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054 Why are you doing what you are doing? Why not just give up?

By Leslie Samuel

Doing an online business is not always as smooth as it may seem. Some people talk about how blissful it is to just sit down in front of the computer, and wait for your money to come in. People think it's an easy job to do, a much easier way to make money.

Confused.jpgTruth is, in some ways, it's just like any other job or business, online or offline, not everything is perfect as it always sounds. I've been doing this for three years now, and you probably are thinking that I should now be just sitting back, and relaxing, just waiting for all the money that I can possibly earn.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but, you're wrong. Making money online, yes, is very challenging. There are definitely a lot of obstacles that we bloggers face. What makes me wonder is, what motivates us to move on and continue doing what we are doing? Why aren't we giving up? What makes us go through everything and see a light at the end of every struggle, which leads us to becoming successful with this?

I’d like to be inspired about what you’ll have to say. I’d like to learn from you and be motivated to move on and pursue my goals.

This episode will not be your regular podcast episode here at Learning with Leslie, but hopefully, with some interaction from you, somehow, in the end, we'll all gain from this experience.

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  1. Hi Leslie!

    This episode is quite the departure from what we’re used to seeing from you Leslie, but the unfiltered honesty you’ve provided has oodles of value.

    Let me start off by saying that I’m truly sorry to hear that it’s pouring for you in many ways right now. As you know I’ve been going though my own trials. It’s taken me longer than I thought to create my first free product, but I want to be certain that it provides value to my guests, and that it’s something of which I’m truly proud. I’ve also had a few financial woes of my own that slowed the process a bit, but they’ve been overcome and I’m moving forward at full speed!

    To answer your question:

    Do I enjoy fitness and working out? Undoubtedly!

    Do I want to make the world a fitter place? You bet your Krispy Kreme!

    BUT it’s deeper than that…

    It honestly boils down to my belief that as we are built in the creator’s image, we are wired to be creators ourselves. Moved by the unmoved mover, we are designed to explore, to move the world around us, and to create and nurture life. Whether it’s writing a song on the guitar, or writing a blog post, I have a burning desire to create and it makes me feel alive to act on that desire.

    Destruction is easy! Think of your computer problems. I could break your computer for you in about 2 seconds with only the skill needed to swing a hammer, but tears for you if you think that I have the power to build you a new one.

    There’s no doubt that creation can be a very difficult process. Sometimes it fries our mental faculties, and sometimes it truly beats us down physically, but it is truly part of the higher calling of our better nature.

    Creation is the power to make the lives of others better, to make the internet a better place, and to make the world a better place. What a gift that is!

    Hang in there! 🙂

    Best wishes and bountiful prayers,


    1. Matt, Thank you. We are indeed made in the creator’s image. That’s something I believe Wholeheartedly.

      It’s a blessing to hear you reasons for doing what you are doing. It’s an inspiration. I know that you will accomplish great things, and I’m so thrilled to be a part of your journey.

      I definitely know the struggle of creating your first product and wanting it to be awesome, but you know what – it will be awesome! How do I know that? Because regardless of how it turns out, you will learn, and that’s where the awesomeness comes into play 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment, and for answering my question so thoughtfully.

  2. I appreciated the honesty of this podcast. There are people in online marketing who wouldn’t have the courage to be as open and honest about their struggles.

    I own a few websites. Most are about natural health, because I believe strongly that when armed with good information people can make the decisions necessary to improve their health. There is a ton of information about health out there and sometimes it can get to be confusing. I just want to help people live healthy happy lives.

    I also own a few blogs. One is just funny story about life. The other is mostly motivational. I like to make people laugh. I also like to help people realize that they are unique and valuable. I don’t have a large audience for these blogs but I like knowing that I’m entertaining and helping the people who read them.

    My largest website was negatively impacted by the Panada update that happened in October. Things have been kind of rough ever since, but I’ve decided to really dig in and work through this. I can’t let a little roadblock hold me back. I feel driven to keep working to push through it. I think of this as a test to see if I really want to succeed. You know what, I really really do and nothing will stop me.

    1. Thank you Lovelyn for taking the time to answer my question. I didn’t really know that you were running multiple blogs. That’s how many people start, until they narrow down on what they are most into.

      And if you’re like me, you can’t narrow it down completely and continue working on multiple blogs 🙂

      Anyways, your motives are great. I like the fact that so many people who listen to my podcast are bloggers who are passionate about helping others make positive changes. That’s just so awesome.

