I started my blog in September of 2008.

Since then, my business has evolved significantly. When I started, the purpose of my blog was to teach people about an industry called Freebie Trading.

Then I started my Biology Blog. This blog led to me landing my dream job as a University professor in 2011.

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Last year July, I left that job to be a full-time blogger and entrepreneur.

When I left that job, I launched the Become a Blogger coaching club, which has been such a great experience.

A lot has happened over the last year and I'm excited about the future.

I'm mostly excited about helping people like you realize that you don't have to settle for the status quo.

Because of the power of technology, you and I have the ability to bypass the gatekeepers.

We don't need to wait for someone else to give us permission to excel.

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The Honor of Your Presence is Requested

We can take our own success into our own hands.

We can create something HUGE and write our own tickets.

And as a result, people like you and I are doing things that we've never been able to do using the power of blogging.

I'm getting tremendous clarity on the direction I'm heading. Not just because I'm accomplishing my own goals, but because my business is evolving in a way that enables me to help you more.

So I'm requesting the honor of your presence at a very special event. Tomorrow, Thursday October 29th, I'm holding a very special webinar on “How to Build a Blog That Can Help You Land Your Dream Job (or Quit the Job You Hate)“.

In this webinar, I'm going to walk you through the exact steps I took to build a platform that landed me my dream job and then enabled me to quit that job.

But I'm not only going to share what I did. I'm also going to share what I've learned and how I would do things different if I were starting over in 2015.

So, if you are tired of the status quo and want to create a solid blogging business, then I'm requesting the honor of your presence.

Click here to register for the webinar

– Leslie Samuel

P.S. If you are reading (or listening) to this after Thursday, October 29th, you can still visit the page. I will be doing webinars on a regular basis, so check out the registration page to see when the next available date will be.

About the Author Leslie Samuel

Leslie Samuel a business coach for high-performing entrepreneurs. As the host of the Leslie Samuel Show, he teaches how to build an online business. "Changing the world one post at a time” is the mission he strives towards. As a former university professor, he has a passion for education. He's the founder of Interactive Biology, a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to making biology fun for students and teachers. As the head of training for the Social Media Marketing Society, he helps social media marketers get the training they need to stay on the leading edge of social media.

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