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101 Ten Ways To Get More Engagement On Your Blog

By Leslie Samuel

How do you get people to comment on your blog posts, click on links in the emails you send out and simply be engaged with what's happening on you blog?

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In Episode 99 I dealt with How to get traffic to your blog. In that episode, I spoke about ALL the free methods I used to build my biology blog to over 50,000 visitors/month.

CommentsHowever, when Warren Gibbons from Salt Water Aquariums Explained called in a question about engagement, I thought to myself – “Yeah, I should definitely record an entire podcast episode answering his question”.

The fact is – getting people to your blog is only ONE part of the equation. The other part (which in my opinion is even more exciting) is getting to actually engage with your content. Whenever you get that one comment, it almost feel like validation of the work you put in.

So, in this episode I gave 10 ways to get more engagement. Those ways are:

1. Get More traffic. Yep, this one is an obvious one. The more people come to your blog, the more likely you are to get engagement. How do you get more traffic? Check out This Episode.

2. Create Great Content. This is something I keep saying OVER AND OVER, and you know what? I won't stop saying it. If your content sucks. People won't engage.

3. Create Emotional Content. This is something that I'm learning can have a significant impact on audience engagement. When you tug on people's emotions (not in a manipulative way of course), engagement goes up. Just watch how this video makes you smile and you'll see exactly what I mean:

4. Facts tell, stories SELL. So, tell more stories. People don't remember all those facts, but if you can embed the facts into an awesome story, that's memorable.

5. Ask For It. This is the simplest of all the tips. If you want people to do something, ask them to do it. That'll increase the likelihood that they'll actually do it. Don't just assume.

6. Give ONE call to action at a time. If you ask people to do more than one thing, the chances of them doing ANY of them decreases (at least, that's what I've seen from my stats).

7. Respond to ALL your comments. Go ahead, leave a comment on this episode. I bet you'll get a response from yours truly. And when people see that you respond, they'll be more likely to comment.

8. Engage with others. Go out there and find other blogs, communities and groups in your niche. If people are passionate enough to be in those places, they are more likely to comment on your blog and engage with your content.

9. Do something special for your audience. This is something I “stole” from Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. He calls it Random Acts of Kindness, and it works!

10. CARE. This one I stole from Gary Vaynerchuk's book “Crush It”. Awesome book! The fact is – people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Now of course, In the episode I unpack all of the juicy details, so don't just read the show notes and think that you got it all. Make sure to listen to the episode so that you can get the full effect.

Your Input

So, my question for you is simple – What do YOU do to increase engagement on your blog? Let me know in the comments bellow.


Some people prefer to read along with the podcast episode. Others actually prefer to read than listen. If you are one of those people, not to worry. I’ve got a transcript right here for you 🙂

Click here to download transcript.

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  1. Another great Podcast, Leslie! I’ve always struggled with getting comments and true engagement. I have seen an increase in engagement with my Google+ community though, so I’m hopeful with that. I love all the ideas you had. I have always been sure to respond to all my comments. I also care tremendously about all of my readers – sometimes maybe even too much! I have had many personal email conversations with my readers. I’ve also sent out a physical handmade thank you note to one of my very loyal readers (who was comfortable enough to send me her address). I try to always ask a question at the end of my posts, but it doesn’t usually result in a comment.
    But you had a good point: there’s usually only one comment for every few hundred readers. That’s a reassuring thought. 
    Little by little, the comments are coming in, and I know it’s because of the great skills I’ve learned from BAB.
    Thanks Leslie!

    1. @happyfoodholly That was a very encouraging comment Holly. So thank you.
      It sounds like you are doing all the right things, so keep it up. As your traffic increases, you will start to see more and more engagement, so keep working on that traffic and things will happen. 
      I know you’re creating great content. It even got me to watch your Cooking with my kid episode yesterday (as you know). 
      I would encourage you to focus on Episode 99 where I talk about traffic. It’s EASY to just listen to it and move on, but it takes A LOT of work to actually implement what I said in that episode.

