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075 Excuses Are Over. It’s Time For THE CHALLENGE – With Rob and Kim Murgatroyd

By Leslie Samuel

Who: Rob and Kim Murgatroyd
Blog: Jet Set Life
Fitness Product: <== The Challenge
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How dare they come on my podcast and CHALLENGE ME?

Yep, that's exactly what they did – and you know what? I'm going to take them up on their stinkin challenge.

Today's power couple (yes, couple – my first “three way”) are on a mission – to help people to live life now, instead of deferring their dreams to later in life.

They started Jet Set Life, their online business with the purpose of doing just that, and they've been sharing travel tips to Jet Setters like themselves.

If you check out their blog, you will see examples of all the places they've been. In fact, what they are doing is a perfect example of a couple who has taken their passion/hobby and turned it into a business.

Do they love to travel? YES SIR, they do. Check out this video they made of their trip to St. Barths (p.s. the only reason I'm showing it is because they were in St. Maarten, my island, for part of the video).

Jet Set Body

A HUGE aspect of what they do (and a big part of their lifestyle) is their flagship program called Jet Set Body – A 90-day fitness program designed to get people into the best shape of their lives.

Rob and Kim are actually fitness models (go figure, no pun intended) who have been competing in fitness competitions for a while now. And as you can see from the pic below – they ain't no joke!

This is how I came to know them – I've seen the transformations that some of their members have gone through. In fact, I first heard about them from David Siteman Garland, another podcaster who interviewed them after having tremendous success with their program.

In this interview, they share their story (a very interesting one) and how they've been able to build an online empire around their passion.

Here are SOME of what we cover in the interview:

  • What it means to live a Jet Set Life
  • Building a business around your passion
  • How they've built their online business
  • The role that Blogging has played in their business
  • How they manage to travel so much while having a teenage daughter (that they almost gave away to me, lol)
  • They challenge me to the BIGGEST challenge I've ever faced as a blogger
  • I accept their challenge (proudly, but I'm still afraid, lol)

This was one of the most fun interviews I've done – not just because it was my first three-way, but because these guys are a hoot. Trust me on this one – you'll enjoy it, and you'll get to follow my interesting journey through their challenge.

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    1. LOL, yep. It’s gonna be a crazy 12 weeks, 3 months, 90 days or however you wanna put it. Those guys are slave drivers over there 😉

  1. Wonderful interview Leslie, of course it’s right up my alley! 🙂
    I already have the gallon of water a day habit, and let me confirm that it WILL make you feel like you’re living in the bathroom for about the first week. It DOES get better though! 🙂
    I’m in the process of trying to talk my wife into joining the couples program. 
    Good luck my friend!

    1.  @Lean Muscle Matt Oh, by the way Leslie. I don’t think the link is working. It says “this domain was recently registered with name cheap.”

    2.  @Lean Muscle Matt Oopsies. Try it again without the www. I just fixed it at namecheap with the www, but it will take a little while to propagate.
      If you get on it, let me know. It’d be cool to track each others progress 🙂

    3.  @Lean Muscle Matt Thanks buddy. Glad you like it. Yep, it’s been in the works for about a month, but it’s finally done, and it emphasizes everything I need it to.

  2. Awesome Leslie! Already have your pics and I’ve seen your prep! Your starting well!!! 12 weeks, keep it up!!!!

    1.  @RicardoEquips Glad to hear that you like the new design. I think I’m in love with it, so it’s cool to see others in agreement 😉

    2.  @Leslie Samuel It nice to see and notice that you have a central color theme also running even in your videos. I learned that from Pat Flynn. He has the same colors running through everything he does, even his e-book on how to make good e-books.

    3.  @RicardoEquips Yeah man. Color is important for branding, and I plan on sticking with these colors throughout everything I do under the Learning With Leslie Brand! Thanks for noticing 🙂

  3. Ha ha ha! Great episode! Quite a jump Leslie from podcasts to sharing pics of yourself with your kit off!
    Seriously though – I hope it works for you (or should I say I hope you work for it?) Who knows? Depending on your pics I may even consider it, although to be honest it sounds a bit higher than my level… I fit into that group she described where people sit around and don’t do much!
    Anyway, what I really wanted to say is I love the new blog design – I don’t know why but somehow the new design made a huge impression on me – like you had somehow stepped up in the world or something – and that is just the change in design! So great job! Two months work and money very well spent!
    Maybe on episode on how you went about the new design would be interesting – and i mean not just how you hired someone etc, but how you actually cam up with the design.
    God bless bro

    1. Haha, thanks for the feedback John. Yep, it is quite a jump indeed. And to be honest, it’s a bit higher than my level too. That’s why I’m doing it and making it public 😉
      Glad to hear that you love the new design. I do talk about some of the design elements in Episode 71 –
      I talk about the things I thought about when coming up with the design. It’s a good place to start. In terms of how I hired someone, a friend recommended prouddesigns , I saw his work and knew he was the main for the job. He was instantly hired 🙂

    I just saw your twitter feed!
    You will be the BEST father as I am sure your lovely lady will make the greatest mum!
    What a busy year you have ahead of you Leslie!
    Way to go! and God Bless!

    1. @John Thanks man, I really appreciate that. Yes indeed, it’s gonna be a CRAZY year. Actually, that’s one of the main reasons I decided to do this fitness challenge. I really wanna be in good shape for when the little one starts running around. Daddy can’t be too tired to play, LOL. Keep me in prayer 🙂

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