In today's episode, I talk about a change that is VERY current – a change that if you are into internet marketing, you should pay attention to.

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Over the last week or so, Google has announced Google Search Plus Your World, an effort that tightly integrates Google+ into the search results in ways never before seen.

social networking new trendBecause of these changes, I believe that we need to start taking Google+ more seriously.

If you care about SEO, which can result in a ton of traffic to your site, you should care about these changes, because they will impact you directly!

I talk about all these details in this episode, and give recommendations as to how to move forward.

It's still early in the game, so those who move quickly WILL have a competitive advantage.

Now is the time.

So, go ahead and listen to the episode. I recorded it late at night, so I'm a little more “toned down” than normal, but the value is still there.


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