    2. @Leslie Samuel very good point. I loved episode 99, took a ton of notes, printed them out, and stuck it in the back of my planner. Guess where it still is??ok, after the weekend of the 15th, I’m focusing on that. I have to focus on this blog conf. Coming up.

  2. You probably didn’t get that many downloads because it never showed up in itunes. At least it didn’t for me and that’s where I listen to it.

    1. @claycath THAT’S IT. I was wondering what in the world happened. I just figured it out. Thank you SO MUCH for pointing that out! YOU ROCK!!!! YEAH YOU DO!

    2. @claycath  I too cannot see it in my podcasts app in iTunes. The last episode that came through is  #100. I searched on the itunes store too and cannot find it. Hope you figure it out Leslie, thankyou for the podcast.

    3. @StudioScratches It came through on itunes about an hour after Leslie found out it didn’t make it to itunes. Try refreshing ithe podcast. Sometimes they hold on too episodes for awhile.

  3. I finally started getting engagement on a more consistent basis on my blog. And the funny reason why is I added the plug-in I think called “Comments to Facebook.” That’s the one that allows people to comment on the facebook chat box and it appears in facebook. So I guess I found my sweet spot with that plug-in. lol!

    1. @RicardoButler That’s awesome. I also noticed I got more Facebook engagement when I installed that plugin but I eventually started getting annoyed with the lack of features and lack of integration with the WordPress commenting system. So I eventually ditched it. Glad it’s working for you though!

    2. @Leslie Samuel Yea, I think it’s because most of my target audience are in the Christian hip-hop/music industry, they are in facebook hip-hop groups. So it’s easier for them to post there and that allows others on facebook to see them promoting and commenting. The other day someone noticed another artist comments on my page on facebook and asked how I know them and they wanted to connect for a spoken word poetry event in Denver. I also ditched the facebook plugin once too, then someone else told me to give it another try so I tried it out and used some engagement strategies and tactics like asking questions at the end of each post, asking for them to leave a comment or if they have any questions. I wasn’t doing that before.

    3. @RicardoButler It also increased engagement when I used it too, but I didn’t like some of the technical aspects. That’s the only reason I got rid of it.
      My recommendation for you would be to find a way to let your FB comment count show on your blog. That’s how I had mine set up. Right now, if I look at your blog, I see posts saying No comments, but there are Facebook comments on there. There’s a way to get it to add your FB comment count to your WordPress comment count, which provides more social proof and will increase engagement more. I wish I could tell you how to do it, but my tech person did it for me. I’m sure you can find it by doing a Google search.

    4. @Leslie Samuel You know what? I did not know you could do that. I will check back to the plug in and check out that comment count. Thanks for the help with that.

  4. so I’m back just to give you some feedback on the email. I personally think it’s awesome. I think you forget that your honesty and openness is what brings people back time and time again. So yes, I think you did what you should have done. You’re disappointed in lack of viewers…. fine, promote it more. Obviously, the problem was figured out i see in the comments, but I still think you went about it the right way. Hey what do I know though… just my two cents!

  5. I didn’t listen to your episode cause I didn’t know you had a post 😀 There’s so much that I’m doing in my own world, If you don’t send me an email, I probably won’t come by the blog. So feel free to email me, cause I love become a blogger 🙂 OK I read your show notes. Now i shall listen to the podcast 😉

    1. @Rochelle Hanson Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday now 🙂 But I don’t send it all out because I don’t want to be bombarding people’s inboxes 🙂
      Enjoy the listen!

    2. @Leslie Samuel  @Rochelle Hanson Sorry to butt in, but I thought you might find it interesting to hear: on some other high profile blog, the owner said (roughly translated)
      “Your readers will NEVER complain that you don’t email them often enough!  But if you email them too frequently, it can have a negative effect. They can feel overwhelmed with too much information coming at them.  Then you run the risk of them skipping your specific emails altogether. 
      It also tends to dilute the impact the emails you do send them, because it feels like they get them ‘all the time’,  and they feel the need to block them out.
      Then you run the risk of them bailing out altogether and unsubscribing from your email list”. 
      I thought there was a lot of truth in what they said.

