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015 My Dad as my Inspiration – Why I HAVE TO succeed!

By Leslie Samuel

I'm not going to say much in these show notes. Just know this – I'm serious about what I'm doing here.

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This episode is not like the others, because I'm dealing with some serious stuff right now. I hope it serves as an inspiration for someone out there.

Take care and God Bless!

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It was requested (in the comments) for me to post a pic of my dad and I. Here are two 🙂

My dad and I at a Conference
3 Generations of Samuels at Fathers Day Banquet:)
  • Hi Leslie … Very inspirational podcast and definitely lots to think about. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thanks for sharing and giving us much to think about … Jim

  • Leslie, I just listened to your podcast and I so sorry for what you are going through right now. Everything happens for a reason and I am sure that you, your father and your family will recover and become stronger because of this. I have also recently dealt with a similar situation and I know my family has become stronger because of what we have been dealing with. Sometimes it’s events like this that occur in our lives to make us gain a greater focus and clarity on what our true mission and purpose is in life. I hope your father gets well soon.

    God Bless!

    • I do agree with you Tai – Everything DOES happen for a reason. I know that in my innermost soul. It’s good to know that in the situation your family dealt with, you became stronger. Thanks for your comment!

  • Leslie,
    I want to start off right now by saying I’m crying. A few hours ago I hit a bump, it seemed that everything started crashing down. I got sick (not terribly, but I was sent to the ER) and I found out that I was scammed on a purchase I made earlier that day. Having some medical problems and other illness, it made it really hard for me, I get stressed and very upset when someone goes through pain, because I have a lot of my life. Hearing your pod-cast made me really think about you and the people around me. I am ultimately sorry for what your going through and I will continue to pray for you and your family to get through this hard situation. I’m going through a bad situation (and have been for a while myself) I’m still in school and it’s very tough for me. I’m not one of the popular kids around, not a well liked one either. At my school if your not in the cliche, your not in nothing, and I admit, it sucks seeing those girls that you think you’ll fall in love with and want to be with, and they push you away because of your looks or friends. I would like to talk to you one day if ever possible.

    God Bless friend, we are all here for you.

    • Cody:

      I just read your blog post and it brings tears to my eyes. If I can leave you with one thing forget the girls in your school! And I am serious about that statement. You didn’t mention how old you were, but I would think middle school to high school? Your journey in life is going to take you to so many wonderful places, the snooty girls and guys at your school will just be something in the distance past.

      Life is a journey not a destination, it is not where you start on this journey it is just where you finish.

      Focus on the positive things (if there are any at this moment in your life) and if there isn’t take steps to create some. Start right now, start a blog and make yourself the cool kid and teach other kids that are not in the cliche how to move forward! What a wonderful feeling it is to give back and make life a little easier for someone else.

      There are several young adults on line, and I know because I subscribe to their blogs, that blog about various topics and make a lot of money. And I do mean a lot! I don’t feel that I should leave the name of the blogs in this post, but maybe Leslie will make a post about the young blogging success population.

      Now you say: “why should I listen to you?” Well I will tell you why. I was not a cool kid in school. I was fat and ugly and did not have the “in style clothes”, and if all that was not enough we were poor and I was not a good student.

      Fast forward to today. I finished HS, and college, went on to get a Masters Degree. Got married, no kids, lost the Peggy Baby Fat! LOL and have never once have I thought about the cool kids in my school that made fun of me.

      In addition, I have seen a few of the cool kids? If that is what they were and if there is such a thing as Karma. And they are now old and fat! So life has away of adjusting things in the environment.

      Please start your journey today with a positive mindset, make small goals, just baby steps and move to the future.

      Wishing you all of the best for a wonderful future.


      Peggy Lamb

    • Hi Cody
      I second what Peggy says. The first thing is that you are not alone my friend. I also felt that way when I was your age, in fact I think a lot of my friends did too. I still remember getting bullied and also watching a friend of mine get bashed by all the other students in our physical education class (to this day I can’t believe what happend: it was during class and one guy called out “everyone get Sam (my friend)” and suddenly everyone in the class ran at my friend and started to bash him while the teacher looked on. Sam ran and climbed to the top of the football post by which point the teacher woke to his senses and called them off). I am sharing this as I want you to know that you are not alone, and that you will come through it.

      As Peggy said, once the people in your school start to grow up a bit and start having to face real life – work etc, they will change (of course you will too). By the time that comes around it will all be different.