      Yep, the Panda update has affected a bunch of people. But just stick with it. I KNOW that you can do it.

      Thanks for listening, and thanks even more for contributing and enhancing my life by taking the time to leave a valuable comment 🙂

  3. Hi Leslie,

    It’s a wondeful Podcast.. This shows you are a human. Its makes sense to me now, why all this so call Gurus use Perfection to market what ever they have to offer, Just because Perfection sells. Thanks for that Statement… Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. And that is My Way.

    You see, nothing in life is perfect, that is what you’ve Proved in this Podcast, Don’t forget, life is full of challenges and when you defeat them, you will be double steps further again, because you know what you are and what you have whitin. You have a Purpose, STAY PUT.

    I’m quite new in Internet marketing, as I told you earlier, Because I was sick of all promises with no result. Now,I prefer to have a mentor than going from one so call Guru’s product to another.

    I promised my self to stay Honest on my undertakings in order to have a good night sleep, Good Name is better than riches. No Money is worth it to decieve people..

    As for the Question you asked..Why are you doing what you are doing? Why not just give up?
    I have always been self employed. Internet Marketing, is an alternative way for me to remain selfemployed without paying Shop rent.

    I guess we all in online Marketing would like to make a reasonable Living, money solves Problem.I believe it is possible to make that money online and wish like each and every one of us to find the Success.



    1. Hi Lucy,

      Thank you for your comment, and thank you for being honest in your answer. I think sometimes I emphasize “changing the world” so much, and forget to mention just simply making money, lol.

      Yes, money does help solve problems – not all, but a lot (if the person with the money has their heads on straight).

      Having a mentor is definitely a good way to go. I really don’t know where I would be today without my mentors. They’ve helped me to avoid making so many mistakes and have guided me in the right direction.

      That’s why I always recommend for people to find a mentor and take action on what that mentor teaches.

      Anyways, I wish you all the best in your online efforts!

  4. Hey mate
    Following on from Lucy’s comment – I reckon only a true ‘guru’ shows you how to handle the downside of things along with the upside – so kudos to you Leslie for being so transparent!

    Why am I doing what I am doing?

    Well, I enjoy it is one big reason – no doubt! But like the other commenters here, I see the pontential we have to change other people’s lives (and then also our own) through the power of the Net.

    Whenever I feel like giving up I think of Kiki, one of my community members who works in a sweat shop in Vietnam. She was mainly active on my site in 2009, but I don’t know what has happened to her since. As a 25 year old, she works 12 hours a day, 6 days a week making shoes. She is the only person in her family that works and she has to care for the grandparents and her own family on her income. Her dream is to be an English teacher, but given her work schedule and the fact her family would literally die if she stopped working and studied towards reaching her goal, it appears to be an impossible dream. She is stuck. And yet she is able to go to her local internet cafe.

    If you are interested you can read one of her experiences at work where more than 1000 of her co-workers had severe food poisoning from eating rotten rice served by the factory for their lunch here:

    She sums-up her workplace: “people go to work for the living, but what they gain sometimes is death. How sad life is….”

    My dream is to enable people such as her. She is keen to learn and grow, but has no chance to go to school. I imagine a place where she may be able to pursue her dream of teaching and escape from her current position.

    Thanks Leslie for helping me move forwards on this path.


    1. Wow John, that’s just so powerful. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s awesome to see how something we type in our homes and post on the internet can have such a strong impact on someone that’s on the other side of the world.

      When I look through some of the emails I’ve received from people in desperate situations and find out about how my sites have helped them, it’s extremely humbling.

      I’m so glad that you have experienced that first hand, because then you get to understand how important what you are doing really is. So thank you for doing it. You guys are giving me so much motivation that it’s ridiculous 😀

    2. One of the most inspiring episodes of yours was when you called the radio to discuss creative commons. It got me thinking a lot… at first I was thinking, man if I made my stuff all creative commons, I would lose it all… then i started thinking about all the creative commons sites out there and my mind started to change to the question, “Am I big enough, courageous enough, daring enough to let my content be open enough to change the world?”

      I still haven’t decided on the creative commons issue, but it certainly resulted in a mind shift for me. Whether I make my site creative commons or not, I now have a drive to put out quality information and making it easily accessible.

      Cheers mate

    3. I hear you man. That’s a tough decision to make. I’ve struggled back and forth with that, but have decided to give it a try. I’m not making EVERYTHING creative Commons, but I am licensing all of my videos (main part of the site) as creative commons.

