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057 Five tips for driving FREE Traffic to your blog – with Ana Hoffman

By Leslie Samuel

Who: Ana Hoffman

Today's interview is about a topic that people LOVE to hear about, when it comes to internet marketing – Traffic Generation.

Why do people love to hear about it? Because it's the thing that most people struggle with, when it comes to starting an online business.

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Well, Ana Hoffman definitely doesn't struggle with Traffic Generation. According to Ana, there's nothing new in Traffic Generation. It's a process that makes sense.

We all know how to drive traffic – sometimes we just need a little reminder.

In this interview, Ana gives some AWESOME tips on how you can drive FREE traffic to your blog. The cool thing is that I've never heard some of them before, so it gives me something new to try out (and report back to you of course).

Inside this Episode

anahoffmanInside this interview, we cover:

  • Why it's important to take action
  • How she got into blogging
  • Her experience moving from Communist Russia to the U.S. to climb the Corporate Ladder
  • How modeling fit into her story
  • How her relationship with Jesus Christ guides what she does
  • How to drive FREE traffic to your blog

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    1. @Rochelle Hanson I’m testing it out. Seems cool so far. I was just responding to this comment and saw that you left another comment, while I was talking, which is AWESOME. Not just that you left the comment, but that I saw it LIVE while it was happening. I think it will help to facilitate discussion. We’ll see how I feel after trying it out for a while.

    2. @Leslie Samuel And it’s so easy to sign up. SO easy. How much control do YOU have over who leaves a comment tho…. what about spammers… i don’t remember being asked if I was a spammer lolol. I could be one lol So be careful MWahahahaha 🙂

    3. @Rochelle Hanson You have the same amount of control as you normally has. It actually uses the built in WordPress commenting feature, but just makes it better (as you can see). And just think about this – You would’ve never commented so much on 1 post if LiveFyre wasn’t installed. It’s obviously working 🙂

    4. @Rochelle Hanson Yep, just do a search for livefyre in the wordpress plugin directory. It’s called LiveFyre Realtime Comments. Takes a little bit of setup, but it’s very easy and self-explanatory.

    5. @Leslie Samuel OK writing it in my notes. I’ve gotta do that PLUS change my menu set up. MUST do it tomorrow. like it’s SO overdue. But i’m really happy with the way things are going so far. Wanna keep moving forward though…

    1. @Ana | Traffic [email protected] Samuel Oh OK. Cause in the back of my mind I was thinking… when i get automatic msgs on twitter i can tell, and i usually don’t click their link lol so it’s great that you do that!! And Leslie… this new livefyre is REALLY cool lol. I see what you mean about how the other persons comment shows up as you are typing. it’s like chat or somethinglol I LIKE IIIT 🙂

  1. Hi Leslie, great interview with Ana. Real good stuff! Now I want to quit my job and become a successful blogger even more lol. I start my blog in January. Let`s see where I am at in a year from today 🙂

    Have great x-mas & holidays all of you!

    1. LOL. Seems like everyone wants to quit their jobs these days. I must be the only weird one online that loves his job 😀

      Hey, if that’s your goal, make it happen! Can’t wait to see

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 😀

  2. Leslie Happy Holidays and thank you for providing awesome material as usual. I can’t wait to check out your revamped 7 Day Bootcamp in Jan. Looking forward to checking out all the great stuff you are going to provide in the new year.

    1. Happy Holidays to you too Manu. I’m actually working on the revamped version as I type this and I’m SO EXCITED. It’s going to be Awesome! WOOHOOO. 2012 will ROCK! You’ll see what I mean 😉

  3. Nice interview and some interesting notes and great job for your first year, you are well on your way and I think you subscribe to the same simple formula I have found that works: Lazy=Not Successful, Not Lazy=Successful

    And while this wasn’t the “beef” of the interview I found it really interesting that your Alexa ranking is in the 8,000 range, mine is in the 70,000 range. What makes this even more interesting is I get more pageviews a day than you get a month and I get more unique visitors in 3 days than you get page views in a month..Not a knock on you but isn’t it time we all just start ignoring Alexa just like the ad agencies do?

    Keep doing what you are doing 🙂

    1. You’re right Mitch, Alexa isn’t as good a measure as many people make it out to be. Ana’s audience is made up of a lot of internet marketers and they are much more likely to have the alexa toolbar installed. That would definitely make her numbers lower than your audience of Sports fans.

      I think a better measure of her success would be the engagement of her readers. When you go to her blog, you can see in the comments section that they are very much into what’s happening over there. That’s where it really counts.

      She’s engaging lots of people and accomplishing awesome things, especially while having such a young blog in such a competitive niche.

      Thanks for your comment. Will be in touch with you soon for a follow up interview 😉

    2. When people say ….”Not a knock on you” or “Not to brag”
      or even “No offense” deep down they REALLY mean the opposite.

  4. Probably the BEST podcast I’ve heard to date (maybe because I’m also a network marketer who stumbled into internet marketing haha)

    I started with network marketing. I still am and I’m really loving the industry, I’m not super successful, but I guess all that matters is that I’m enjoying the process. As I kept trying to learn more, I started to really get into internet marketing.

    Great Stuff Ana and Leslie! Thanks for the podcast

    1. @Brandon Figueroa Hi Brandon. Thanks for stopping by and joining in on the conversation. Yep, I’ve met a few network marketers who’ve stumbled into internet marketing. I actually have a good friend that did the same and is doing pretty well.Glad to know you are loving the industry. Hey, it’s not a destination, but a journey. Stay tuned for more awesome podcast episodes. This is gonna be an AWESOME Year! 😀

  5. @prolificliving GREAT job on the Promote yourself page (you action taker). When I get some time (probably Sunday), I’ll head over and add 🙂

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