      But that doesn’t mean you have to wait for everyone to get older before life gets good. Like Leslie said in his podcast – if things aren’t working out, try doing something differently. For example – life (even at your age) is so much more than just school. I know you spend most of your day there, but there are other awesome things in the community you can get involved in and then meet some people who can become good friends (yes and meet girls too!) There are many clubs (sport and non-sport) and also community groups, hobby groups and youth groups and churches. I suggest if you are not already doing so, that you pick something you are interested in and then see if there is a group around. If there isn’t something you are interested in, then maybe try a group that is about something you know nothing about – this might sound strange but it has worked for me. For example I tried fencing (swords) simply because I knew nothing about it. The result is that I had a great time! If this none of that works then maybe try a youth group (church etc). It can be a great way to have fun.

      Also there is online and everything Peggy said about being successful online at a younger age is true. I don’t know about these days, but when I was in school we used to joke that one day the ‘nerds’ would all become like Bill Gates. Now I am not saying you are a nerd, but what I am saying is that if you start young, you have got a lot of years on the rest of us oldies to be successful!

      Anyway, my heart and prayers go out for you my friend.

      Take away point: Write down a list of hobbies or places that you could try that will make life more fun and also meet people. I don’t know your age, but if need be, show the list to your parents and see what they think. Then go and have some fun doing something new!

      You know what they say – a small change can be as good as a holiday! (Well…. it CAN!)

    • Hi Cody,

      You know – I have to agree with Peggy. You can’t worry about those “cool kids”. 20 years from now, we’ll see who’s the cool one 🙂

      This is my advice to you – Use every day to make yourself better and move yourself one step closer to your goal. Of course, in order to do that, you need to know exactly what your goal is. Determine that, and then work to make it happen.

      Thank you for your support. I believe that we can all support each other on our journeys. That’s what life is all about 🙂

  • My dad is my inspiration too, Leslie, so I know how much your dad means to you. I will pray for his speedy recovery. Will you post a picture of him and yourself together?

  • leslie, Thank you for your honesty. I am so sorry for what you are going through. I will be praying for your dad ( as well as you and your mom). Nothing is impossible!


  • Leslie:

    I know all of our thoughts and prayers are with you. I just want to say what a beautiful person you must be. Your father will be proud when he hears this message. He did a great job raising you and teaching you such high values and respect.



  • Hi Leslie
    I’m so sorry for your distress at this time but I want say that you just sharing what you feel so openly and honestly will help many people. Perhaps your dad could be encouraged to share more of his concerns with someone professionally which might help relieve his stress. I know that many men of his generation (which is the same as mine) find it difficult to talk about their feelings. Just listening to you this morning (I’m in the U.K.) touched me deeply me as I heard your words as if they came from my son. He and my daughter perhaps felt something similar to you last year when I contracted cancer. Well I survived and I am fine now and fortunately never needed chemotherapy. Like your dad I never did well with pensions as there was never enough advice years ago, so I have much to make up still. I returned to UK from France in December because of my health and to be nearer to my family. I want to continue trying to build a blog and working online as you do. When (not if) I start to make things work I shall probably be one of the older ones online. I am a counsellor, teacher and a writer and I know that if I can just focus and take one step at a time (‘petit a petit’ in French) I will rise above my own difficulties. Like you, I want to succeed as much for my children, even though they are grown-up. But just one thing for yourself. It is important to work hard for your family but it’s also important to take very good care of yourself and not to drive yourself too much. It’s only a good thing for your own health that you can so easily express your feelings. But as well as constant doing we all need to take time to just be. I hope that you will soon get some good news about your dad.
    Take care.

    • You are so right Susanne. It is definitely important to take very good care of yourself and not to drive yourself too much. I’m a firm believer in working hard to build systems where you don’t have to work hard. I do work hard now, but that won’t continue indefinitely, and I’m ok with that. However, I’m trying even harder to be more balanced with what I do.

      It’s awesome to hear that you recovered from cancer while never even needing chemotherapy. That’s a tremendous blessing.

      Thanks for your support!

  • Hey Leslie!

    A blessed podcast. I know exactly how you feel. Went through something
    similar. Will be praying for you and yours! Thanks for giving us the chance
    to step back and smell the roses.

  • Your message was strong and sincere. I felt towards the end that you were talking to me personally. Although it touched my heart I hope that it has inspired me to do what I really need to do, TAKE ACTION.

    Thanks Leslie,

  • Hey Leslie, just to tell you are not alone friend, during these hard times, As James said “Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family”. Hang up. Good feelings from Luxembourg.God Bless

  • Hi Leslie

    You asked in a previous podcast and also in this one what our goals are – Why are do we want to be successful online?

    Here is my response to that question as part of the LWL Mastermind group (I don’t have a blog that would suit this being posted so am putting it in the comments).

    For me, it is along the same lines as your reason – for my family.

    My wife was born in Japan and I am from Australia. I first became interested in blogging due to my wife pointing out how other people were doing it and making money. I then looked into it and, man did my head swim! Talk about overload – the amount of information I tried to devour in one weekend made me feel dizzy!