      I figure that this way, I’ll get it into the hands of more people. What I need to be careful about is making sure to still have a strong business model behind what I’m doing. It’s a challenge, but it’s definitely doable.

      Thanks for the comment John!

  5. Leslie. THIS is BY FAR THE BEST EPISODE you have EVER posted.
    I know that sometimes I exaggerate with you because we’re actually friends.
    I am NOT exaggerating this time.

    The reason this is the best episode you have ever posted
    Is because you were brave enough to be REAL.
    This is why people follow you, Leslie!
    Because you are honest and you’re not afraid to tell the truth.
    You have inspired me SO far beyond my expectations.
    I had NO IDEA what i was getting into when i signed up for your 7 day bootcamp.

    Now that I’ve been thru the bootcamp and i’ve been blogging for several months,
    I can see a whole new world forming right before my eyes!!
    A beautiful world, where people prioritize natural health,
    A world where people actually choose to learn how to take care of themselves.
    A world of healing – true healing – from the inside out.

    I blog because it is necessary.
    This is a vision that is bigger than myself.
    And if I don’t write blog posts, the vision will die.
    Writing blog posts creates a momentum.
    It contributes to the movement.

    Everyone has the right to quit.
    You and I both have a right to give up.
    But if we all exercise that right…. who will stand for the cause?

    Blog on, my dear Leslie!
    You tell your Test to SIT DOWN lol.
    I look forward to hearing the AMAZING testimony of restoration that is to come.
    Never, never give up!

    Simply Natural Ideas

    1. Rochelle, did you just admit that when you NORMALLY tell me that a certain podcast I did is amazing, you are just exaggerating? LOL. JK

      Thanks for your feedback Rochelle. I’m so glad that you (and so many others) got so much value from me just sharing what was on my heart.

      In terms of the reason why you blog – I LOVE IT. The vision IS DEFINITELY bigger than you, I or any of us leaving comments here. That’s why we MUST continue.

      Thank you so much!

  6. Hi Leslie, I am doing what I am doing because this is what I was meant to do. In my life I have had a variety of different jobs, I have had successes and failures but with my site and my business I have found a home. I don’t know if I will be running my current site forever, from he emails I get my guess my time doing so is limited but I am also involved in many other online projects working with different people and it all stems from starting a blog, which wasn’t a real plan I had, just something I typed into Google one day.
    When I have a bad day, and trust me on this, the bigger the site gets, the more people that visit, the more things that can go wrong. The more dependent you become on technology and others and the more wide open you are to a wide chunk of the public scrutiny. As for your tech issues with your computers, I can solve those with one simple word and a word that has worked well for me over the years: Dell.
    What keeps me going are many things. Firstly, this is what I do, a decision I made in my life. It isn’t just about me and “Mitch’s Blog” anymore, I have 650,000 monthly readers who my blog has become part of their life. As all successful blogs, my blog is a business and I have 24 employees who rely on me. To go further I have ad agencies, tech help, lawyers, accounts, bookkeepers who I am part of all of their livelihood. I have some real bad days, A new laptop I can buy, I am blessed that my business has done well, but when a server goes down or the payment processing stops working it’s a train wreck. The weird thing is, and this always happens, I can be having the worst day, the day I want to pack it all in and I will hear from in droves people who I have made a positive impact on their life. a blogger who admires what I am doing, a reader or several who buy a memberships, a big New York or California ad firm who wants to talk to me about working together..
    Reinvesting in your business is what it takes to be and stay successful, the moe you make, the more you reinvest. The thing is when you get to a certain point you can take more chances on your investments and the failures have less of an impact while the successes can really be huge.
    Stay in touch and glad I stopped by.


    1. MITCH!

      Man, thanks for stopping by. It has been a while. So glad to hear that things have continued growing for you. I always knew you’d make it big. We gotta schedule a follow up interview, because we need to hear all the Juicy Details 😉

      I love what you said as the reason why you do what you do – It’s what you were meant to do. That’s Just AWESOME stuff. It’s great to know that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Especially when it’s something you’re passionate about.

      I KNOW for a fact that you are passionate about what you are doing, and that’s an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work. I’ll be in touch soon for a follow-up interview. I’m thinking that it would be a great one to start off 2012 with 😉

  7. Hi Leslie, it`s late already (in Germany that is…). But I wanted to make sure to drop you some lines.

    A lot has been written before in the comments. And I can see a lot of stuff I totally agree with. Yet, I want to give you my thoughts too.

