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069 Take Action And Launch Your First Product – With Matthew Harris

By Leslie Samuel

Who: Matthew Harris
Blog: Wealth With Matthew
Product: Facebook Prospecting Power

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Back in September of last year, I sat down in the Cafeteria at the university where I teach and had a conversation with a good ‘ol friend – Matthew Harris.

Matthew HarrisIn that conversation, he told me about where he was in his Network Marketing Business and how he had used Facebook to build a pretty successful team of entrepreneurs and have been able to make a significant income doing so. I'm not into Network Marketing, but I was intrigued by what he was able to do using Facebook.

However, the more we spoke, the more I realized that he was on to something – something that could be a product that would potentially make him some decent cash.

So I outlined for him how I would recommend for him to proceed with product development and was amazed to see the MASSIVE ACTION he had taken over the next few DAYS (Yes, I said DAYS, not Weeks or Months).

Not just that – when he launched the product, it was an INSTANT success – and I'm not exaggerating.

So I just HAD TO get him on a call to do an interview, as a case study of what can happen when we TAKE ACTION (yeah, you're probably sick of hearing me say that by now, lol).

In this interview, here are some of the juicy details we cover:

  • How Matthew got into entrepreneurship in the first place
  • Why he failed for the first few years
  • What he learned from that failure
  • What he did differently in order to achieve success
  • The role that mentors have played in his success
  • What tools he used to develop his product
  • And MUCH MORE . . .

This is an interview that is full of inspiration, and I know you're going to enjoy every bit of it. So sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea (or whatever else you drink while listening to podcasts), and enjoy!

Tools Matt Used for His Product Launch


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  1. Hey Leslie, I bet the feeling of making those first sales for a product that you have created all for yourself must feel like top of the world. I hope I can do that very soon as well so thank you Leslie and Matthew for the great podcast guys, I really enjoyed it.

    1.  @SergioFelix Yes indeed. It’s such a great feeling, especially when you see things come together. You get this feeling of – “Finally, it all makes sense”, lol. Glad you enjoyed the podcast. Stay tuned for many more 🙂

  2. Thanks Leslie and Matthew. For me that`s a great podcast for several reasons. What I have learned from it:
    1 – Take action and work hard.
    2 – Yes, you might fail (in the beginning) but keep going. Learn more and keep going.
    3 – Start networking, (especially but not only on Facebook).
    4 – Get Leslie to become your mentor 🙂
    5 – And – yes again – take action!!!

    1. Great summary man. You definitely paid attention. Everything you said makes sense, except for that point #4. That Leslie guy is a weirdo, lol!

  3. @lesliesamuel This was a great podcast, Leslie! It was very inspirational, & it also brings another personal story that let’s people success

  4. @lesliesamuel 98% of the time doesn’t come over-night…that they work very hard, for a long time before their passion gets them to their

  5. Thank you Leslie and Matthew! I am so inspired by this podcast. This is a definite favorite. I have put so much work into my website attempting to succeed at affiliate marketing, but now I am more motivated to create my own product. I was fearful of the idea because I don’t have many technical skills but I don’t care. I’m fired up and ready to go! Thank you Matthew for not giving up!

    1. That’s so great to hear Candra,

      Yep, creating a product is a GREAT way to grow your online business, and you’d be surprised at how easy it is, relatively speaking, once you get the hang of it.

      You should definitely make it happen 😉

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