  6. Hey, remember that widget you had a while ago for people to call in with questions directly from your blog? I don’t see that on here anymore… was it good? Or do you only just use the hotline. If so, who do you use for the hotline? I’m starting a podcast and I want people to be able to call in 🙂 (i’m still listening to your podcast 😉 Just had a question and didn’t want to forget.

  7. You are absolutely right about commenting back to your readers. Most bloggers that don’t come off as arrogant. I know, often, they don’t have the time. If that is the case they need to address that somewhere close to the commenting section. At least give people an idea where to go to if they have certain comments and if they will only comment to select people or friends or big gurus. I’ve given up on most blogs because of this and even some where I have purchased. Never will I go back and purchase again. It is an insult to set up comments and not deal with them in some professional way. I go to one blog and the blogger at least sends me a thank you and hugs for the comments. And I buy from her all the time. I figure if she values me then I’ll reciprocate. I don’t know why people don’t get it. If you don’t want to comment then get your but off of social media. Period. You’re not social.

    1. @simplysweetsandra I think it makes sense to take the time to reply, which is why I do it. However, I do wonder how well that works when you have hundreds and hundreds of comments on each post. I can imagine that it would be EXTREMELY overwhelming. Who knows? We’ll see when we get there 😉

    2. @Leslie Samuel I hear ya Leslie. That is the conundrum for many people. But I think if a day comes where you can’t reply then a simple but obvious place on either your email or the blog post itself would say that. Why even have an open comment section unless you want people to reply to each other on a forum like basis. But just explain that to people. What I think happens. But cannot confirm: is that many marketers want the traffic and the comments to build more traffic. In other words its using people’s time and efforts to reply for the marketers gain. But as I believe in positivity, there are simple but fair solutions and I think a marketer owes that to its followers.
      Similarly think of a store like Saks saying: we want you to come in and then leave because its too many of you for me to give you attention.
      So I hope other marketers read this and start to think of big but fair solutions. No one wants to be used.
      Thanks so much for answering my other post.

    3. @simplysweetsandra Wow, that’s actually something I have never thought about – in terms of placing a statement on the blog post explaining how you will be involved in the comments.
      My Biology blog gets so much traffic, I stopped looking at the comments a while back, because it was literally eating away my time. I had to come to the decision that I can add MORE value by not responding to the comments but by focusing on other aspects of the blog – like making the videos that they are commenting on. That helps more people and seemed like the right direction to go in.
      However, now I’m going to follow your advice and say something about that on my posts. Such a simple idea, but never thought about it. Thanks for sharing. That’s how we all learn 🙂

    4. @Leslie Samuel I’m glad you will consider doing this. Leslie,  like my grandma taught me: there is absolutely no problem that can’t be solved without communication. You may not like the ending, you may not like to compromise, but at the end of the day if you tell people what you think with loving intentions things will work out. We get so use to writing things and rushing we forget that we are dealing with human feelings. That is part of the “connection”. Social Media and techies tend to be more left brain types. But when you combine some compassion and messages of understanding it can humanize the process.

