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067 How to Network for Online Success – with Farnoosh Brock

By Leslie Samuel

Who: Farnoosh Brock
Website: Prolific Living
Podcast: The Daily Interaction – Subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher
Connect: Farnoosh on Twitter and Facebook

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A few months ago, I mistakenly sent an email to Farnoosh Brock, because I thought she was someone else. That was awkward, right?

Well not at all. Farnoosh used that as an opportunity to connect with me in a way that left an impression of me and what has developed since is one of the best friendships I've established with someone online. (Check out my Previous interview with Farnoosh).

FarnooshSince then, I've met a number of people who know her and they all have the same thing to say about her – she's such an awesome person.

What I realized was this – Farnoosh is AWESOME at connecting (and networking) with others online.

This is something that is very powerful, and I wanted to get her on here to talk about HOW she goes about networking with others in this “internetty world”.

Facebook and Twitter has often been looked at as platforms that have made our interactions more “shallow”, but if we use it correctly, they can actually help us establish REAL relationships and REAL friendships.

As entrepreneurs, networking is essential. Listen to this interview and find out how to do it the RIGHT way.

Inside this interview, we cover:

  • How networking has benefited Farnoosh
  • Why Networking is so important
  • How to Manage contacts effectively
  • Why it is important to CARE!
  • How to make people feel special online
  • Why Live meet ups are so significant

Farnoosh also runs a podcast called The Daily Interaction, where she talks about talks about all the social exchanges in your world and helps you to be effective and understood. It's a podcast that's on my shortlist of podcasts that I listen to, and if you are at all interested in understanding these exchanges and taking them to the next level, I highly recommend for you to check it out.

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  1. What an AWESOME honor to be back on your show again, Leslie, You really pumped me up last night and as you know, I don’t need that much but man, you have just made me so much more excited and motivated thank you!!!

  2. @lesliesamuel Hi Leslie! I haven’t gotten to watch the episode yet, but will be tonight…I’ve been catching up & watching ur past podcasts.

  3. @lesliesamuel just wanted to let you know — LOVE listening to you. You have such amazing enthusiasm & passion for what you do…

  4. So glad that you’re back on the Learning With Leslie Podcast  Farnoosh.
    Something that really stuck with me was when you said “You’re not alone in your problems OR your successes.” I love that!
    What a lesson in humility. I know at times I complain (even silently) about my own personal struggles, but in the grand scheme of things there are thousands upon thousands of people in the world going through the exact same things, and even more going through struggles that I probably can’t even fathom.
    And on the success side, what you said sort of reminds me of what William Wallace says in Braveheart when the princess says “I understand you have recently been given the title of Knight”, to which he responds “I’ve been given nothing, God makes men what they are.” Not only that, but the thousands of Scots who joined him in their common struggle probably also had something to do with it. 🙂
    I can’t believe that you mentioned juicing! Here I am sitting at my desk , listening to you and Leslie and I’m drinking a huge container of green juice! 🙂 I’m just finishing up my third day of my juice fast, and actually my last post was called “Just Fast Recipes and Challenge.”
    To be honest I started out the day feeling a bit weak from the fast, but after bathing in the energy you two radiate, I’m ready to take on the day!
    It’s always a pleasure to hear the conversations you two have together. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks you two have great chemistry, and that you may want to team up on a podcast of some sort in the future. 😉
    Best wishes!

    1.  @Lean Muscle Matt Dear Matt, I am huge into juicing, although I’ve been lazy the last 2 weeks. I even wrote a book on it and have a program that’s coming out soon. 🙂 How awesome to hear you are a juicing fanatic too.
      Your words here have made my day, thank you for such a thoughtful comment, and I have yet to watch Brave heart but it just moved upon the list :)!
      Nope, we are never alone. That’s a great thought to keep us company all day, right? Take good care and keep in touch :)!

    2.  @Lean Muscle Matt Man, you got ALL THAT from this episode? I need to have that @ProlificLiving girl on the show more often. She makes me look good 🙂
      And I actually started getting into juicing myself. Yep, it’s her fault. Grabbed a copy of her book, went to walmart and got me some veggies.
      I’ve been a slacker recently though. Too much on my plate (and not enough in my cup, lol). 

  5. Great interview. I already enjoyed the first interview with Farnoosh (which made me become a visitor of her blog).  Just as Matt said earlier: You have great conversations!  
    Networking and building connections (on- and offline) to me is essential too. I don’t do this on purpose to get a job or to be rewarded (financially speaking). I too feel that I have to have a common ground with people to connect with them. With that given it is fun and rewarding to connect.  But rewarding in a more “human” and emotional sense. I always get great reactions from people when I remember their stories/ problems and ask about progress.
    I absolutely agree with the benefits of networking you two come up with!
    People nowadays are often not expecting such things from other people around them. Tendency is more about not to care and be in a hurry. But if you care and connect and really mean it (being authentic) you will get rewarded.
    People start to care about you too and – if you are in need – will absolutely help you. (Good example with Dan Miller.) 
    Give first, connect, care about others and great relationships will evolve! 
    PS: I am curious: I just downloaded Farnoosh’s interview with Dan Miller. Suppose I gonna love it  🙂

    1. Andrea, hello. Thank you so much for all of your kind words. So so glad you enjoyed the interview and that you agree that networking is the heart of life and business. 🙂
      By the way, how did you download the Dan Miller interview that I did? It’s part of my course which is only available to students ;))!

    2. You smart thing! I forgot I told Dan he may do with it as he please and you are more than welcome, enjoy it, I am so glad you reminded me. ALL GOOD, Andrea :)!

    3. Excellent points Andrea. Excellent, excellent! Networking is definitely essential for all those reasons you mentioned. I would not be anywhere close to where I am today (or where I will be in the future) without the power of networking.
      Thanks for networking with us by joining the conversation 🙂

  6. Good morning Leslie,
    Did you recently mention that you had found a new resource for stock photos in place of istockphoto? I could have sworn it was you, but for some reason I can’t find the info looking back in the history of posts.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1.  @Leslie Samuel Great! I’ve already purchased a few. Their pricing is a little more straightforward than istockphoto I think.
      Greatly appreciated!

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