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391 What Role Does God Play in my Business?

By Leslie Samuel

This episode is a bit different. In it, I explore the role God plays in my business. I also make a huge announcement that I haven't made public as yet. And yes, it's all the result of the role God plays in my business. To get all the details, go ahead and listen to the episode.

  1. Excellent message. As a Christian I want God’s involvement in all I do, so your message was a good reminder. I used to get up early and walk outside, talking to God. And that was a special time, but somehow I got away from that. I have decided to start doing that again.

    1. I definitely know that feeling. It’s interesting to see how we can easily get away from the things that have a powerful impact – especially when life gets busy. That’s why it’s always good to have those reminders come our way. Glad to hear you were inspired to start doing that again.

  2. Fellow Caribbean, my heart is full of joy just listening to your excitement of having heard specific answers to your questions from God. I smile, because I am somewhat jealous. I too seek for His (the Lord) instructions and guidance regarding specifics in my life. I am encouraged to continue seeking. May you always be obedient to His instructions. Blessings!

    1. That’s the way I’ve always felt whenever I heard people say that. That’s why I determined to really seek it out for myself. And now it blows my mind every time. I find myself wondering – Wait, is the God, or is it just me trying to convince myself of the things I want to be the case. But then things happen to validate them and I’m like – “Ok God. I hear you!”

      It’s a journey – one that’s worth pursuing with all your heart, soul, and strength!

  3. I listened to your podcast not knowing what to expect, and not really wanting to hear a sermon on the Mount. However I was thoroughly impressed. I understood why you went on your retreat, what you needed for your soul, and ultimately which direction you wanted to take your life. COVID-19 has made all of us reassess our lives. I too feel I want to go back to the beginning. When left law, and started dealing with Health. It was the best I ever looked. It made me happy. I had to go against the grain of family and some friends. Ultimately I feel that pull again. Like you, I spend a lot of time talking to The Creator. So thank you for your podcast, well spoken, and much appreciated .

  4. wow, its really nice to acknowledge God in all our doing but at time because we want to fit in and be accepted, we refuse to acknowledge Him in our achievements. Scrolling down, I clicked on this once as I saw it to really see for myself. Listening to all this, I thing I’ve to also add something like this to my site. Thanks again Leslie

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