  8. Hi Leslie,  this could get a bit rugged, so take a deep breath: all feedback is good right??
    I didn’t click on your first link – I can’t remember, and now I can’t find it in my Trash Folder to check – was it about sniffing your baby’s bum?  Sorry – I’m too busy for off topic chat, and frankly I’m not interested – all feedback is good, right?
    Your son is great for you and your friends and family, but when I’m ‘at work’, I want information on Blogging, not off topic chat. When I’m trying to deal with the dozens of emails I get every day, I’m ‘at work’ – not on coffee break.
    I always feel I should open your emails because I’m a paid member of BAB – and it’s very rare for me to buy any course whatsoever.   So there is always an extra push for me to check out your emails…but even so…not so much any more. 
    I think there are complicated reasons why – they are hard to nail down really.  Maybe an impression that your emails are too lightweight and there is no guarantee that I will find something useful if I spend time opening them?
    Also, you can sometimes come across as ‘cutting corners’ and not following through – as if you are very busy and have too much to do – that there are limits on how far you are prepared to go with people and/or problems? I’ve noticed you doing this a couple of times.  Rightly or wrongly, Slap dash and/or ‘un-caring’ are the phrases that comes to mind.  This does not create a good impression.  If you do have too much to do, maybe you should do less?
    I also like to know what I’m getting before I click on a link in an email – the topic. Having a Subject line like “I can’t believe I did this” means I immediately bin it.  Or “I was wrong” No…. into the bin.  I’m sure if we met socially, we would get on really well, but this is business, right?  Therefore, I don’t want to know what you think or feel, unless it is an opinion that is Content related.
    It’s not personal, it’s because I want to learn everything I can about blogging, and there are only 24 hours in a day.
    I think that your emails usually say that the link you want me to click on is your latest podcast?  I wouldn’t click on that because I like to READ content, with an audio or video as a plus….IF it’s a detailed ‘How to’ topic that is helped with visuals.
    I opened this particular email today because it had a spelling mistake in the Subject Line….I was curious to see if you repeated the error in the email linked content. This sort of thing re-enforces the previous point about cutting corners.
    So now, when I came to this page, I see there is written content as well as the podcast – I only found that out by coming here.  I might open more of your emails as a result.  
    Another reason is that I’m particularly busy at the moment and I get dozens of marketing emails a day – so the little things count. 
    I hope you take this Comment in the spirit that I intend it: honest feedback from someone who is in fact, one of your fans.  Honest feedback SHOULD be valuable feedback to marketers – and you did ask! 
    I’d also like to point out that I am probably not an ‘average’ online user – I believe that is so, because so much of what I get dished up by marketers leaves me cold – or worse.  
    You are still one of my 5 most trusted online teachers, so please, don’t mistake this honest criticism for lack of appreciation.  I have learned a lot of valuable information from you and Yaro – and I do appreciate that. Thank you.

    1. @carol m Wow Carol, that was A LOT and yes, a bit rugged, but you know what – I truly do appreciate you for taking the time to leave that comment. The fact is, it takes courage to say what you said, so YOU ROCK.
      Concerning your points:
      1. In terms of me being a bit too personal on the blog, quite frankly, that’s the way I am. What you see here is what you’d see in person. What I share is who I am and there are different dimensions to that. I know, some people won’t like that, but I think it’s better for me to be myself than to try to be someone else. I think you will find that even when I share personal stuff, it’s related to blogging 95% of the time. The other 5%, well – you know – it’s just me. Btw, The link you referred to really wasn’t about me sniffing my baby’s bum. It was about how you can use accountability to help propel your blogging business. The bum part was just an added bonus 😉 Here’s that link btw –
      2. I’m definitely not a perfect person and I will make mistakes. Maybe I should make them more often if that will cause you to open my emails (just kidding about that part). So my subject line having a typographical error – that WAS a mistake on my part, and I accept that. I’m human.
      3. Concerning there being a limit on how far I’m willing to go with people, that’s also true. It’s not that I don’t care, but it’s the fact that (as you mentioned), I am busy – very busy. Extremely busy. Should I be doing less? Maybe, but I will continue to try to do the best I can with the time I have. I feel as if I spend a significant amount of time helping you guys out, really at no cost. Why? Because I feel as if it’s a part of my mission. This is why I do my podcast, why I respond to EVERY single comment, why I started the Become A Blogger community on G+ and why I spend so much time doing all of that stuff. It’s a part of my mission, and I love it.
      4. In terms of the content I produce, for the most part, I try to provide it in multiple formats. Even when I do the podcast, there’s a link to the transcript that you can download, and if you prefer to read, you can do so. If you prefer to listen, then you can listen.
      Lastly, I know that I will never be able to please everyone. There will be some people who don’t resonate with the way I do things. Fortunately, it seems that MOST of my audience like the way I do things. When I post things about my son, my wife, my life, I get more positive feedback than when I’m strictly business. So, based on that feedback, I respond appropriately.
      Please understand that I don’t take offense to anything you said, and I really do appreciate you being honest and blunt about what you feel. I’m honored to be one of your trusted online teachers. I will continue to do what I do, and if at any point, you feel as if you aren’t getting value from what i do, feel free to ignore me. I won’t be offended.
      Wishing you all the best!

