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088 How To Be An Ethical Blogger/Marketer And Still Make Money – with Pat Flynn

By Leslie Samuel

Who: Pat Flynn
Blog: Smart Passive Income
Transcript: Click Here To Download

Man, I just love having awesome conversations with Awesome people. Well, today's episode is no exception. Today, I interview my good friend Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. Now, I've been checking this dude out for a while, and I must say that he is one of the bloggers I've come to hold with high regard.


Because he doesn't come with all that spammy, hard-selling crap that so many marketers force down your throat. In fact – he has a HIGHLY responsive list, and doesn't sell directly to that list. Sounds strange, doesn't it?

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Well, I had to get Pat on the line to talk about this topic – how to be an ethical blogger/marketer and still make money. Yes, he makes money, and lots of it.

How do I know?

Because, Pat is probably one of the most transparent marketers out there. He is open about his income, successes and failures, and does it in a way that does not come off as bragging. In fact, it comes off as being very inspirational. So, in this interview, we don't go into a lot of detail about Pat's history, since I already interviewed him about that in my very first interview on this podcast. Instead, I ask Pat to share his best tips on how to be an awesome marketer in a very ethical way. In the interview, Pat shares:

  • What it means to be an ethical marketer
  • How he makes money without hard selling
  • Why he never sells directly to his list
  • 9 Awesome Tips on how to be a Successful, Ethical blogger/marketer

He also answers two questions called into the hotline by two members of the Become A Blogger Community:

  • Alain, from called in to ask how so many people fall prey to the Internet Marketing Scams out there.
  • Rochelle, From The Single Status called in to ask about whether she should disclose that her links are affiliate links even if her audience has no idea what affiliate marketing is.

If you're looking for inspiration, and want to take your blogging efforts to the next level in an awesome way, listen to this interview.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting my question. OMG, even though I live in Canada, my Spanish accent comes through every sentence.  I will stick to writing.

  2. @LeslieSamuel @patflynn can’t wait to download. Both your podcasts are must haves for me. Thanks for the inspiring words every month!!

    1. @HomeRepairTutor @patflynn Glad to hear that you are enjoying both our podcasts. Yeah, Pat Rocks!

  3. OH MY MERCY! Great points Pat!!! THANK YOU for answering my question. I will have to change my language as you’ve suggested. Makes sense. ( And Leslie, thanks for creating such an awesome podcast)

  4. Hi Leslie,
    Thanks for the post, the interview was informational and transparent; great stuff. I have two questions if you don’t mind answering them here. First one is, what platform for podcasting do you use? The clarity is great, on both ends. Second question is, do you use a program for your transcripts or do you do them yourself, perhaps outsource? Thanks in advance.

    1.  @Mark Ndisya Of course you can ask questions. For podcasting, I store them on and post them on my blog via the Blubrry Powerpress plugin.
      For my transcripts, I’ve hired an assistant who takes care of that and a bunch of other stuff according to guidelines that I have given her. So yes – outsourcing.
      Hope that helps bro!

  5. Thanks again for hosting me on your podcast Leslie – it was great to be back on and talk about a topic that I’m really passionate about, and wish more people in business were passionate about as well. We have great leaders like Tony Hseih from Zappos and Jason Fried from 37Signals to lead the way, and I’m honored to be on the front lines of this movement in any way that I can too. 

    1.  @PatFlynn You are very much welcome Pat. It was a pleasure having you on again. Yep, those guys are awesome examples, and it’s interesting to see more and more people follow suit and do great things online.
      And don’t worry, I’ll have you back on again at some point. I’m sure we’ll find something else interesting to chat about 😉

  6. Very useful post, especially Pat’s answer how to thank people when they are going to buy or have bought something already. It’s a great way to foster relationships with your followers. Currently I have put some more free materials on my music blog for the same reason: to be of help to other people. Pat is also helpful where he says that you luck is mostly created by your self instead of waiting for it. Thanks for this post.

  7. Leslie, what another GREAT podcast with @PatFlynn . There was such valuable information, and I’ve already headed on over to Pat’s site to get some more info as well. I mostly just want to tell you how inspiring you are. The last couple weeks, I’ve kinda been in a blogging slump and haven’t really “felt” it, ya know? And then I caught up on two of your podcasts, and I’m all of a sudden ready to go again! Thanks for giving me the push I needed today. Not only am I able to focus better on my site, but I was able to focus on LIFE better because of your insight. You truly are awesome! Thanks again, Leslie, for all that you do!

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