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079 A New Direction For Become A Blogger And Learning With Leslie

By Leslie Samuel

I'm so excited about this podcast episode. Why? Because it marks the beginning of a new direction for Become A Blogger and Learning With Leslie. That new direction is the coming together of both brands.

I got rid of my Learning With Leslie Blog and brought it all under Become A Blogger with a renewed focus of providing you with even more value.

Listen to This Episode

So, I'd like for you to watch the following video and then Click play above. When you do that, you'll get an insight into a lot of the changes that have been happening behind the scenes that I'm super excited to share with you.

Now for the details of this podcast episode . . .

First, I play and respond to feedback from Matt, from on how he was able to land a guest post. Guest posting is something I highly recommend for growing your blog audience and getting more traffic to your blog. Matt was able to not only do a guest post, but he went the extra mile of making a VIDEO guest post. Go ahead and check out his guest video on How To Do Pull Ups.We all know how much I love video!

Then, I get into the following details:

  • Why I decided to get rid of my Learning With Leslie Blog and merge it with Become A Blogger
  • The importance of narrowing your focus and what Physics teaches us about this concept
  • What this merger means for YOU.
  • What you can expect over the next month (you want to know this)

Lastly, I pose the following question to you:

What is the important thing in your business that you are going to spend most of your energy focusing on?

I'd love to hear your answer. You can leave your answer below.

Also, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to call the hotline @ (888) 835 – 2414.

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  1. Hey Leslie! Love the merge. I actually haven’t listened to any Learning with Leslie podcasts, but I am looking forward to listening to some past podcasts, especially ep. 26 about guest posting.
    I think the new design is also looking great. Very user-friendly and appealing to the eye.

    As for where I’m going to focus more… I’ve been trying to focus on getting a new blog post out 5 days a week, but I’m finding that working full time, trying to exercise, and run a household just doesn’t leave me with much extra time, even if I wake up an hour earlier. This leaves me no chance to work on e-books, videos, podcasts, etc. So my goal is going to focus on 2-3 blog posts a week and leave myself time to work on my “free document” in order to get my list building on it’s way. I have aWeber on my site, but it hasn’t generated anything since I haven’t been able to produce anything for my subscribers to receive in return. Hopefully this will give me time to do so now!
    Keep it up Leslie – you’re awesome, and I can’t wait to see all the upcoming content!

    1. I love what you said Holly. It sounds like you’ve thought it through very much. I agree – Going from 5 posts a week to 2-3 could be a very good thing if it allows you to focus more on added value.

      Keep it up, and let me know how it goes 🙂

    2. Just to chime in…we were doing 7 posts a week and actually had some days where we did 2-3 posts and it was just so overwhelming and not much was getting shared. I have now cut down to 3-4 posts per week and it is amazing how much more interaction there is again, and I can get more traction to a post because I now have 2-3 days I can promote them. When doing so many, it was really hard to know which one to promote, and did not want to spam our Facebook wall with every single post…

      So yes, through trial and error I have found less to be more as well. Hope this helps and to help in building your list you can always find things of value online to give away…good luck!

    3. Thanks for that input David. You raise a great point there about it being really hard to know which one to promote. That’s something I dealt with a lot when it came to the two blogs. This just helps with clarity all around.

    4. Thanks David, for the input! You’re right; 2-3 posts a day is a LOT and I’m sure difficult to manage.
      I am curious about what you said last though. That I can find things of value from the internet to give away in return for subscriptions? What do you suggest? I’m not sure I’m following.
      Thank you for your help.

    5. Well, Holly..I mean if you reach out…and I even have things if need be…to people who create products you can generally work out a plan to help one another…for instance what I did when I first got started…I had no product…so I actually promoted BecomeABlogger to build my own list…

      So for instance we have a Facebook Timeline free training that we give away…and you would say “Opt in here for access to a FREE course on the new Facebook Timeline.” It helps YOU build your list, and helps us get our training into more hands…

      It is social marketing at it’s best. These are just a couple examples, but look for someone who has an info product of some kind in your niche…reach out to them and tell them you would like to send people to them…you can bet they will not really tell you no because us content/product creators love to have new people…

      Does that make more sense?

  2. Hey Leslie,

    Looks like some kind of trend to focus on one only site.

    I have seen a few more people migrating their sites from their personal domain to something more brandable so they just have one thing going on instead of plenty of sites that diverge their attention.

    I think your new site looks FANTASTIC man, awesome job! Learning with Leslie was awesome already and now Become A Blogger IS too!

    About what I’m focusing myself on, is that I don’t have a business so first things first, I’m in product creation mode and well, until I finish that, I’ll worry about what comes next. (maybe my site design though!)

