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Macrobucks announces a new site with a “twist”

By Leslie Samuel

Macrobucks announced yesterday the release of a new site with a twist – It goes a beyond what you would expect from a freebie site. I like to consider it a freebie site with a “twist”. Here's how it works:

You register at and instead of completing offers for credit, you go shopping. Yes, I said shopping.

For every $10 that you spend at any of the stores, you get 1 ticket. You also get 1 ticket for every referral that spends at least $10 in one of the stores. Every ticket gives you an entry into a raffle with $1000 in prizes. They have over 150 stores listed at, including stores like adidas,, Dell,, MacMall, NewEgg, PCMall and a bunch of others.

I heard about this before the launch, and was a bit skeptical. When I saw the stores that they had listed, I realized something – these are stores I would normally buy things from. It only makes sense for me to buy stuff via Macrobucks and have the chance of winning money. There are 5 prizes:

  • 1st Prize – $400 or an XBox Elite
  • 2nd Prize – $250 or a Nintendo Wii
  • 3rd Prize – $200 or 16 GB Ipod
  • 4th Prize – $100 or a GPS system
  • 5th Prize – $50 or 1 GB Ipod Shuffle

My only disappointment is that they didn't launch the site before I bought tickets for my Wife and I to go to the Bahamas and Nebraska for Christmas break. All in all, it's a pretty good deal. You have the chance of winning money by doing nothing more than you normally do. Especially during the Christmas season. So why not do it?

I asked Macrobucks why they decided to launch this site and this is what their response was:

November and December are the busiest months when it comes to shopping! It's great really, it seems as though everyone is buying gifts for each other and there is a jolly spirit everywhere. Hands down, they are my two favorite months. In the spirit, the MacroBucks Support Team and I came up with a great promotion idea, raffling $1,000 split between 5 winners just for shopping through! We're most certainly in the mood for giving and it feels great, I personally can't wait till we send the prize/cash to our 5 winners.

For More information about the site, visit

  • Yes I definitely do like it. It’s really a win-win situation. It doesn’t cost you any more money than you would normally spend and you have the chance of winning money. Can’t really see the down side.

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