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063 Stop Wasting Your Time, Just Put It Out There

By Leslie Samuel

Today's episode is IMPORTANT, because too many people are paralyzed to where they waste time and don't take action.

Well, after listening to today's episode, you will no longer have ANY excuses. If you still do, then I don't know what to tell ya.

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So, here's what I cover in this episode specifically:

2_TimeFirst, I take the FUNNIEST call I've ever received. John, from Ask John English calls the hotline to share something that happened to his wife (and yes, it relates to this podcast). If you listen to this episode just to hear that short 40 second feedback, it will be worth it. You WILL laugh, LOL.

Then, I take a question from Glen Steinson from the Stewardship Weekly Podcast about how to decide on what Social Network to target.

Then I get into the topic for today's episode, where I talk about the 5 excuses I hear about why we fail to take action. But I don't just tell you what the excuses are, I make them obsolete, by giving you advice on how to get rid of those excuses and start taking action.

After doing that, I give 2 tips that can help you overcome any of those excuses you might be using.

The key is this – I want you to take action. I want you to succeed, and I know that “Success is 95% Failure”. If we don't take risks, if we don't take action, we will NEVER accomplish ANYTHING.

So, join me on this quest to get rid of any excuse and to come out on top.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? You know what to do – Call the hotline @ (888) 835 – 2414

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  1. My wife would probably kick me in the head if she knew that I spent an hour listening to Leslie on Valentine’s Day.

    I loved this edition of the Podcast. Taking action is so important. We may fail a couple of times but once we start taking action on a consistent basis things start to happen.

    It’s too easy to give up!

    1. @Steven Leconte LOL. Shame on you. How dare you listen to the show on V-Day? Wait a minute? How dare I post an episode on V-Day. Isn’t that against some law somewhere? LOL.

      Hey, hope you enjoyed it either way 😉

  2. Hey Leslie,

    When you got to # 5 I swear I was half expecting you to call me out by name! Guess that means I’m guilty of that one. 🙂 I promise to have some new things coming very soon, and this episode has definitely helped to fuel the action tank.

    The best part about you taking time off is that you always come back with some killer content.

    Question for you Leslie – Sometimes I start writing a post and it ends up being significantly longer than I expected. Given the brief attention span of most online guests, do you ever think there’s a point where you’re better off splitting a long post into two?

    Thanks again for everything!


    1. @Lean Muscle Matt Hey Matt, I hear you. Sometimes I record the episodes and wonder if I’m talking to myself, lol.

      Glad you enjoyed the content. To answer your question – it all depends on your audience. My recommendation would be to try different blog post lengths and see what they respond best to.

      You’ll get some people telling you that the best length is between 300 and 500 words, but you never know until you test.

      Hope that helps!

  3. I had to stop listening to this episode. Only because it was a constant call to action and I was unable to move forward at all at the time. See sometimes when I can’t sleep, I have an ipod under my pillow so I can quietly listen to podcasts without disturbing the better half. She isn’t jumping up singing 888-835-2414 like some of your other listeners, but I was just ready to jump out of bed and start doing something. Had to stand down…or lay down…and listen to something that put me to sleep rather than wake me up! I’ve got a question about this episode and I may just have to call your number. Keep up the good work.

    1. @ButchGibson LOL. I’m glad to not be disturbing your wife’s sleep like I seem to do to others 😉

      Glad you enjoyed the episode that much and that it’s motivating you to take action. That was my main goal.

      I got your question and will answer it in one of the upcoming episodes.

  4. Hiya Leslie
    My wife and i had a good laugh listening to your comments on her sleeping habits! My wife said she felt really good to know she brightened your day a bit though! Actually my wife isn’t a regular listener to your podcast, but she does hear it sometimes when I play it in the car. So you are reaching even the ‘subtle’ listener!
    Many thanks agin for all you do mate! 

    1. I just realized that I never responded to this comment from 16 DAYS AGO. What’s up with that?
      Hey, glad to have your wife even as a peripheral listener John. Thanks for calling it in, because it lifted my spirits 🙂

  5. Hi Leslie! Love this post! The best sdie about getting content out, is there is something to go back to to edit should you need to. I’m finding this is my case. I’m still an infant in the blogging community, but I had to start somewhere. What I’ve already found is that whereever I start from, at least it’s a jumping off point. yake my tag line. I started with a phrase that I often use. I wrote 2 pages and 2 1/2 posta aournd this tag. Then another idea came to mind for my tag line. I wrote two posts around that. Finally, a couple days ago, I finally settled on something that has been in my heart for a very LONG time.(I had to learn to walk the walk before I could teach it…) Last night, after listening to Mod 4 lesson 1 on BAB 2.0, I went back to review my about page. I realized it needed up dating to reflect the new satement. What’s REALLY COOL is that my About page is EVEN BETTER and it states EVERYTHING I desire to help other women achieve through this blog. I Love the update so much. I printed a copy of it to put on the cover of my business travel binder, which has papers and logs I can take on the road. But, what’s really COOL about it, if I find myslef “stuck” I cam simply fo back to ‘my’ roadmap. SInce it’s broken into eight bullets, I can simply pick ONE bullet and write something for that catagory. The whole point: If I had waited until it was “perfect in my head, I would’ve never had anyhting to go back to.
    I have reached that point where everything “feels right.” Of course, I still have a LOT of learning to do, and only the market will tell me where I need to make adjustments. Knowing my learning curve and personality traits, I expect it take a little time However, if I stay focused and work closely with my mentors, i t will happen… Thanks for being one of those mentors Leslie!

    1.  @Godgivenwings I’m SOO glad to read EVERYTHING you wrote in that comment. You are making progress because you are taking ACTION on everything you’re learning.
      Keep that up. Keep using your God-given wings and you will continue to Sore.
      Awesome stuff!

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