How do you get people to comment on your blog posts, click on links in the emails you send out and simply be engaged with what's happening on you blog?

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In Episode 99 I dealt with How to get traffic to your blog. In that episode, I spoke about ALL the free methods I used to build my biology blog to over 50,000 visitors/month.

CommentsHowever, when Warren Gibbons from Salt Water Aquariums Explained called in a question about engagement, I thought to myself – “Yeah, I should definitely record an entire podcast episode answering his question”.

The fact is – getting people to your blog is only ONE part of the equation. The other part (which in my opinion is even more exciting) is getting to actually engage with your content. Whenever you get that one comment, it almost feel like validation of the work you put in.

So, in this episode I gave 10 ways to get more engagement. Those ways are:

1. Get More traffic. Yep, this one is an obvious one. The more people come to your blog, the more likely you are to get engagement. How do you get more traffic? Check out This Episode.

2. Create Great Content. This is something I keep saying OVER AND OVER, and you know what? I won't stop saying it. If your content sucks. People won't engage.

3. Create Emotional Content. This is something that I'm learning can have a significant impact on audience engagement. When you tug on people's emotions (not in a manipulative way of course), engagement goes up. Just watch how this video makes you smile and you'll see exactly what I mean:

4. Facts tell, stories SELL. So, tell more stories. People don't remember all those facts, but if you can embed the facts into an awesome story, that's memorable.

5. Ask For It. This is the simplest of all the tips. If you want people to do something, ask them to do it. That'll increase the likelihood that they'll actually do it. Don't just assume.

6. Give ONE call to action at a time. If you ask people to do more than one thing, the chances of them doing ANY of them decreases (at least, that's what I've seen from my stats).

7. Respond to ALL your comments. Go ahead, leave a comment on this episode. I bet you'll get a response from yours truly. And when people see that you respond, they'll be more likely to comment.

8. Engage with others. Go out there and find other blogs, communities and groups in your niche. If people are passionate enough to be in those places, they are more likely to comment on your blog and engage with your content.

9. Do something special for your audience. This is something I “stole” from Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. He calls it Random Acts of Kindness, and it works!

10. CARE. This one I stole from Gary Vaynerchuk's book “Crush It”. Awesome book! The fact is – people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Now of course, In the episode I unpack all of the juicy details, so don't just read the show notes and think that you got it all. Make sure to listen to the episode so that you can get the full effect.

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So, my question for you is simple – What do YOU do to increase engagement on your blog? Let me know in the comments bellow.


Some people prefer to read along with the podcast episode. Others actually prefer to read than listen. If you are one of those people, not to worry. I’ve got a transcript right here for you 🙂

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