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045 How To Build A Prolific Blog – with Farnoosh Brock

By Leslie Samuel

Who: Farnoosh Brock
Book: Motivation: From Goals to Greatness

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Have you ever hit it off with someone from the moment you met them? Well Farnoosh Brock was that kind of person for me.

Since we had our first conversation, I knew that I had to get her on an interview.

Fortunately, she said yes, and here she is.

Farnoosh is the creator of the Prolific Living Blog, where she writes about living life on your own terms.

FarnooshBrockShe's the author of “Motivation: From Goals to Greatness“, a book that addresses the sources of true motivation to help you tap into greatness. She has been featured in Forbes, and was also a featured speaker at BlogWorld 2011, where she talked about Personal Branding.

In our casual (but informative) conversation, she talks about the following:

  • How she got into blogging
  • How she is able to blog on a bunch of different topics and still be successful
  • How she went from blogging for fun to turning it into a business
  • How she walked away from a well paying job to focus on her blog
  • What she did to drive lots of traffic to her blog
  • What we can do to grow our blog the right way.

Her story is truly an inspiration, and shows that a blog that started out just as a fun little side-project can turn into something bigger than you could've imagined.

There are tips in this interview for every blogger, regardless of where you are in your blogging business, so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for you to listen to this one.

In this interview, we also spoke about a FREE giveaway, where you can get a free copy of her book “Motivation: From Goals to Greatness“. It's actually quite easy for you to get one, but in order to know what to do, you'll just have to listen to the interview 😉


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  1. Dear Leslie, what an honor to be on your show, to have a chance to speak to your followers and hopefully to engage with your community. I am delighted that you emailed me that fine day looking for a different “Farnoosh” :)! Thank you again and again!

    1. LOL, I’m so glad that I emailed you too! What other Farnoosh? 😉

      It was a pleasure doing this interview with you. I’ll be following you to see how things progress. I see big things in your future!

    2. Too funny. Sometimes, the meeting of two friends is just fate. Thank you and I see brighter things yet in yours! Let’s keep this momentum strong and steady!

  2. Leslie, Farnoosh,
    Great interview! What struck me the most was the part on me (as a blogger) being the actual brand of my blog! Of course Content is King, but you as a blogger are the Emperor. People return to your blog because they like you as a person, they like the way you write, they like the way you position yourself. And that’s why it is important to engage with readers through various social media channels: they want you!
    So I am going to upgrade my About section and show more of myself in my blog posts. My blog is about traveling, but let’s start to relate travel issues to my personal life even more (maybe I will even write about green juicing..)
    Thanks, great insights.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself Emiel. That’s why it’s important to let your blog be an accurate reflection of who YOU are. People buy into you, and then into what you say and promote.

      Travel can definitely be approached from a personal level. And yes – even with some green juicing in there 😉

    2. Hello Emiel, Mr. Emperor, yes, very good analogy :)!
      And I’ve always told you about the About section – not to sound silly but you know what I mean. tweet me and I will review it to make sure it adequately describes the Emperor and his Throne ;)!
      THANK YOU for listening, Emiel. You are so kind!

  3. Enjoyed this interview with Farnoosh – the best part of waking up may no longer be Folgers in your cup – but Farnoosh on a podcast! Thanks for the interview Leslie and for the recap of all the great ideas Farnoosh shared. You’re a natural teacher! Farnoosh’s blogging journey from full time worker to blogger is an inspiration to a lot of people who are ready to pursue their passion.

  4. Lesliey its not fair dude, The is probably one of the best interviews i have listed to on your site, and I’m lost for words, Farnoosh is amazing 🙂 lots of energy. I don’t think i can add much value, but One thing i learnt from the interview is how to connect with your readers, and building that extra relationship, taking that extra care in that process, in building your brand.

    🙂 i hope I’m in for the win 😛

    1. Hi Wasim, too kind, too sweet, and I am so glad you learned some good stuff. All the very best, you are in the right track and to me, you look like the winner but let’s see what the judge says :)!
      Thank you for listening to the show.

    2. If you take that advice, you’re definitely on the right track Wasim. Glad you enjoyed the interview so much. I’m definitely with you there – Farnoosh was awesome to interview 🙂

  5. Amazing interview Leslie!

    In the interview Farnoosh mentioned that her brother complimented her by telling her she had a good writing voice. I have to say that the quality of her “writing voice” carries over into podcasting amazingly. Her voice and message have the unique ability to be inspiring and motivating, while at the same time calming and reassuring.

    It’s comforting to hear stories like yours Farnoosh, because you’re like the internet gold dust that keeps me digging. Your ability to be successful on the blogging frontier, while initially maintaining your position in the corporate world, gives me the hope I need to keep working toward my goals despite the daily struggles.

    I also really enjoyed your post called “Why Giving Up Can Be a Good Thing”. It helped to reaffirm my belief in the priceless value of my dreams, which makes paying the price for them an incredibly easy decision to make. I guess if you’re not willing to pay the price, then you’re chasing the wrong dream(s).

    Working full-time while attempting to build an online presence has me feeling a bit like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at times. By day I’m Matt the mild mannered (sort of) accountant, but by night I become Lean Muscle Matt the blogger and fitness freak whose insatiable appetite for fitness and internet marketing knowledge knows no bounds.

    I look forward to the day when the personalities can become one. 🙂

    As you know Leslie I’ve got loads of goals, both short-term and long-term, but I’m definitely far from greatness. 🙂

    Best wishes,


    1. Matt, you are so kind, I read this hours ago and it is still making me feel so good. I always say that even if I inspire one single person to real action, all my efforts are worth it. Today, you are that person. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      Love the story and the way you give yourself roles and titles. And I love your attitude. You will absolutely succeed with your stamina – both physical and mental. I checked your site and boy, you look FIT!!!
      I wish you the absolute best and hope to hear more about your adventures.
      Thanks again for your lovely thoughts here. Made my day!

    2. Yep, everyone knows it now. Farnoosh is Awesome 😀

      Matt, you are definitely on the right track. Keep moving forward, one step at a time, and you WILL reach the goals you’ve set.

      It’s not always an easy road, especially when you are working full time. But it’s definitely possible. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will become one 🙂

  6. Oh man… I just got to the portion of the podcast where you said to leave a comment, but not a flanky one like, “Great Interview” and I feel dumb cause that’s pretty much what I already did lol.

    Let me try to redeem myself now lol.

    I was VERY impressed with Farnoosh. She was vibrant, energetic, and yet humble and VERY professional. I really appreciate the way she encouraged us as bloggers to become THE BRAND. Leslie, you know how I feel about narrowing down topics lol. I feel like Farnoosh hit the nail on the head with that one. I’m going to keep that in mind as I continue my blogging journey. No matter what you say on your blog, as long as it’s valuable, people will love you for being yourself.

    Thanks for another FAB interview.


    Simply Natural Ideas

    1. Rochelle, you are so sweet, and so kind! I think those are amazing takeaways and you are going to rock the blogging world if you stick to the fundamentals. I wish you the very best and hope to read your blog and keep an eye on your journey! Thank you for listening and for sharing your thoughts.

    2. Thanks for the encouragement Farnoosh! Really means a lot 🙂 and the fact that you even thought about reading my blog makes me feel very special… you’re the real deal aren’t you 🙂

  7. Sorry for not updating this sooner. Things have been kinda crazy on my end, traveling for a funeral.

    The three winners are . . . drumroll please . . . .

    Wasim, Matt and Emiel!

    Congrats guys!

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