An Effective Day in the life of a Successful Trader with a full time job

By Leslie Samuel


There are more and more individuals with full-time jobs that come to Freebie Trading with the intention of supplementing their income. Many of these traders end up at forums such as the CaliStyle101.com and see the potential in trading at such a forum, but also see that many of the successful traders spend all day at CS101.

For most individuals with a full-time job, spending all day at a forum is not feasible. Yes, some people do have internet access at their jobs and can spend time there. However, that is not usually the case. I am a science and math teacher at a boarding academy. Because of that, I can not be online at all times of the day.

What I would like to show you in this article is what a typical effective day for me is like on days that I am “working” the forum.

In the Morning

I wake up at 6am to prepare to leave for work at 9am. In the morning, I spend about an hour checking to see if I have any emails or private messages to respond to. I try to do respond to them all at the same time – what I like to call “batch processing”. I also complete trades and send payments to any traders that might have greened overnight.

When I finish with the above-mentioned tasks (if I still have some time left in the hour), I check the forums to see if there are any posts in the forums that I can respond to. The first place to check is in the Support and Questions subforum. If you see an opportunity for a post, immediately try to make an effective post. Actually, you should try to make as many as possible during the remaining time.

I then get ready for work and head out.

Lunch Time

Around noon, I get a lunch break. At that time, I log into the forum and my email account to see if anyone has sent me any messages, or greened since I last logged in. If so, I respond quickly (within 15 minutes or so). I have internet access at my job, so that makes it a little easier. After about 10 or 15 minutes, I log off and head to lunch.

Mid Afternoon

At around 3:15, I repeat the same process that I did at lunch time. The main goal is to see if anyone needs my help. Although I'm not always available, I try to be as effective as possible within the decided time-frame.


I'm usually home by 5pm. And I try to spend an hour or two doing what I did in the morning – responding to messages, sending payments (if necessary) and posting to the forums. The main part to post to (as I mentioned before) is the Support and Questions subforum. Then I check around the technical support and other subforums to see if anyone has any questions that I can respond to.

One more thing that has proven to be very beneficial is that I usually try to update my trophy thread at this time. When people see success in a trophy thread, they are lead to ask themselves the question: “How in the world was he able to do that?” This can lead to potential trades.

Later On

At some point later at night, usually somewhere between 8 and 10, I get back online and try to tie up any loose ends. This usually involves posting in the forum, checking PMs and emails (as usual) and sometimes chatting with traders via IM – basically, anything that is left to be done.

So there you have it. That gives you an idea of what my day looks like. Now, this is not what always happens. This is the basic structure that I give myself. I set some daily goals and I try my best to meet those goals. One main component of it all is that I try to make 20 posts to the forums daily. The breakdown I normally use is 10 in the Support and Questions subforum, 5 in the subforums of the individual sites and 5 in other places. That gives me enough exposure for people to be familiar enough with me and want to work with me.

As a bare minimum (especially as someone that is starting out), you should be posting no less than 10 posts daily.

For more tips, check out my article on how not to waste time with freebies.

Do you have a full time job? Have you had success with freebies? If you would like to share some tips, feel free to do so right here. Or if you have questions, go ahead and ask. I'd be happy to try to answer them.


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