One of the most exciting things about doing what I do is that I get to talk to people who are doing some AMAZING things when it comes to internet marketing.

What makes it even better is when I get to interview people who I've imitated. Seriously. It's awesome stuff. Well, this is an interview that I know you will enjoy.

I talk with Pat Flynn, from the Smart Passive Income blog, who first started making a dent on the internet world with his Green Exam Academy blog – A site that he started just to keep track of his notes to study for an architecture exam.

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Fast forward a little bit and you see him Monetizing his blog by selling an eBook that made him $8,000 dollars in his first month and up to $30,000 in a month.

Pat Flynn

In this exciting interview, Pat talks about how he went from having a great job to being downsized to up-sizing his life using the tools available on the internet.

The cool thing about what he does is that he has set up his online empire to be a number of passive income streams.

What is most amazing about all of the things he does is that he spends 4 hours a day working on his business and accomplishes more than most people I know who work full time.

He doesn't just talk about what he has done, but I also get him give step by step advice as to how he recommends for anyone (meaning you and I) to do the same.

Trust me, you don't want to miss this interview.

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