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When it comes to creating a product, do you know where to start?

Do you wonder if your audience will love the product you are thinking about creating?

In this interview, Lisa Woodruff from Organize 365 shares how to create a product from your core message.

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How to Create a Product From Your Core Message

Lis Woodruff is a blogger who shares her organizational tips, entrepreneurial spirit and humor to encourage other moms on her blog at organize365.com.

She has authored multiple books, blogs and podcasts for women who want to get organized and organized women who want to help others live a more organized life.

As a professional organizer and business coach, Lisa has helped hundreds of women organize and monetize their businesses.

Before she started he blog, she wore multiple hats:

  • She was a Science and Math teacher at a private Montessori school.
  • She cleaned and organized homes.
  • She was a scrapbooking consultant.
  • She did a bunch of other things.

The interesting part is that even though she was doing so much, she was relatively successful with everything she was doing.

At the age of 40, she asked herself a life-changing question – “Why was she able to succeed with so many things?”

The answer – it was because of her organization skills. She organized EVERYTHING, which made her more efficient at the things she was doing.

This led to the creation of Organize 365.

Since then, she has created a number of products centered around her core message.

The Core Message

As a blogger, it is important to have a core message. What's the goal for your blog? What is the message that you are consistently sharing with your audience?

I asked Lisa what that was for her blog and business and this is what she said:

Anybody can be organized. It’s not something you are born with. You can learn to be organized and she can teach you how.

When she shared that with me, I knew that I needed to dig deeper because this is something I struggle with.

How to Be More Organized

Entrepreneurs and creatives can be easily distracted by the latest thing. This doesn't usually come with being organized.

Because of this, you have to take whatever you're doing and break everything down into simple steps and experience small wins.

The Sunday Basket

Lisa teaches how to do this by creating a “Sunday Basket.”

Essentially, you would take two baskets (or other designated space) and place every piece of paper related to your home (in one) and your business (in the other) in those baskets.

Then you would designate a time every week (i.e. Sunday night) to go through it.

When going through that basket, take everything out and ask yourself one simple question: Can this wait until next Sunday?

If it can, then put it back into the basket. If not, it goes on your to-do list for the week.

This is what will happen as a result:

  • You will realize that you have more things in the basket that you'll ever be able to handle.
  • If it keeps going back in the basket, you can more easily make the decision to get rid of it.

Doing this will help you to be much more organized and you will get more done as a result.

In the interview, she also shares tips on how this can be accomplished digitally.

Creating Your Products

When you create a product, it's important to start with your core message. If you don't know what your core message is, I would encourage you to listen to my episode on how to create a simple vision for your blogging business.

Creating New Products

Once you know your core message, it'll be much easier to decided on what products you should create.

According to Lisa, it comes down to asking yourself one simple question: What will your audience need in order to accomplish what you're trying to help them accomplish?

Start at the most basic level. For her, it was her eBook on Ten Steps to Organized paper.

Once you create your first product, you will be able to determine what's missing. She realized that the two chapters in that book that covered the concept of the Sunday Basket were really crucial chapters.

As a result, she expanded those chapters into 20 posts and a podcast series.

This is what eventually evolved into the Sunday Basket eBook.

In addition to this, she started offering a home organization service for individuals in her local area as well as a physical kit with everything you need to get started with organizing your home.

Lisa shares a lot of tips in this interview and I know you're going to love it.

So go ahead and listen in to learn how you can create a product (or a series of product) from your core message.

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How to Create a Product From Your Core Message


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