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124 Is your Blog Ruining Your Life?

By Leslie Samuel

Have you ever been at the point where your blog is consuming so much of your life that it's beginning to affect your life negatively?

Maybe it could be having a negative effect on your relationships.

Maybe it could be having a negative effect on your health.

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In this podcast episode, Serena Appiah and I have a candid discussion about bringing life into balance so that your blog doesn't ruin your life.

Inside This Episode

Serena Appiah and Leslie Samuel
Serena and I at Navy Pier

Serena Appiah is a member of the Become A Blogger community and over the last few months we have become great friends.

A few weeks ago, we were on Skype talking about life and blogging and came to the realization that this would make an excellent topic to discuss on a podcast.

We have both been at that point where things were getting out of control and we had to make some significant changes. Serena even blogged about it before.

Coincidently, Greg Hickman tweeted at me a few days ago saying this:

I told him we would be dealing with that topic in this episode, so here it is.

LWL_124_Is Your Blog Ruining Your Life

Here are some of the specific things we talk about:

  • How we got to know each other
  • Times when we've felt like our blogs were consuming us.
  • How to have balance as a blogger.

Some of the steps we recommend include:

  • Keep life in perspective
  • Understand WHY you are blogging
  • Decide what DOESN'T need to be done and stop doing it
  • Create a schedule
  • Get disciplined
  • Drop the attitude
  • Get some help
  • Embrace imperfections

Of course, in our discussion, we go back and forth about these topics and really dig deep into this issue of balance.

Our hope is that by listening to our struggles and our suggestions, you'll be able to take things away that will help you find the balance you may be looking for.


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Some people just love being able to read along with interviews, or they might just prefer to skip the audio completely and just read through the transcript. Hey, if that’s what floats your boat, it is all good. Here’s the transcript just for you :)

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About The Podcast

Learning With Leslie

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I share tips and strategies that I’ve learnt building blogs since 2008 and interview experts who are knowledgable about various aspects of blogging so that we can learn from their experiences.

If you’re a blogger, thinking about becoming a blogger (pun intended) or are not even sure if blogging is right for you, go ahead and tune in to see what this blogging thing is all about.

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  1. Great conversation. This definitely shows that we are REAL people behind our businesses. I have a freelance graphic/marketing business, a 9 to 5 job (on call once every six weekl), a newlywed and I am very active in my church. Plus, I have SEVERAL books that I want/need to read. I am still trying to find a balance. For me, I want to work super hard now so that I don’t have to work as hard later.

  2. This was A LOT of fun to do with you, Leslie. It’s a topic that I am passionate about because at one point, we all face this problem when trying to grow our blog. Going forward, I am going to schedule my time better, and what I am NOT going to do is focus on all the things that pull me away from producing great content (I’ll do more outsourcing). Thanks for bringing this topic front and center! xoxo

    1. It was great to chat with you once again. If I thought about it before, I would’ve blown up your spot by playing that recording of your rapping on the Ferris Wheel 😉

  3. Great podcast today Leslie! Especially
    when you and Serena talked about keeping things in perspective. Yes,
    my family is #1 to me, but do I prove that to them on a daily basis,
    or do I show them that my blog is #1? That’s a hard one, because in
    my mind, my blog has to be very near the top so that I can one day
    have more time with my family and quit my day-time job outside the
    home. Great thoughts though! Thanks you two!

    1. Thanks Holly. I definitely understand where you’re coming from. It’s such a tricky thing to balance. And none of us have it perfectly figured out. It’s a journey, not a destination, and I think you’re doing a great job on that journey.

  4. Hi Leslie, this conversation you had with Serena is so critical. I have been married for 8 years and most of those years I put my Entrepreneurship activities a head of my wife. And I found that most Entrepreneurs do the same thing. So I can relate to Serena saying that her husband wants her to go to bed with him. My wife use to tell me the same thing . This year I made a serious effort to turn this around, and I have realized that the reason I was spending more time with my business then my wife was because I was in FEAR. I was in fear that if I don’t spend enough time with my business, then it would not be successful. But God does not give us a spirit of fear, so now I am trusting God to take care of my business as I spend more time with my wife. Good conversation today. Be Blessed.

    1. Wow Amos. I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. This fear stuff can definitely hold us down. So lets forget this fear and move forward with the other f – Faith 🙂

  5. Great podcast as always Leslie. Made me realize how lazy I am with my blog haha. Time to get blogging!

  6. Greetings.. I love your blog.. I’m inspired by your approach. I think it was a great touch to add the misses.

    Relationships can be a challenge, Its good to see how you balance it.

    FYI… I gave you a shout out in an article that was published on Yahoo Voices..

    I built a tiny URL to it called..

    Hope all remains well with you and you have continued success. I look forward to talking to you.

  7. Leslie and Serena, your timing was perfect for this podcast, I definitely need to make more time for this.

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