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070 How To Select A Single Focus For Your Blog To Have A Greater Impact

By Leslie Samuel

I've been struggling with something over the last few weeks. It has been a struggle with identity. The question I kept asking myself is this:

“What is my niche?”

I know what you're thinking. Leslie, you teach people how to find their niches. Leslie, you know what your niche is? You run the podcast where I learn, you learn, we all learn about those things like Internet marketing, online business blogging, traffic generation, social media, all that www stuff.

Yeah, I know – but really? If you read that line again, you will notice that it's one of the most vague statements in internet marketing, lol.

So off I went, on a quest to rediscover what I'm about, and what my podcast is about.

Listen to This Episode

I can now say that I've narrowed down my niche. I teach people how to build an online business with an authority blog. That's EXACTLY what I do!

How did I narrow it down? That's what I share in this episode with you.

Outline of Today's episode:

focus (2)The benefits of having a single focus:

  • It allows you to have a greater impact.
  • People know exactly what to expect
  • It brings you the right audience
  • It gives you Clarity
  • It allows you to be able to get into a sub niche of a very popular niche and thrive
  • Much, much more . . .
How to narrow down on your single focus:
  • Do some Keyword Research
  • Ask your self the questions:
    • What am I passionate about? Be specific
    • Who is my target Audience?
    • Who should NOT consume my content
  • Make your focus CRYSTAL clear on your blog, in your podcast, videos etc.

And of course, I go into MUCH more detail in the podcast, so make sure to listen in!

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  1. lol @ when google has a mood swing 😉
    P = F/A
    Pressure equals Force over Area.
    Woooow. That is powerful.
    And the who your target audience is NOT is also
    Veerrryyy powerful.
    I hadn’t thought about that!!!
    But inherently i know who that is.
    “Lay out to the way out”
    lol you’re a nerd <3
    The authority blogger.
    I like!!
    Hey, I wonder if I should add a tab on my menu that says
    “Are you in the right place?” or something like that
    Maybe something shorter actually.
    And define who should be reading 
    and who should not be reading
    right there in that space.
    Cause I’ve definitely decided
    who my focus audience is now.
    LOVE this podcast.
    By the way 30 mins is good.
    Not too short not too long.
    Very easy to digest.
    I vote for more 30 min podcasts!!!
    Keep up the greatness!!!

    1.  @Rochelle Hanson LOL. Thanks for ALL the feedback. Yep, I’m a proud nerd. WOOHOOO. Nerds ROCK!
      I’ve actually been thinking about making the show 30 minutes. Kinda hard sometimes because I talk too much, but I can see how that would be valuable.
      We’ll see how it goes from now on.

  2. OU 🙂 i just had a great idea.
    Under the tab on my blog where i have “meet rochelle” i also have dropdowns that say “my story” “my training” “my approach” etc so i could just add one that says “my readers” or “my clients” and describe WHO i’m passionate about working with and why- right there 🙂

    1.  @Rochelle Hanson Hi Rochelle, What a great idea! BTW I really enjoyed listening to your coaching call with Leslie. I listened to it the other day on my commute. Good luck with your ebook!

    2.  @Christiecarroll Thanks!!! It’s actually FINISHED! I finished it quite a long time ago 🙂 Working on the next product!!! EXCITING 🙂 Couldn’t have done it without Leslie 🙂 HE TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!!!

    3.  @Rochelle Hanson Hey Rochelle, great to hear you finsihed your ebook! I started listening to Leslie`s podcasts back when he did coaching calls with Matt, you and a bunch of other smart people 🙂
      Good luck with the next product, Andrea

    4.  @Leslie Samuel Thank for cheering me on Andrea & Leslie! The community here on this blog totally ROCKS. Really appreciate all the support <3

  3. Hi, Leslie, 
    Great episode. I’m a fan of you, Gideon and Yaro. I’d like to ask whether you have any recommendations for someone who already talked about different topics in her blog, how to proceed to do a smooth transition of this blog to two or three different ones?

    1.  @videoaulasbyana Well hello Ana. Great to have you here and thanks for listening to the episode. Glad you enjoyed.
      To answer your question, it all depends on your blog and your audience. How many topics have you been writing about? It also depends on what you are narrowing it down to.
      For example, I’m making the change in what I’ve been focusing on and I just announced it in my podcast and will be working on the design of my site to suit the change.
      Fortunately, my topic is pretty much in line with what I’ve been doing, so it’s an easy transition. If it’s not as much in line, I would probably try to increase how much you focus on the topic that you want to focus on, and over time – phase out the rest. That way, your audience gets a transition that’s as smooth as possible. 
      There’s a lot more that can be said about this, but it all depends on your specific situation. I hope helps you out a little though. Or if you want, you can call it into the hotline and I can go into more detail on the show (or click on “Ask Question” to the right of the screen).

  4. OMgosh Leslie, I just listened to this episode and I am so touched & humbled by your reaction to my comments. You are the REAL DEAL. THANK YOU once again for all you do my friend! 
    So much to chew on here. My main take aways: 1) having a very specific focus (nice force over area image) and NOT being afraid to lose potential listeners by niching down, and 2) who am I NOT building my blog for.  I will be pondering these for the next several days I’m sure.
    My best,
    Christie White 

    1.  @Christiecarroll oh! that was you? You have a nice voice!!! I was thinking that I wonder if she knows she has a nice voice lol. Now that you’ve left a comment, I can tell you 🙂 haha!!

    2.  @Christiecarroll Well hello Christie. Thanks for calling in your question. Glad to hear that you got value out of the episode.I agree with @Rochelle Hanson 100%. When I heard your question I thought to myself – “Man, she has an awesome voice”. I was actually going to mention that in the episode but forgot. Sounds like a future podcaster to me 😉

  5. Hey Leslie,
    nice one! I always wondered why your motto is that long and a bit about everything. Authority blogger – That fits you much better. And that`s why I enjoy coming to your blog again and listen to your podcasts. Authority blogs rock 🙂
    Still I find it hard to narrow down a niche within a niche. I hope to do this by speaking a “special language” or “in my own voice” with my readers. Just like Ana from Traffic Generation Café used to describe it in the podcast episode you had with her.
    Keep up the good work, Andrea

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Hey – just think about this – I’ve been blogging since 2008, and I just now FINALLY narrowed down on what my niche is. Kinda funny actually. But it demonstrates that your blog is always a work in progress.Follow the steps I talk about in this episode and that will help you avoid the 4 year journey that I had to go through 😉 

  6. Leslie i’m going to “borrow” your Pressure equals Force over Area and apply it to health and wellness. I’m about to write a blog post about the application right now. I had another plan for content this week, but it has been delayed by technicalities. Soooooo…. Thanks for triggering another idea!!!

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