Product Creation

How to Modify Your Mentoring Site

By Leslie Samuel

Many of you that have your Free Mentoring Websites have been asking me if you can add information to it, or even change the content. That is an excellent question. As you already know, you can make changes to the “Make Money”, “About Me” and “Contact Me” pages. I am working on a membership site that will not only show you how to do this and add features like Counters, Guestbooks etc, but also how you can go about getting traffic to your site and getting more referrals.

HOWEVER, I know that this will take a lot of work. The site is well on its way, but I believe you need some of that info now. So here's a video on how to make changes to your mentoring site. It gives you all the details you need to add, take away and modify the content. I would appreciate your feedback in the comments section of this post.

You need Quicktime and Windows Media Player to watch the video. If you can't get a video to play it's probably because you're missing one of these two pieces of software.

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