Who: Bob Lotich
Blog: Christian Personal Finance
Courses: Blogging Your Passion University

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Today's interviews was such a privilege to do. In my early days of blogging, when I blogged about Freebie Trading, I was interviewed by Today's guest.

It was a fun interview, but what happened afterwards absolutely BLEW MY MIND.

Someone else wrote an article that mentioned the interview, and that article got picked up by MSN Money.

All I'm saying is this – it resulted in so much traffic, and opt ins to my Mailing list that I thought there was a serious glitch in Aweber.

So come full circle, Bot is a very successful blogger who managed to build a successful blog in a very competitive niche – Personal Finance. How did he do it?

Well I can't tell you here, or you wouldn't listen to the interview. Press the play button above and you'll hear all the juicy details.

Inside This Episode

Bob talks about:

  • How he got into blogging in the first place
  • How he was able to stand out in a competitive niche
  • How he uses keyword research and which tools he uses
  • The awesome training he offers
So go ahead and listen to the interview. You'll enjoy it!

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