    2. Personally I like the personalization you give to your blog, podcast and emails Leslie. It makes you seem more real and more like a friend and mentor.

    3. @claycath Thanks. I know that everyone won’t like it, and I’m ok with that, and I do appreciate when people give me candid feedback. It’s all for the good in my opinion.

    4. @Leslie Samuel Hi Leslie!  I’m glad you replied with such grace! 
      I do know it’s true that I’m not typical, so don’t take it too personally.  I know I’m hard to impress! For example,  I don’t like Facebook except my Business page which is ‘duty’ only. I don’t feel any need to share everything with the world, and cannot understand all the people who have the need to spend all day online, doing exactly that.
      I don’t use Twitter because…..too much twitter of meaningless chatter about people I don’t know and have zero interest in.  And I really cannot get into doing and reading that, even tho I know I’m supposed to for marketing reasons.
      Probably the main reason why I don’t open emails (anyone’s) is if they say things like “I’m not supposed to Admit this” for example 🙂 – it gives me no information and I also find that off-putting. 
      Subject lines are important. I immediately have a negative response to Subject Lines like that, and I tend to lose respect for any marketer who uses Content-free Subject lines  – obviously, lots of other people have no problem with it, or people wouldn’t do it.
      I get lots of emails with similar Subject lines to that one, and I won’t ‘reward’ any marketer who writes subject lines like that with feedback that conveys the impression that this Subject line ‘worked’. I opened yours inspite of that, because it was you…and the typo thing. 
      I know I can miss good stuff because of that, but there is information everywhere, and you can’t read it all.   My daily battle with my inbox takes up much too much time already.
      However….I will be opening more of your emails in the future, so in that way, your typo worked – inspite of the subject line!

    5. @carol m Take home message for me: Make more typos 😉
      Just kidding. Either way, I do understand where you are coming from. You are a special person indeed. Don’t change who you are. If you don’t see the point in those things, don’t use them.
      All the best!

    6. @Leslie Samuel Hi Leslie, It’s not that I don’t see the point of Twitter and Facebook – I know that the point of Social Media is that zillions of people spend all day in Social Media.
      Therefore the ‘point’ (for bloggers) is all about maximizing exposure to billions of eyeballs by ‘engaging’ with them and putting our products in places where they will be seen.  Engagement is part of Marketing, so this is still on-topic.
      I see my views on this topic area, more as a marketing ‘problem’ for me, not criticism of other people.
      I know Social Media is a source of billions of potential customers….but….why do they do it?  What is their ‘need’ that makes Social Media such a popular winner?  Cell phones is the same – everywhere you go people are on their cell phones. Why? 
      How to satisfy a need is important for marketers to know, and I haven’t a clue about this one.
      I assume the need is simply to ‘connect’ with others, but where does the online marketer with a product fit into that need if all people want, is other people to chat with?
      I know that is more a Social Psychology question really, but the fact that I personally have zero interest in those activities puts me at odds with most of the planet – my potential customers! 
      And it overlaps with my aversion to personal life story rags-to-riches ‘story telling’, and personal background stories that everyone says makes someone more ‘real’ and increases ‘engagement’ – not for me it doesn’t. It has the opposite effect on me.
      Stories, personal family info, and Content free Email Subject lines are not high value content in my book, and high value content is what I look for –  always and only.  Everything else (to me) is padding – or worse.  
      I do think there is a difference between writing in a way that shows your Personality (a good thing) and writing about actual personal information.
      Of course it matters that you must  like the blogger as well – but I do like bloggers who give me high value content – e.g. Become a Blogger :). And I don’t need/want to know that they are also happily married – or not.
      I accept that almost everyone else likes these things, and that they ‘work’ so I see my own likes and dislikes more as an online marketer’s handicap for me than anything else.
      I try to put myself in the other people’s shoes, but deep down, I don’t get it and I don’t like it, and so.. I don’t do it.  That’s bad news for my plans to become an online mega-star – it’s important to have goals, right?
      I know that these marketing tactics are said to ‘work’ so it does bother me a bit that I don’t do it.  I just hope there are enough people out there who feel like I do – and that they have a bit of cash to spare!
      …and don’t mind reading really long Comments.

