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099 How I Get Over 50,000 Monthly Visitors To My Blog Using Free Traffic Sources

By Leslie Samuel

If I had a nickel for every time I had someone ask me how to get traffic to their blog, I would quit blogging and just live off of that income.

Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating just a tad bit.

Either way, traffic is a HOT topic when it comes to building a blog and an online business. Unfortunately, if you build it, they won't necessarily come. You've actually got to go out there and get your stuff in front of the people who are looking for your awesome content.

So how exactly do you do that? I'm glad you asked.

Listen to This Episode

Here's what I talk about in this episode:

Answers to Listener Questions

Norma Hamilton calls in to ask about a wordpress plugin she can use to turn her blog into an eCommerce site. I tell her about the Woocommerce plugin from Woothemes. It's the plugin we use on my partners blog at It's free and allows you to sell both physical and digital products.

Scarlet from the Teen Babble Blog calls in specifically to ask about how she can increase the traffic to her blog. I respond by going into how narrowing her niche even further can help her use the strategies I mention in this podcast episode to drive even more traffic to her blog.

10 Strategies For Driving FREE traffic

websitetrafficI then go into the ten strategies I've used for driving FREE traffic to my Interactive Biology Blog. Here's a brief summary of everything I've done that has resulted in traffic to my blog.

  • Strategy 1: Contacted one high profile blogger in my niche in a specific way that result in a HIGH VALUE link back to my site that gave me a jump start in terms of traffic.
  • Strategy 2: Video Marketing on Youtube. I posted short videos on youtube with a clear call to action to come back to my blog and a link back to my blog in the description.
  • Strategy 3: Posting in related forums in my niche. I found 2 biology forums and started participating and adding value.
  • Strategy 4: Compiled a database of biology and education sites and contacted them for links.
  • Strategy 5: Directory submission. I submitted my blog to Biology and Educational directories.
  • Strategy 6: Facebook marketing. I started a Facebook page for my blog and interacted with my audience there regularly in specific ways.
  • Strategy 7: Media Promotion. Was promoted by Leo Laporte on The Tech Guy show.
  • Strategy 8: Built and used my list. Whenever I had something valuable to share on my blog, I sent a link to my list and that result in almost instant traffic.
  • Strategy 9: Won 2 awards. I asked my list to nominate and vote for me for 2 awards. This brought exposure and traffic.
  • Strategy 10: Guest posting. I guest posted on blogs that were outside my niche. This resulted in traffic and some of that traffic stuck.

In the episode, I don't just mention the ten strategies, but I also go into detail about each one and shared how it resulted in the traffic that I have today.

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This podcast episode is brought to you by my 10 Free Videos on Becoming A Blogger at You can go there and learn to get your blog up and running fast so that you can create content that inspires others and even change the world.

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Your Comments

What strategies have you tried that have worked for you in getting traffic back to your blog? Share them in the comments below.

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Resources Mentioned:

  • – My Biology blog
  • Teen-Babble Blog – Our caller, Scarlet's blog.
  • Woo Commerce – Free ecommerce plugin for WordPress from Woo Themes.
  • – One of my partner site where we use Woo Commerce.
  • Biology videos – Where you can find a list of all my short Biology videos hosted by YouTube.
  • YouTube – Ranked as the number two search engine in the world!
  • The Tech Guy – where I got tons of traffic back to my site after calling in to ask for a specific topic on Leo Laporte's radio show.
  • Email Marketing SetUp – A free course I made to help you set up your email list and get it running.
  1. This was some great info.. especially your advice to contact people in my niche and tell them how you could add value. Great way to get your name out there. I took lots of notes on this podcast! You’re awesome!

  2. I really do appeacate you sharing this vital and beneficial information on driving traffic.  Not many people would have done this.  Thank-you.

  3. That is really a wealth of information. I like the idea on networking with other blogger who are in the same industry and the mentality of giving values to them. Love the honest content that is coming sincerely from your heart 🙂

  4. Wow, I have so much work to do now! I am currently only using less than half of the suggestions you listed. I must say the most success I have had comes from YouTube and creating high value videos without all the fluff. I noticed a lot of the videos in my particular niche were not well thought out. My unique selling point was creating videos that got to the point quickly and answered the question the user was looking for. Thanks so much for this and I love the high energy and enthusiasm you convey in your content. Its very uplifting!

    1. @seoproblogger Sounds like you are well on your way. Keep it up. Youtube is one of the best sources of traffic for me too, so I hear you.
      Wishing you all the best!

    1. I basically send them an email saying something like “Hi, thanks for your site. It really helps with . . . I see you have a page that links to various biology resources and was wondering if this is something that your audience would find valuable.” Then I tell them about my blog, in a similar way to what I did in the example I use.
      Some of them respond favorably, some don’t. My site is an educational site that’s very targeted so that helps.

  5. Hi Leslie! Great podcast, thank you! I also wanted to direct readers to for guest blog posts (I know your last caller was saying she was having problems finding places to guest blog post).  I have used that site to both find and publish guest blog posts.
    Not all websites are equal, so it is really good to look at the website and see if it fits your style and niche. And some guest blog posts can sound like SEO articles (i.e. not very good for the reader).  But if you take your time you can find some good blogs who are open to guest blog posts, and you can search by genre!
    I think this website is very good for beginners who are just starting.  Its a good way to get your feet off the ground.
    Thanks again for the entertaining podcasts!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the podcast. I’ve never heard about that site, but sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing, as it might be useful for some of my listeners.
      And thanks for commenting. It was great meeting you at NMX. Hope to meet up again sometime.

  6. You have said it all, but i was not aware of getting traffic through YouTube videos and i must say that getting traffic to a blog is much harder than it sounds, only head work and consistency can help us achieve a reasonable traffic

  7. Hey Leslie Samuel , How can we get comments on our blogs? I know traffic is important, and what if people don’t leave comment after reading the blog?
    Is there any specif way to get the comments?

    Please share with us,


  8. Hi Leslie,

    OMG! I remember asking this question and I remember waiting and hoping you would answer it on the show. I thought you forgot about me! I just happened to search for my name on your site looking for an answer to something and this post popped up. I listened to it and I have a question. You suggested that I focus my niche on one specific thing. That one thing would be dating and relationships if I had to choose. However, I don’t see how the heck I can come up with enough content to continuously talk about teen dating and relationships.

    I know a little something about dating and relationships among teens, but I don’t know if I can see myself providing continuous content on it. This topic could (and will) get boring to me. It’ll start seeming like a chore to have to post content on this topic. Providing content on random things is more me because I can choose whatever topic I like.

    You spoke about eventually transitioning to different topics after I’ve touched on one topic for a while, but how would I make that transition? I’ve been stuck for a while and I’m on the brink of giving up on this site as it’s caused me more sadness than happiness. I’m trying not to do that though. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks for all that you do and thanks for answering my phone call.

    1. Hi Scarlet,

      If talking about dating and relationships among teens is not something you can see yourself doing for the long haul, then maybe it’s not the right thing to focus on.

      For me – I have to be passionate about the thing that I’m committing a bulk of my time to doing. That’ll help me have the enthusiasm and sticktoitiveness that’s necessary to keep creating content. When I run out of content, I can do more research, learn more and share more – but only because I’m passionate about it.

      I would say that you should do some serious thinking about what you want to build and the topic you want to focus on. Once you find that thing – go all in.

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