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074 How To Get Traffic To A New Blog In A Competitive Niche – with Kimberly Gauthier

By Leslie Samuel

Who: Kimberly Gauthier
Blog: Keep The Tail Wagging

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One of the things I get asked a lot is how in the world I'm able to do all that I do online while having a full time job.

Then, I meet someone like Kimberly Gauthier, who is a full time accountant, has 3 BLOGS and contributes to 2 other blogs, and my mind gets Befuddled.

Well, I grabbed Kimberly on this interview to see how she does what she does. I was impressed because she started a blog in January, and in 1 month, she had over 1000 fans on her Facebook page. Now – only 4 months later, she has over 4,500.

How did she do it? Pure passion, and doing whatever she could to get the word out there.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • How she got into blogging
  • How she is able to do so much online while having a full time job
  • What she did to grow her traffic so quickly
  • The 3 things it takes to get traffic quickly
  • How to use LinkedIn effectively to get traffic (step by step)
Besides the great content, you'll also LOVE her personality. I enjoyed doing this interview and I know that you will enjoy listening to it.

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  1. Hello Kimberly and Leslie!
    I really appreciate you both taking the time to talk about LinkedIn a little bit. It seems to be often overlooked when it comes to blogging and internet marketing. Congratulations on all your success Kimberly!
    I’m sure you’ll see me over at, as me and my wife have a 9 week old husky mix name Maximus that we adopted from the local humane society. He’s our first dog ever, so we really could use a little guidance. 🙂
    Short Story:
    The other day we were both working and I got a call from my wife who was absolutely in tears. Through the sobs I could just make out that an emergency animal hospital had called her saying that someone found Maximus two towns over with a large gash on his leg. He would need surgery and it would cost around $640.00! My wife immediately gave permission for the surgery to be performed.
    We were suddenly hit with the realization that if Maximus had gotten out of the house, our house must have been robbed! I drove home like a mad man, which allowed us to make the 25 minute trip in all of about 15 minutes.
    When we got to our house everything seemed fine, so my wife ran around the back to check the windows, while I proceeded to enter our house with a large hammer. There were no signs of burglary, so I proceeded to our room where his crate is located. Imagine my surprise to see Maximus looking back at me with sleepy eyes, as if to say “what are you doing here already?”. 
    We called the clinic back and told them through tears of joy that they couldn’t have Maximus, because he was with us. The vet tech responded with a rather confused sounding “what?!”.
    As it turns out there was a litter of 7 puppies and somehow the data on a bunch of the identification chips within the litter had gotten entered incorrectly, so when they scanned Max’s brother our address came up.
    It was one of the craziest days of my life. The lesson here? Have your vet scan the chip to ensure that your address comes up.
    Sorry this comment is so long, but I just had to share that.
    Best wishes!

    1.  @Lean Muscle Matt LOL. I saw your comment and thought to myself: “What the heck?”. Then I read it and had a good chuckle. Thanks for sharing Matt. Glad your dog is ok. It’s funny how your dog story was actually related to my podcast episode, lol.

  2. This is crazy. How does Kimberly do it? I would really like to know how her day looks like. How can she keep up with so many blogs, her work and her family. I am impressed. She even got all wardrope pinned on pinterest. Thanks for all the interviews Leslie. I really enjoy listening to them. 

    1. I hear you Andreas, that’s a whole lot to keep up with. I have a hard time keeping up with what I’m doing. Working on five is a whole other level.

  3. Awesome! I love this: fulltime job and five blogs. I try not to get paralyzed in admiration but to keep going 🙂
    I already started to use Facebook and blog comments to get my blog noticed (which only started this month). I stayed away from forums because I did not like the way “my” topics were discussed there.
    The idea to use forums within business networks like LinkedIn is GREAT. I suppose that I will find more suitable readers there than in the other forums I browsed before. That is a great idea. Plus using the signature too. I love this advice.
    Thank you Kimberly!
    I love what Kimberly is doing. Not only that she is doing a lot AND is smart as hell to get all the people to join her on Facebook and follow her blog. That is awesome.
    No, she is also a dog lover. I am too. I have two dogs from an animal shelter. And we (a bunch of friends) support several animal shelters and help people to find the right dog through our site. Check it out here (in German despite the organization`s name):

  4. Jeez I thought I was doing well with one and I feel snowed under sometimes 🙂 Great cast I like interviews like this, keep them coming !!

    1. Hey, I hear you Rhys. One blog can definitely be a task. Glad you are enjoying the interviews. I have some more great ones coming. ESPECIALLY this week’s interview 😉

  5. I am so glad I was able to listen to this.  I would love to be as successful as Kimberly.  I love hearing about other women making it big in the blogging world 🙂

    1. Yep, it’s good to see others who are doing it big. So glad to hear that you enjoyed the interview. Stay tuned for MANY more 😉

  6. Great podcast, i love dogs too much, and i still think about creating a blog on this very niche in the future! Great blogs Kimberly, impressive how the dog`s blog became popular just in a few months..
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  7. Great podcast, i love dogs too much, and i still think about creating a blog on this very niche in the future! Great blogs Kimberly, impressive how the dog`s blog became popular just in a few months..

  8. What GREAT content from the both of you! I never thought about using LinkedIn and their forums to drive traffic to my blog. I didn’t think there was much value in using LinkedIn, so I have never gotten signed up there. I have now created an account there and can’t wait to get started!
    As always, thanks Leslie.
    I didn’t know about all the great content you had at Learning with Leslie until it has kinda merged with BAB. LOVE!

    1. I never really thought about using LinkedIn for that either, until I had this conversation with Kimberly. I love how she laid everything out so clearly, in a step by step way.

      Glad to know that you found value in the interview too Holly!

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