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071 How To Optimize Your Blog From The Layout To The Way Out

By Leslie Samuel

In last week's episode I said a phrase that just stuck with me – “From the layout to the way out”.

Not only did it stick with me, I also got a call from a friend of mine and also from a listener who commented on that phrase. I like it!

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What I meant was that once you have your single focus, that needs to be clear from the layout of your site (i.e. the blog design) to the way out of the site (i.e. your links and the products you promote).

So, I decided to run with it, and make this episode about how to Optimize your blog from the Layout to the Way Out.

BlogWritingI talk about some of the questions you need to answer. Questions like:

  • What is the benefit to your readers? In other words – why should they read your blog?
  • What is the primary goal you have for when people visit your blog?
  • What are your secondary goals for your readers?
Once you know the answers to those questions, you can take certain steps to make sure that the layout of your site is optimized to accomplish your goals.
Not only that, you can then also align the links and products you promote to amplify your goals and deliver more value to your audience.
That's what this episode is all about. So sit back, listen to it, and enjoy the ride.
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  1. Hi Leslie,
    yes, that was catchy – from the layout to the way out. And it makes totally sense. I can see the difference between an authority blog with few, related links and other sites with bunch of offers and sort of spam.  I definitely prefer authority blogs! That`s where I come back to. Just like your blog.
    I am working on MY authority site right now, hehe. I put a lot of effort into my site`s layout and the texts (introduction texts about me and the site). But still only my readers and their feedback will tell me if I am right.
    I am absolutely with you and Derek: Keep the site simple and clean and focus on what is important/ on what the readers should do – that is subscribe to my list. I am really curious on how you will design your blog and put this into action.
    Do you think you will share how to design and setup an individual WP layout someday? I really wonder how this works, how to get a designer and programmer work together at their best and get a hard coded site that works. Did you hire from oDesk again?
    All the best, Andrea

    1. Hi Andrea,
      In terms of how to design and set up the layout, I don’t think I’d be very qualified to get into all of that, but you just gave me the idea to interview someone about that particular topic. Actually, now I’m thinking about interviewing the guy who is designing my site for me.
      I’m using Luke from He’s really good. Pricey, but good. Will talk to him about doing an interview when my new design is launched. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  2. This was a fantastic episode.  I’m going to listen to this one again, which I seldom do with podcasts.  I’m glad you talked about how truly important building an email list is for a business (even a blog).

    1.  @TimConley Glad you got so much value from it Tim. Yep, list building is becoming more and more essential, and I recommend for people to get started with it from the very beginning, as opposed to waiting until they “get big”.

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