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019 How to Protect your Online Business from Disaster

By Leslie Samuel

On Friday, I had a terrible experience. My hard drive crashed and I lost a lot of important stuff (especially videos).

I've been working on a number of things behind the scenes and a majority of my recent work is all GONE.

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So, in this episode, I decide to address ways of protecting your Online Business from encountering the kind of problems that I'm dealing with now.

But before getting to that, I deal with a comment from John from John gives his opinion on why we shouldn't rely on any one source (i.e. Google) for traffic, or income.

Protect your Online Business from Disaster

I firmly agree with what John has to say. I give a few stories about my experiences with relying on one traffic source.

John and I also share our experiences with being banned from Google Adsense (seemingly for life). It's a very interesting story, so make sure to listen in.

For protecting your Online Business, here are the resources I recommend:

  • Evernote: This is the program I use for all of my documents. Instead of just using Microsoft Word, I write it into Evernote, and that syncs my documents on all of my Computers (Macs and PC) and my iPhone.
  • Google Docs: Google docs is another one I use for documents, especially documents that I need to share with others (i.e. my outsourcers). Everything is stored on the Google Servers, which allows you to access it from anywhere.
  • Lastpass and 1 Password: I personally use Lastpass to generate and manage all of my passwords for all of the different websites I use. No longer do I memorize passwords. They are encrypted and stored on the lastpass server. 1 Password is similar to lasspass, but allows you to store your passwords locally (on your computer).
  • Online Backup systems – Carbonite, Sugarsync, Crashplan: These are programs that allow you to backup your computer online. I've been using Sugarsync, but they only allow you to backup a certain amount of data. I've just recently started looking into Carbonite and Crashplan, as they allow you to backup an unlimited amount of data. I finally decided to go with Crashplan, because they also allow you to backup your computers on other computers, external hard drives AND they can send you a hard drive to store your stuff on and send back to them to jump start your initial backup. Those points convinced me to go with crashplan.

Hopefully these resources will make it so that you never run into the problem I ran into this weekend, because it CAN be quite devastating.

Comments? Questions? Call into the Hotline at (888) 835 – 2414 and leave a message. I'll be sure to deal with your comment/question on the show. Or, you can leave your comment below.

Take care, and God Bless!

– Leslie Samuel

  • Great show, @TheFreebieGuy:disqus ! I’m a long time user of Evernote and use it daily. I, too, use it to write my blog posts. I also use Lastpass and like it a lot… it had a problem a few days ago though. I’ve used Google Docs before but found it just ok. I’ll probably give it another try. I uninstalled Sugarsync from my Mac a while ago as I realized that it was sucking up all the resources of my computer. It was constantly using 60-70% of CPU which was crazy. I don’t think I’ll use it again. I like Dropbox. I currently back up most of my files on external hard drives. I even back up some important files twice (I’m paranoid, I know!) I also looked into Crashplan and Backblaze… can’t really decide which one is better. Please let us know your experience with Crashplan. Take care.

    • Interesting. I haven’t had those problems with Sugarsync. It worked in the background and didn’t affect my computer. But, I still think Crashplan and Backblaze would be better. I will definitely let you guys know how crashplan works for me.

      In terms of Google docs, I use it mostly when collaborating with others. It works very well for that.

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