Who: Patrick, Sarah and Axel South
Blog: The Familypreneurs

What would it be like to build a business with your family?

Can you imagine even your little one contributing to your business's growth?

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This is what Patrick and Sarah decided to do with their business. Patrick decided to give up a job; Sarah now had to also share the burden of all financial responsibilities; and their son, Axel (who is only 5 years old) serves as a constant inspiration to both and, believe it or not, also takes part in developing their family business ideas.

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How To Become Familypreneurs – with Patrick and Sarah South

Entrepreneurship can be a tricky thing for families. On one side, you get those entrepreneurs who spend all their time on their businesses, while neglecting their families.

On the other side, you get those who decide to focus on their families while leaving their businesses behind.

Patrick and Sarah decided to do something different.

Something . . . well . . . how can I say it . . . ok, I found the word . . . AWESOME!

Family + Entrepreneurship = Familypreneurship

It has been a slow process but, they are in a position where they love and enjoy what they are doing and are very much determined to becoming financially independent in the near future.

They currently run their blog, The Familypreneurs, and their own podcast which both serve as a way to document of this entrepreneurial journey.

Patrick and their son, Axel also started taking YouTube videos of their adventures together to serve as an inspiration for ideas of activities and things to do for other kids who love to make their own adventures.

You can watch an example of one of their fun videos together here:

If you want to get inspired and see how they did it all together, listen for more in today's episode.

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