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098 Revamping Your Blog in 2013 – Setting Goals For Success! From #NMX (With Video)

By Leslie Samuel

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I just got back from New Media Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I did a talk on How I do my podcast without having to edit.

While in Vegas, I had the privilege of recording an AWESOME podcast episode with my VERY good friends Chris Deals from Day Job Knockout and Crystal Collins from Savvy Blogging.

Since New Media Expo was right at the beginning of the year, we decided to have a discussion about Setting Goals for 2013.

What are your Goals?

New Media ExpoHow do you plan on achieving them?

Do you have a content strategy? A Marketing strategy?

Or are you just going into 2013 blindly?

Nahh, you don't want to do that, and we want to help you. So, we got together and recorded this episode. We had lots of fun with it. I knew we would, so I decided to not only record the audio, but also do the video.

So you can listen to it above, or watch the video right here:

In this episode, we also spoke about a cool resource that Crystal put together with our good friend Dan Morris. What is it? I'm glad you asked.

The Marketing Calendar Blueprint

This is something that we spoke about before in my last Interview with Crystal. When we did that interview, the Marketing Calendar Blueprint sounded like a great idea, but I hadn't checked it out as yet. Well now I have and I'm thoroughly impressed.

It's a tool to help you come up with your marketing calendar, but it really does more than that.

It helps you to narrow down on WHAT your audience wants so that you can give it to them, how to actually reach your target audience, the best ways to engage them and a number of other important factors.

Then, taking that info, you can set up a Marketing Calendar that can help you accomplish your goals for 2013 and beyond.

If this is something you're interested in, you should definitely check it out.

Click Here To Go To The Marketing Calendar Blueprint

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  1. Hi Les, looks like your guys had an awesome time in Vegas. Looking forward to hook up with you and Chris again. Thanks for all the help in advance, Hans

  2. I see that Chris has set the launch of his podcast for Feb 4th… Looking forward to that. Thanks Leslie. Another good podcast / video.

  3. Another great show. Since I am interested in video blogging where I show people how to make healthy, organic raw food dishes (I attended your amazing How to Podcast session) at NMX) and with those steps in mind; I am wondering what I would do differently to turn the podcast into a Video podcast. And lastly, with all the many people at NMX, how we’re you able to block out all of the background noise? Thanks.

    1. @livefoodrd The only thing I did different was I had a camera recording. Then, I took the audio from the podcast and added it to the video, instead of using the audio from the camera. I used Screenflow to do that.
      In terms of the background noise, this is how I did that:
      1. Use a dynamic Mic (as I mentioned in my presentation at NMX). That doesn’t pick up a lot of the background. Crystal is using a condenser mic and if you notice in the video, whenever she is talking, the background noise gets louder. Then, when she isn’t talking, you can see me turning her volume down on the mixer.
      2. Get CLOSE to the mic. It almost looks as if I’m eating the mic. Why? Then I can turn the volume WAYYY down and still get good sound from my voice since I’m so close.
      Hope that helps!

    2. @livefoodrd Are you going to do cooking demos on camera?  Usually video cooking demos are done with 2 cameras one to show the wide shot of the counter, and another camera to shoot the close ups of the ingredients getting mixed in.   Also, any mic is better than no mic for reducing background noise.

  4. Totally great content Leslie. Thank you. My past couple of weeks have been blogged down, probably because I did not have my exact template for the next months. I’m off to work!

  5. HI Leslie
    I am here for the first time and I really feel that I have been here on the right time. I really like the video and feel the strong revenue model for the blog is really important otherwise it’s more of the hobby.
    Chris tip is really important “no value” means useless blogging and your tip  “your voice”  is equally important.
    Thanks for that. Will keep visiting your blog.

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