definitely think that leaving a review comment on someone’s book is a good thing to do. It not only, as you said, lets the person know you are supporting what they are doing and trying to achieve, but I think it could also help them to figure out what they achieved and what they could maybe improve on in their next venture.

      Thank you for a great reply to my comment! It definitely brought a smile to my face 🙂

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