    The result was I set up my blog:

    The inital reason for wanting to be successful at this was to enable my family to be close to our relatives and the cultures in both countries. Air tickets from Australia to Japan are not cheap, and with us both working full-time it is hard to afford more than one visit a year.

    But more than that we want to give our kids the chance to live in both cultures/countries while they are growing up, if we can (we don’t have kids yet). Not only will this give them opportunities to be bilingual and learn more about the world and who they are and who their family is, but it would also open up more opportunities to them as they grow through life.

    To make such a goal reality I need to be able to earn an income in both countries. Now there are a number of ways this could be done, but to me the by far most sensible way would be to have something online working for me.

    This is the main reason. There are also others such as work flexibility – I was sick some years ago, which resulted in me not being able to work for about 6 weeks. 6 weeks isn’t exactly long, but it isn’t short either. This really woke me up to reality of how important it is to be healthy enough to work, but also the challenge (horror!?!) of what to do if working is physically impossible.

    As for why I am interested in the LWL Mastermind group – besides working towards making the above a reality, I have identified that my use of time is a real barrier (the BIGGEST barrier).

    Now I am not sitting around watching TV or anything like that, in fact it is kind of the opposite. I am studying a masters degree, trying to build my site, along with various community services I am involved in. Now, I have already done the ‘cut back’ thing where I have removed as much as I can, but the reality is the time needed to do my masters is enormous. I have even at times toyed with quitting my masters so that I can focus on my site. But then I find myself confused as I balance the two up… Starting my masters helped me get my current job. I don’t like not finishing things. Yet if I stay with it, time for my site is very minimal and I feel like, I won’t be able to really get my site going till I graduate. Then I think about how my site could be by that graduation date if I just put 100% of my effort into it right now… This has been and continues to be one of my main dilemas!

    Anyway, sorry this is so long!

    I hope and pray all is well for your dad and for your family.

    God bless mate


    • John, thank you so much for sharing. Don’t worry about it being long. It’s you sharing what I believe is important.

      It’s great to see people planning the way you and your wife are. I can definitely understand where you are coming from because what you mentioned as your main goal is also one of mine.

      We don’t have any kids as yet, but when we do, we want them to be able to travel around the world and experience different cultures. We don’t want the “typical” education for our kids, but a more well-rounded one.

      I’ve always dreamed about (for example), when my kids are learning about European history, taking them to the parts in Europe that they are covering in their studies. If the are learning about the Egyptian pyramids (another example), why not being there where they can have the full experience, and even maybe trip and fall on a stone in front of it, lol.

      Anyways man, thanks for sharing and I’m so glad to have you along on this journey!

  • It was meaningful to listen to this story again Leslie… thanks for everything you’ve done to help other people along the way as your business has grown… Thanks especially for the kindness you’ve shown to me. I appreciate all of your support. God bless you. You’ve impacted many lives, and I know that you’ll impact many more.
    Stay well.

  • Hi Les,
    Sorry to hear about your father. Wish him good strength and health. I don’t know what to say too, Les, I’m speechless. It’s a post cast which touches our inner feelings and tells us “look beyond your most urgent needs, what do you really stand for in life?” However I’ll write a post, you outlined in your last tip. It will definitely help to get people to be your friend in the future. Wish you, your family and especially your father lots of strength, health, piece, happiness and fortune, Hans

  • Hello Leslie,
    I don’t post often to any blog, but you motivated me to say something here. You are not wasting our time to comment about something dealing with your Dad. Family is dear to anyone that values it. There is something more valuable than money and that is people, especially ones that are close to you. So I wish your Dad, family and you take care and that your Dad gets better. My thoughts are with you.

    • Leslie, thank you very much for sharing this with us. Your father sounds like a wonderful man and I’m sure he’s very proud to have you as his son. Events like this put everything into perspective and allow us to refocus on what is really important. I admire how you have used your circumstances to strengthen you and shared it with us too! Glad to hear your father is better. I completely agree with you, this is much more about making money and the factors that motivate people differ from person to person, but we can use these life experience to reflect on what really matters to us now and in the future. Keep up the good work my friend! God bless 🙂

  • What a touching podcast. I send prayers for your dad and all of your family. Your dad has obviously made you the person you are today, and for that, you (and he) can be very proud. I know you are having a son soon and I also know that you will be just as much of an inspiration to him as your father was to you. What a lucky boy he’s going to be!
    Please keep us posted on your dad’s progress…. you and your family will be in our thoughts.

    • @Sheila Bergquist Thanks for the prayers Sheila. He’s actually doing MUCH better. Lots of miracles happened, but that’s a whole nother story 😉

    • Thanks Leslie for sharing. I feel encouraged because with God all things are possible. Hope your dad is better now. I would also like to succeed so that I do not have to depend on the small retirement that we get, that cannot sustain anybody. 
      At this point I will just put my trust in God.

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