    First of all thank you for the episode. When I listened to your episode I was really touched. It`s an absolute honest episode you don`t get from many marketing guys – whether on the web or anywhere else. By the number and quality of comments you can already tell that you touched a lot of your followers.

    Why am I doing what I am doing? I am looking at this from two perspectives at the moment.

    First my approach is to find out if I am a sort of entrepreneur or business type. Can I do this on my own? Yes, I managed teams and departments and projects. But can I do this on my own? Rely only on me, no company or employer behind me. Learn new stuff (a few months ago I did not know WordPress existed), create value, work with VAs? AND can I do better in business without this big employer behind me? Can I make money and be a good employer on my own? Can I be a better employer? More human…

    Secondly for me this is about self development. Who am I? What do I want to achieve? What does interest me? What is it that I am burning for that I can devote hard work to? Still figuring this out. But as mentioned before I am very much into getting in touch with other people and learning new stuff. And that is absolutely worth it!

    Every challenge, every obstacle is another chance to reach out, stretch even more, finally do it, manage it and develop… go further… learn… become a better person.

    Take care & continue your good work, Andrea

    1. I’m definitely touched by the comments that were left, and I’m definitely touched by your comment Andrea. Thanks for staying up for an extra few minutes all the way in Germany to give me your feedback 🙂

      I find it very interesting how you are using this whole online thing to find out what kind of person you are, and for self development. I’ve definitely found that what I do online has continued to teach me more about myself. It has been such an awesome journey.

      You said:

      “Every challenge, every obstacle is another chance to reach out, stretch even more, finally do it, manage it and develop… go further… learn… become a better person.”

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I’m going to leave it at that 😀

  8. Good morning Leslie,

    I have been listening to your pod casts for about a year. When i started looking for information about blogging i found you thru Yaro i think its hard to remember.

    I have had this desire to make my life as green as possible and in the process have found so much usable information and products out there, that if people knew these things it would change their lives for the better and help the planet at the same time.

    I am a Real Estate appraiser by trade and drive a school bus. I have had a rough couple of years, the need to save money drove me to thinking green in all areas of my life to cut my operating cost.

    The hardest thing was making the all the decision that have to be made before you can begin to put it all together. The internet is a scary place and I think most people are afraid to take that first step and just see what happens, I know I struggled with that and still do every day. It is my opinion that these pod casts that you do have kept me going all year long and i understand the need to make it better, I do try to listen to them when time permits and will be trying the Android app so I can listen on the go.

    I am down to designing the web site now and have had problems with wordpress and making it do the things i want to do , but i am sure it’s an age thing. I hope to grow my business to a level that can support me in my later years. I understand the effort needed and have worked some pretty long hours researching products and claims that are made when using a product.

    I have 3 weeks off in December and hope to get the wed site looking the way i want.

    Thanks so much for your guidance and information ,and enjoy the holiday season

    Rick Drake
    Daily Web Source

    1. Hi Rick,

      So glad to know that you’ve been listening for so long. It’s great to have people actually listen to what I have to say, and hopefully get some valuable tips from it.

      I hear you – it can be hard to get things going and to put it all together. My recommendation would be this – don’t worry too much about how it looks right now. Focus on the content. That’s what will REALLY give your site the extra “umph” it needs to succeed.

      Design is important, but not important enough to stop you from taking action. Use your 3 weeks in December wisely, and take action 🙂

      Looking forward to seeing the progress!

  9. Leslie,

    I am in the early stages of my blogging career and I love reading stuff like this. Well, I don’t like to read about unfortunate things happening to anyone…but it is good to know that I am not alone in my journey and that anything that I go through….there are others that have had similar if not worse experiences.

    When you pursue something like investing or blogging it works best if it is not only about money. The money part helps but you should also be passionate and compatible about whatever it is you’re doing.

    I setup a website on how to make money in different ways. I’m really amazed at how little people know about investing and planning for their financial future. In some cases I feel like I am badgering my friends when I tell them they need to invest and learn. Having a blog page allows me to give information to people that “really want” the info. Nothing is more refreshing than knowing that I was able to impact someone’s life in a positive way.

    Sorry to hear about your computers, murphy’s law is in full effect for you. But, when things get really bad…if you can hang in there…they are bound to get better.

    Keep your head up brother.

    1. Thanks for the comment Dale. Yes, I agree that people need to educate themselves and learn about taking their financial future into their own hands. Keep doing what you do.

      Yep, Murphy’s law is a pain, but it’s all good. What doesn’t break you makes you stronger 🙂

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