  9. Hi Les, don’t worry too much about this. For instance in my case I did check your post and I think it’s very valuable content. The only reason i can think about not downloading your potcast is that I have so many other things on my head at this moment. I think it has nothing to do with you personally, we all like you very much, Les, and are thankful for providing us with excellent content all the time. Sometimes we also need to take a break and stay away from all this information in order to charge our batteries and spirit.
    When I have finished a new post where I have put in a lot time, I also am disappointed when I see that not many people are interested in this particular topic. At another time I write a post where I don’t think anything at all and find out later that it’s quite popular. Things can go strange. Wishing you a warm feeling, Hans

    1. @Hans Hansen Thanks for the feedback. I actually figured out that there were (and still are) some technical difficulties with the podcast, which is why a lot of people weren’t able to get it. It wasn’t showing up on iTunes. Working on fixing the problem now.
      And no worries about not having the time. It’s better for you NOT to listen to it to get things done than to listen to it if it’s holding you back from accomplishing your goals at the time.
      Wishing you all the best!

  10. downloading…thank you for the reminder, I ended up reading the post instead yesterday.

  11. I like the honest, straight forward approach because it saves time. So please keep on keeping it real..that’s the only reason I subscribed because you’re on point. Thanks take care

  12. Leslie, you give so much! Don’t worry about us being a little late with downloading! In my case my iphone doesn’t download or tell me when there is a new episode. I must go search for it.And I’m so happy you reminded me in your mail! So thank you!

    1. Yeah, we figured out there were (and still are) technical difficulties with the iTunes feed. That’s why so many people didn’t get it. Working on a fix right now.

  13. i agree with carol m about the subject lines being uninformative about the content,
    and find that to be, for me, a less than useful method.
    i get the impression you are trying to create curiosity, or think your being cute,
    but for me, not so much.
    it seems like a marketing gimmick.
    it also seems to me, or should i say, i get the sense,
    from reading your emails over a period of time,
    that you are trying to do too much, are doing too much.
    you have recently committed to that increased schedule of posts,
    and i hope it works for you,
    neil young said ” its better to burn out than to fade away ”
    but burning out really sucks too.
    just be mindful, and careful.
    i do appreciate your work, and all of the ” free ” content.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Like I responded to Carol, it won’t be for everyone.
      Yes, I did commit to an increase schedule of posts, and it is working for me, and in terms of time, I feel relatively well-balanced at the moment.
      All the best!

  14. I  like your personal touch, so don’t change that! To be honest, I didn’t listen to this podcast because I didn’t feel like I would learn anything new…most of the ten things you listed I have read a million times before. We all talk about how busy we are and we truly are! I’m getting burned out on podcasts, webinars and videos that are so long. I honestly don’t have the time to watch or listen to them, so I’ve had to limit it to the ones I feel will tell me something completely new. 
    I love your ideas and your attitude and honesty. You are one of my top “mentors” that I respect. Maybe it is time for some shorter methods to tell us all the great information you have to share? This doesn’t only apply to you, by the way. I would like to tell everyone this! Anyway, never stop being you, Leslie.

    1. @Sheila Bergquist Thanks for the feedback Sheila. Please DON’T change what you said. You need to look at YOUR time schedule and consume what makes sense for YOU. It sounds like it’s better for you not to listen to the podcast and to focus on what you have going on in your life. A lot of people just blindly consume content at the detriment of other more important stuff and that’s not good.
      All the best!

  15. Honestly I didn’t know you have a regular blog. Sending that honest email about low download numbers was interesting and I am want to see what I have been missing. Not sure how others feel, but I appreciated you transparency.

  16. Honestly I didn’t know you have a regular podcast. Sending that honest email about low download numbers was interesting and I want to see what I have been missing. Not sure how others feel, but I appreciated you transparency.