    Thanks and have a great start of week Leslie, take care! 😉


    1. Thanks for the input Sergio.

      You brought up something significant and it’s something I hadn’t accepted for a while. The truth is – a blog is NOT a business. You can have the most awesome blog in the world and have it not make one cent. A business is something that delivers value in exchange for cash, and that’s an element we need to keep in mind IF we’re in this to build a business.

      All the best on your product creation. What’s your product going to be about (if you don’t mind sharing).

    2. It took a long time for me as well to accept I didn’t have a business but just a blog instead Leslie.

      The product is going to be focused around wordpress but with a few twists.

      The main idea for this is to have a place where I can refer someone that is new to wordpress and blogging that I own and of course, that delivers what it says.

      The twists mentioned involve how to use the power of wordpress to create other businesses that aren’t related to blogging at all.

      To back up what I will teach, I need to have a site that is successful already and that’s exactly what I’m building right now, a small local company that creates wordpress sites for offline businesses.

      Already had a client that paid $1,500 USD for just one site and I documented most of it on my site but I didn’t say exactly how I did it (or at least not that I remember lol)

      And the secondary project to prove I know what I’m doing is building something that is not service-based, for this I’m using a site about learning guitar (in Spanish for less competition).

      Don’t have a clue if this will work and both projects require an insane amount of work (working with offline clients and creating content for learning guitar) but at least those are my projects right now.

      If they succeed, the blogging product should sell like pancakes. (I think!)

      Any thoughts? 😉


    3. Great ideas Sergio.

      I met someone at Blogworld who is also focusing on showing people how to use WordPress for things other than blogging. It’s definitely an interesting concept – one that I think can work.

      It’s always good to have a site outside of the IM niche because it helps to validate what you’re teaching. For me – it has been extremely beneficial to have my Biology website. A number of people have told me that the reason they signed up for Become A Blogger was because they saw that I was doing more than just teaching people to build businesses, and that it was working.

      So keep working on what you’re doing, and let me know how it progresses.

  3. I totally agree that merging the two sites a good move–easier to manage and to brand.

    Also, I recently launced a new site and instead of posting everyday, I’m trying to post a few times a week and promote. Decet results thus far but it’s only been a few weeks.

    I wish you and you wife the very best of luck with your little-bundle of joy! Please keep us posted.

    Thanks guys,

  4. I wanted to ask a couple of things. One is just a minor thing, but how do I get a photo in comment posts as show above. Mine always shows blank.

    I would love to listen to a podcast that focuses on building your ‘likes’ on a Facebook fan page. Currently I make a lot of interesting comments, add value through videos and also like and share other current relevant posts.

    p.s. love the podcast


    1. Hi Troy,

      I do see your picture in your comment. Are you referring to on your blog? If so, then go to Settings > Discussion in your WordPress Admin area and make sure it’s set to show avatars at the bottom.

      Thanks for the suggestion on the topic for a podcast episode. That’s a great one to cover.

    2. Hey Troy…we cover stuff like this over at our blog. Come on over and listen to our podcasts and you can ALWAYS ask a question and we will answer it specifically. Facebook is what we specialize in! =]

  5. Hello Leslie, I’m trying to subscribe but this site keeps on giving me ‘page not found’ result. Although I think I’m an existing subscriber (for over a year now), I want to have access on your ten videos. Sorry for informing you through comment. I couldn’t find a contact page.

    1. Hi Ken,

      Shoot me an email at support (at) I can get you set up. Btw, what page is it giving you when it says “page not found”. What’s the URL in the address bar?

  6. Leslie you’re a BEAST mannnnnn! New content every day? You SO INSPIRE ME! I know it’s possible… If only I could just get a week ahead then I could make it happen. Ok so to answer your question, I’m going to focus on making videos. Like I said I would. 3-5 a week. My challenge is that whenever I record 3-5 videos I only wind up actually liking one of them, so I waste the others. And I waste my time that way too.

    Anyway – the design is the hotness 🙂
    What happened to Fyrewire though? Not using it here?


    1. LOL, I don’t know about the beast part, but most of the content is already made (blog world interviews). So that makes it a bit easier.

      Awesome about your focus on making videos. My biggest tip on being able to keep up with it is this – keep them simple. The easier they are to make, the easier it is for you to produce that many.

      Glad you like the design. And the LIVEFYRE – I haven’t installed it as yet. Just testing out some stuff (as usual).

