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051 Be Passionate and Will Success into Your Life – With Marcus Sheridan

By Leslie Samuel

Happy thanksgiving everyone!

What a wonderful idea to look back through our journey and look at all the people to thank for in our lives and appreciate every step taken that helped us where we are all now. If you missed it, make sure to check out my Golden Episode, where I give my thanks and talk about the lessons I’ve learnt along my journey.

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Today, Marcus Sheridan of inspires us of how he travelled from a blue collar job to where he is today. Owning a successful company in the pool industry didn’t come to him in an instant.

Indeed, there were a lot of trials and obstacles along the way. Let's listen to his journey as he tells us the story of his life, of how he discovered Content and Inbound Marketing, and how he became known for the talent that he has, that is of speaking and teaching in front of his audience.

His passion and faith in himself brought so much success to his life.  It took so much effort and patience to finally be where he is right now.

Marcus_SheridanOther stuff we talked about in today's podcast are:

  • Taking a stand and being passionate about it.
  • What to “will success” means.
  • How telling stories can be powerful.
  • Getting your audience to understand your message.

He regards himself as a “teacher,” the very reason why he pushed himself and “willed success” in speaking and teaching in conferences like Mesh Marketing, Blog World, and a few others. The guts this man has in pushing himself to do what he wants and what he is passionate about is just so inspirational.


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  1. LOL @ Marcus saying “Why are we all so subdued?” lololol it’s so true. Why ARE we all so subdued???

    “Being in debt robs us of our natural ability to choose.” That right there is a truth bomb.

    “Google is not the best key word tool out there, your customer is” WOW.

    “If you’re great at nothing, nothing great happens” Jeeze this guy is just FULL of truth bombs!!

    “Most people don’t have opinions.” AHHHH! SO TRUE. REALLYYYY!! All we talk about is fluff!!!!

    People want to be moved. genuinely. Being a story teller is where it’s at. That’s what Jesus did 😉 lol.

    “My only goal is that people truly understand the message that is delivered.” Amazing. I feel the exact same way.
    Awesome content. loved it.
    I’m gonna get that free ebook for sure.
    LOVE YOUR PASSION. I can hear it in your voice.
    Just followed you on Twitter, Marcus.
    You’re super cool.

    Simply Natural Ideas

    1. Wow Rochelle, thanks for being the co-host on this one and pulling out all the highlights. Yep, Marcus is a great guy, and he shared some awesome tips.

      Truth bombs – I like it 😀

  2. Hey Leslie!

    This interview is brimming with a prefect blend of motivation, inspiration, and information.

    What stuck with me the most was when Marcus talked about the danger of trying to be an expert in all of the various forms of media, and how this more often than not leads people to being mediocre at best in all spaces. It’s almost comforting in a way to be given permission to just focus on one area and become an expert at that before adding another pan in the fire. 🙂

    I also really found value in the 80/20 content/relationship building focus he described, and how it can and should be amended as your site progresses. It makes SO much sense, but it’s something that I’ve never really thought about in concrete terms.

    It’s obvious that Marcus has a TON of passion AND I’m sure I’ll discover even more value when a listen to the interview the second time around.

    Congratulations Marcus on overcoming your obstacles, and my heartfelt thanks for sharing it with the subdued. 🙂

    Best wishes!


    1. O agree with you Matt, Marcus definitely has a TON of passion and is doing great things online. I’m so glad I got to connect with him and do this interview. Powerful stuff!

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