    1. @glennroperii Thanks for the feedback Glenn. I appreciate it. An yes, my podcast is Every wednesday. I post here Mondays (written), Wednesdays (podcast) and Fridays (video).

  17. Hi Leslie,
    Being a video junkie, I always tend to watch rather than listen to podcasts and I think that is the way everything is going on the web. That’s why I am about to finish my program teaching people how to use video marketing – I won’t spam your page here with the website address though! And I’m trying to get to Gideon Shalwick’s standard too!
    I watched all of your last video covering the different types of podcasting equipment even though I had to watch it in 3 different parts to see it all.
    With your interesting and always enthusiastic delivery, I would rather watch you on video than listen to a podcast!
    All the best,
    Mike Lawson

    1. @Mike Lawson Great suggestion. Actually, I use all kinds of media. On Monday I post a written article, Wednesdays is the podcast and Fridays I do video. So there’s a little bit for everyone. Well, a lot for everyone 🙂

  18. Oh yes.. That’s how I knew Leslie.. Podcast… Love listening to your podcast Leslie, expecially the intro number .that’s you man… 10 ways to get more engagement on your blog is something I’ve written my self on my blog, However, its worth hearing that from you and you deliver with intregrity.

    1. @Lucy Bieri Glad to hear that you are enjoying the podcast Lucy. That’s always encouraging. I’ll try my best to continue delivering value for you guys 🙂

  19. Leslie,
    I probably am not a good one to comment, because I am often late to listen to your podcasts. Sometimes being a mom and teacher can get pretty busy.
    I do think that we are inundated with information on how to get more engagement. and it isn’t something that would grab my attention.
    But… you and one other blogger are the only ones that I always save to read or listen to. I don’t have to worry that it is shallow content that will just lead to sales.
    I like podcasts, I like  to listen while I’m making dinner or something. Why have video if it’s not necessary?
    So just keep being yourself… the real followers will stay, and we are the ones who trust you and will buy from you!

    1. Thanks so much Lucy,
      I feel honored that you consider me as someone to actually take the time to listen to. That’s awesome and I consider myself blessed.
      I love podcast too. It seems as if all I do is listen to Podcasts. But hey, you learn a lot from doing so.
      Wishing you all the best!

  20. Leslie, you are the man.   I have learned so much from this blog post.   I’m learning and am grateful that you have this information to share with us the newbies.

  21. Love your blog. You put out a message that helps people at every level believe that becoming a blogger is possible for all of us.

  22. I happened to be one of the lucky ones having your podcast on automatic download.  And I did get the chance to listen to your podcast just now, I love just in time learning, notably when it comes to blogging. So, thank you, Leslie for your valuable insights and your sense of humour! It makes Become a Blogger real to me!

  23. I have been working my way through a mountain of old information emails, I came across a few emails Leslie Samuel, I must say the name did not register, I opened and I am glad I did, I am pioneering my efforts to blog, and have been wanting to be on the frank and candid side of the spectrum, I am turned of with the do it now in three minutes i close forever ,,, yada yada … I respect your style and hope to follow your template to reach my objective in blogging.  
    Sincere Thank you 
    David Miner

    1. @1bigbox Well David, I’m glad that you actually opened the email and even more glad that you resonate with what I teach here at Become A Blogger. Wishing you all the best with your blog!

  24. Hey the Leslie!

    I was just wondering what kind of mixer you use? I’d like to hear more about what a mixer does, and how you use it!



    1. Hi Lucy,

      I actually go into detail about all that stuff in my New Media Expo presentation. You can watch that presentation and get all the info in this post.

      I even go into different package options with links to all the products I recommend.

      Hope that helps!

  25. I just discovered this episode in my email many days afterwards…not sure how I missed it. Great content as usual. Interesting that you mentioned you were using another mic. I must say that when I tuned in that was the first thing that I noticed prior to your mentioning it.

  26. Hi Leslie, Awesome content as usual! Sorry we haven’t been in contact recently because we have been involved in video production, and working in several states over the last 3 Months. We will soon publish, “SUPER SUCCESSFUL YOU”, to our web site, thanks to your help!!!
    Peace and Love!!! Rita and Lou

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