  7. Ahhhh I see.

    And yes. Simple is good.
    You know me well.
    Isn’t it crazy how I tend to over complicate things even though my blog is called SIMPLY natural ideas?!?! Loll 🙂

    I just wanna make fabulous videos that’s why 🙂
    Anyhoo… I’ve got no laptop at the moment, but it’ll be back tomorrow.
    I’ll be editing then FOR SURE.

    Looking forward to livefyre it was fun 🙂

    Ok byeee.


    1. I know right? Maybe you should call it Simple Natural Ideas 🙂

      If I make a 5 minute video, it typically takes me around 10 – 15 minutes from beginning to end. Why? Simplicity. Pretty much no editing, just raw. I think you can do that too – easily.

  8. 15 mins from beginning to end?!!? Sigh. That’s cause you have your fancy smhmancy office/studio with your fabulous problogger lighting 😉 I on the other hand do not, and so I have to compensate by editing with cool effects until I can invest in some better quality lighting. I hate when vids look dull. Ya know?

    1. LOL. Actually Rochelle, you’d be surprised. With your personality, you don’t need all the cool effects. Get a nice intro and a nice outro and you’re good to go. The videos I’m posting over the next few weeks won’t have great lighting. It’s the content that really sells it.

  9. Hi Leslie,

    I think it’s a great idea to merge your 2 sites together so you can reach out to more people.
    Guest posting is a good idea too, I should try to contact some music blogs. However I first would like to write some more post so that people have a bigger choice when it comes to
    music arranging topics. At this moment I’m also reading Yaro’s “Membership Site Masterplan”. Very interesting but for that I think I should have a bit more experience and preeminence (as he calls it). Also wish your wife and you all the best with your new child.

    Good luck,

    1. Thanks for the feedback. It’s definitely a good idea to have a good set of core articles on your blog before guest posting. That way, the targeted visitors are more likely to browse your site, and hopefully become regular readers.

      Thanks for the best wishes with my new child. I’m thoroughly excited. Should be an “interesting” journey.

  10. Hi Leslie,
    Merging the the two sites is going to bring out the genuis in you. it’s also going to make you more accessible to giving your fullest to your teaming fans and students in blogging. I’ve not yet listened to episode 26, but i sure would do that right away. I’ve really learnt a lot from you within this short time i starded blogging. As you know, i am a newbie, but i really want to grow fast in it and i’ve found your podcasts invalluable.
    By the way, your wife’s voice is as beautiful as her face. Congrats on becoming a father soon. I hope it is a boy and have a BIG head like yours.

    1. Her voice is indeed beautiful and she’s even more beautiful. I have to agree with you there.

      So glad to know that you launched your blog and that you are finding value in the podcast. Stay tuned for more 🙂

  11. Leslie, I marvel when I listen to or read something from you. How does such a young pup have so much wisdom. Also how does he do so much in the little time a day provides. So impressed am I (a Christian octogenarian, church elder, and wanna-be blogger/internet marketer) that I used your testimony(Praise God When Things Go Wrong) as the basis for a sermon I delivered last Saturday in my church here in MT. BTW I so appreciate your transcripts because I have poor hearing. I tried to find a transcript of your testimony but didn’t. I would love to have a “write-up” of it. What about the Testimony website?

    I like your new-look website and your commitment to your adoring fans. Very happy for you and your lovely lady and eminent arrival of God’s blessing for your family.

    Before I found you online I spend many, many, hours searching for ways to use the internet to develop an income. Got involved in one program which cost me lots of money and I failed. I then found Jim Cockrum and learned a great deal about some of the things you teach: content is numero uno, give and build relationships, be honest, and abide by Christian principles.

    Hope to hear back from you and I Thank You for your presence on the Web.


    1. Hi Reg,

      So glad to hear that you have gotten so much from the content I’m producing. It’s a blessing to be used in the way you described in your comment. Thanks for the encouragement.

      I’m not sure which testimony you mean, as I’ve given a few of them and couldn’t figure out which one exactly you’re talking about. I’m not sure if I have a transcript for it, but if it’s somewhere on here, I might be able to get my assistant to transcribe it.

      Let me know. Blessings!

      Btw, you said you used it for a sermon you delivered last Saturday. Are you SDA? Just wondering.

    2. Thanks so very much for your response. The testimony is the one about when your dad was so seriously ill and you went to the hospital in Columbia. You were impressed to praise God no matter what happened and you titled the story
      Praising God When Things Go Wrong. It was podcast #001 on the U Design site.

      Yes I am an SDA. Should you find a transcript or supply it I would treasure it.

      I will be checking in daily. Abundant blessings!

  12. Hi Leslie,

    How fabulous that you consolidated the websites. I know for me it was overwhelming to go back and forth between the two sites, so thanks very much. Looking forward to all the new updates.



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