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360 How to Do a Post-Mortem On Your Goals

By Leslie Samuel

In today’s episode, episode 360 we’re gonna be talking about how to do a post-mortem on your goals.

Every so often we set goals and then we come up with a plan to accomplish those goals. Then we take the next logical step – we start working towards our goals.

But here’s the thing – oftentimes, that’s where we stop. We start doing the work, and then fall off somewhere along the lines and never stop to do what’s called a postmortem.

And as a result, we never fully appreciate our successes or learn from our mistakes. Well, in this episode, I’m gonna go into what a post mortem is and how to do one.

And the way we’ll do this is I’m actually gonna do a post-mortem on my thirty-day challenge goals.

How did I do? Did I accomplish my goals? Did I fail? All of this and more is coming up.

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