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Popup Domination Review – How I increased my conversions by 568% overnight

By Leslie Samuel

Popup Domination is a plugin that I installed to my website that had a drastic effect on my conversions. My opt ins increased significantly overnight. Watch the following video for a detailed review and video walkthrough of Popup domination.

We all know that one of the most important aspects of internet marketing is building a list. Popup domination takes that concept and builds on it to make it a much faster process.

When I started my Biology Website, I knew that I needed to work on building a list from the beginning. I eventually decided to give away free biology powerpoints to entice my website visitors to sign up for my mailing list. My list started growing by a handful of new subscribers every week and I was relatively satisfied for the amount of effort I was putting in.

On September 18th, I installed Popup Domination on my website, and my conversions increased by 568% when I compare the 6 week prior to installing with the 6 week after installing Popup Domination.

Popup Domination
Increased conversions on my Biology Website

If you are an internet marketer in ANY way, I HIGHLY recommend Popup domination, because it's probably the product that will make the biggest difference in your conversions.

Your Comments
What do you think about Popup Domination? Have you used it? What kinds of effects have you seen? Do you recommend it? Have questions about it? Let me know in the comments below. If you are reading this via email, click here to leave a comment.

  • Popup Domination is the best plugin for internet marketers. Those internet marketers who have their own products or they are affiliate marketers, by installing Popup Domination they can draw their earning graph up and up.

    Thanks Leslie

  • Hi Leslie,

    I have an Aweber account and I recently setup a website using a Lightbox feature available from inside Aweber.

    I’m wondering how this plugin is different?
    Are you aware that Aweber offers this?
    It seems to accomplish almost the same as the popup domination plugin, though
    not as flexible nor is it available through the wordpress dashboard.

    My site is at

    I must say however, that the one I’m using through my Aweber account
    does not seem to perform according to the way I set it up.

    For example, I believe I set it up as you did… not to show to anyone
    a second time unless they had not been to the site for more than 7 days.
    However, because it is my site, naturally I visit frequently and it pops up
    on me virtually every day.

    I don’t see this issue as a big deal… just something that makes me
    wonder why it’s not performing properly.

    I also programmed it to show after 15 seconds (not 5 seconds as you did)
    and although I never time it, it seems to work properly.

    I have no way to compare increased conversions because I used it
    while I was setting up the site.

    Any thoughts?
    Don P

    • Hi Don,

      Yes, I am aware that Aweber offers a lightbox popup. However, there are a few key differences. Popup domination allows you to add an ebook image (or any other image). It gives you the ability to use bullet points, and give a short description. It also has a very sleek design.

      In other words, it serves as a mini-squeeze page. The reason people use squeeze pages is because the format of a squeeze page is optimize to convert. Although aweber does have the lightbox, it’s not as high of a converter. That’s my assumption based on what I’ve observed.

      I know some people who had Aweber and switched to popup domination because of how well it converts. It would be interesting to see a study of how they compare. If you do get Popup domination, let me know what kind of increase you see.

      In terms of the issues you are having it, I’m not sure whether those are bugs in their setup. I’ve never used their own.

      Hope that helps to answer your questions.

    • Actually I do the same with mail chimp. I can put images or any tex in the popups (for opt-ins)
      And it was very easy to do it. So, I think that the popups domination thing is an affiliate and a good marketing campaing. But is not that different to mailchimp popups.

    • Hi Mal, yes you can definitely use the popup that’s available with any autoresponder program. It will work as a regular popup, and that will definitely get you more subscribers.

      The difference (in my opinion) is that Popup domination formats your popup almost like a mini-sales page. It allows you to have a very attractive headline, with callout points, and has a design that seems to convert much better than regular popups.

      I think it would be interesting to do a comparison of popup domination and regular popups to see the difference.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for your post.

    I used Popup Scheduler (free plugin) but it won’t be actively maintain.
    The another problem is that it’s known to be conflict with WP-SuperCache or another Cache Plugins…

    Do you use a Cache Plugin? Do you know if there are problems of compatibility?

  • I wonder what the validity is in having a lightbox that can split test. Would you expect the price point to change if it did? Have you noticed any other limitations that can be improved upon or bugs?

    • Hey Josh,

      Thanks for the comment. In terms of the split test, it would be good to be able to do that because you can test out different aspects of the lightbox and determine what is more effective. You can do things like test out different headlines, font sizes, font colors, graphics, etc. It’s all about testing and optimization.

      I wouldn’t expect the price point to change. I think it would a good additional feature for him to add over time. I can’t think of any other limitations or bugs off the top of my head. It has been working pretty darn well for me, so I can’t complain one bit.

  • You can split test it, just set up multiple installs on your domain in different folder names. Use google optimizer to rotate the tag in your header. Change the popup-domination-location in each instance to your different folder locations.

    Set up your different pops to test on your different installs, and set each one up as a different form in aweber, and let the optimizer rotate them.

    poof split testing!

  • That was a genious comment Emily!

    Setup multiple installs.
    Rotate the page or code.
    Set the thank you page as the “goal page” (so you can use the same mail list)

    OK… I’ll now stop looking for an alternative.

    • Hi Jacob,

      Yes, I do product reviews every so often. However, I don’t take product review requests. I do them as I see fit. In other words, I review products I encounter naturally and use myself.

      All the best

  • Sounds good Leslie. Hopefully we’ll have a natural encounter at some future point. Nice blog, Emily really saved the day on that one.

    Always thought that was the one small flaw with Popup domination.

    Another one called “optin pop” does split tests and looks pretty good, but it has no stand alone version.

    If you are interested in selling an ebook, I’d give you a free account over at our site…

    Thanks again man…. off to setup split tests for all my pop ups 😉

  • Hello Leslie, it is me again 🙂 I would like to know if you still recommend this product? I just had a look at your biology blog, and the pop up did not show up. Are you still using Pop Up Domination? If not, why? Thanks for your help. 

    •  @La bokcheviste Hello again. I DEFINITELY still recommend it. It isn’t on my blog because I was to busy to update it when they did the last update. However, I will be adding it back, because since I removed it, my opt ins decreased significantly. So I’ll be adding it back hopefully this week.

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