Over the last few weeks, I've been preparing to do something BIG with my Biology blog.

Yes, traffic has been VERY strong and steady. Yes, it has been making a consistent passive income, but it's time to take things to the next level.

Since I've been sooo busy, I haven't had time to do ANY work on the site. The last video I posted was back in February. So what I decided to do was bring on a team of writers.

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Well, this is the first week that I have writers publishing to my blog and I'm excited about it.

So I wanted to share with you what I've done to facilitate this process and make it run relatively smoothly. In this episode, I talk about how to set up your Authority Blog to work without you.

Why you would want to set your blog up in this way

  • AuthorityLess work for you to do because your blog functions without you. Takes time to build, but the rewards are GREAT
  • Helps in building a community. When Others feel involved, they feel as a part of something significant and want to help it succeed.
  • You get other people involved in promoting the blog.
  • It give you more CONTENT and Content is KING
  • It makes your blog MUCH easier to Sell.

What to do BEFORE starting the process

  • Choose a name that facilitates growth
  • Have good rapport with your audience and make sure you are building an AUTHORITY blog
  • Build a Community around your Authority Blog

How to Manage The Process

  • Write out Clear Guidelines for your Writers
  • Set them up as “Contributors” in your wordpress admin area
  • Encourage Sharing once the content is posted
  • Encourage them to participate in discussion (comments)
  • If you can afford to do so, PAY your writers
  • Treat them as VALUABLE parts of your team
  • Refine the process

What I expect to see as a result

  • More Traffic
  • Increased engagement
  • More Value
  • More Income

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Leslie Samuel a business coach for high-performing entrepreneurs. As the host of the Leslie Samuel Show, he teaches how to build an online business. "Changing the world one post at a time” is the mission he strives towards. As a former university professor, he has a passion for education. He's the founder of Interactive Biology, a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to making biology fun for students and teachers. As the head of training for the Social Media Marketing Society, he helps social media marketers get the training they need to stay on the leading edge of social media.

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