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055 How to Build Tomorrow’s Business today! 5 changes I’m making!

By Leslie Samuel

Over the past three years, I've learned so much and changed a lot.

However, there are still changes that I'm making, mostly because I like to be able to put value out there in such an effective way for everyone to learn.

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As we draw near to an end of 2012, and welcome another year, along with it comes new plans to make this an even better experience for all of us, and part of it is making my business better. I believe that there’s always room for improvement in my online business.

ChangeAheadI am so excited to share with you five changes that I plan to make with my business, and hopefully, you too will get something to think about. Don’t feel pressured though. This is only me sharing what’s in my heart, as usual. There are no rules to follow… only my thoughts to share, and in the hope that you might find some value in them.

In this podcast, I have elaborated on what these five changes are and what their effects would be. Also included are:

  • A review on Episode 54
  • The five changes I plan to make, and a discussion of each
  • My challenge for you, at the end of the podcast.

Each of us will probably have different situations that we need to work on. But, knowing my side of the story may be a good start and guide for you to know where to start.

Resources Mentioned

  • 7-Day Boot Camp — my online free resource to help you with your business.
  • Market Samurai — tool I recommend for keyword search
  • GoDaddy — tool I recommend for getting a domain name.
  • HostGator — tool I recommend for getting a host site.
  • Aweber — tool I recommend for list building.


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  1. Leslie… i really like getting your emails…
    That’s all i have to say.
    Ok maybe that’s not ALL I have to say lol

    I wish you a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT of success in 2012!!!
    I’m am totally anticipating the re-launch of become a blogger.
    I know it’s gonna be an awesome year.
    SO EXCITED about the future.
    For all of us here on the blog!

    We’re moving forward!!!
    PS. Preaching is totally OK 😉 hehehe.

    And to answer your question .. the biggest thing I struggle with in my business is STICKING TO MY BLOGGING SCHEDULE!
    I’m just a baby blogger.
    But I’m growing.
    I know that if I was more consistent, I could grow more.
    I’ve just recently set a schedule to blogging on a specific day of the week.
    I consistently post one day AFTER the day that I was “supposed to” lol.
    Like Leslie said…
    I need to treat my business more like the business I want to build!!!!

    Ok this comment is too long.
    I’m stopping now.

    Bye lol.

    Simply Natural Ideas

    1. Yeah Rochelle, I know that some people really like getting my email notifications. I just want to take it to the next level though, so that whenever an email comes from me, you know for a fact that you will get something valuable simply by reading the email. The podcast is done on a schedule, so it’s easy enough to know when to come back 🙂

      Yep, I hear you on Sticking to a blogging schedule. I’ve found that to be a challenge in the past, and that still pops up once in a while. It does take effort to stick to it, but I find that it’s so worth it. It’s all a growing experience.

      Anyways, 2012 WILL be an awesome year for us. I can feel it. Woohoooo!

  2. Lesliey First of all thanks for mentioning my name, I normally have your podcasts while going through my Google reader, that did grab my attention.

    Honestly, I think its a right move about cutting down on the emails, as much as I do love to receive your emails, we can always get to know about updates on your site via the RSS subscription. I think focusing more on providing better value will get better conversion, and also as its not going to be as regular, it will be more anticipated by your subscribes.

    Okay I’m struggling on a few things:
    – getting users to engage more on my personal blog (hey at least i’m honest)
    – Following my writing calendar, it works for couple of weeks, and than other things take over, and my posting schedule goes out of the window.

    1. Oh no problem Wasim. That’s the least I can do. I love it when people are active on my blog. I think that it helps us all. So I have to call you guys out from time to time 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback about me cutting back the emails.

      And yes, getting users to engage can definitely be a challenge. I’m still learning how to do that. I think it all boils down to letting your personality shine through, and making it as EASY as possible for them to engage. There’s so much that can be said about that topic, and I’ll definitely look into tackling that topic, so stay tuned!

  3. Hiya all (and Leslie!)

    My biggest challenge is time.

    But you know what, when I break that down the real issue is multi-faceted…

    My ideal day would be me getting up at 5am, working on my blog for a few hours, then going to work… after work, come home do an hour or two more and then spend the rest of the time with my family.

    On paper, it looks so easy – heaps of time!

    So what’s the problem? well, part I think is my health… I am always tired and feeling run down. Part is stress from work etc, but part is my health. Am working on what I eat and my sleep to try and get my energy up.

    Another time blocker is the fact that I am also doing my Masters degree at the same time – this saps a heap of time away. I am not sure what to do about that one, except to be patient for the one more year I need to finish it.

    Bottom line though, is if I just had more energy I reckon I could get a whole heap more done.

    I have also more recently started using outsourcing more which is helping a lot too.

    So that’s my main problem – 🙂

    1. John, I REALLY identify with what you’re saying. Time is definitely an issue when you have a full time job (and especially if you’re doing a master’s degree at the same time).

      I know how it is to be exhausted, and when that’s the case, it’s hard to get anything done. Another factor is definitely exercise. I find that when I exercise regularly, I have more energy to get stuff done, but it does get difficult trying to balance it all.

      One thing I’ve had to do was ask myself what all I can cut out. What sacrifices can I make? I used to be involved in so much more (especially when it comes to music and playing piano. Now, I say no to just about everything. That’s my default answer.

      Thanks for sharing your struggles. Those are definitely topics that I want to deal with as I go into the new year. It’s definitely possible to balance it all. It’s a challenge, but definitely doable.

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