Do you struggle to be consistent in your business?

Wish you could stop wasting time, get things done so that you can start seeing results with your blog?

In this post, I'm going to share some tips to help you do just that. I'll even issue you a challenge. Are you ready? Then let's go…

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Leaving my Job

In 2014, I left my job. Unfortunately (or fortunately), my business was not at the point I needed it to be in order to take care of our basic expenses.

As a result, I had to get into hustle mode.

I decided to launch my Blogger Coaching Club. I started offering one-on-one coaching. I started doing a number of things to make the money I needed to make ends meet.

The result – I was able to match my previous salary as a University professor within 4 months, and then it grew from there.

I worked hard, consistently, and saw great results. In fact, the progress I've made over the last year towards my goals pale in comparison to what I did back then.

As I look back on 2019, I realized that I'm not holding myself to the same standards as I did back then. I'm not making enough progress towards my goals.

Maybe you find yourself in a similar place, where you're not making the progress you'd like to make. If so, join me as I change that aspect of what I do.

I want to share with you what I'm doing to fix that situation, and I hope that by the end, you'll join me on this journey. Here are the steps I'm proposing.

Identify what to accomplish
What do you want to accomplish in 30 days?

1. Identify Something to Accomplish in the next 30 days

This needs to be a very specific goal. Maybe it's something that has been on your heart for a while. Maybe it's something you've started and stopped at some point.

Maybe the stopping point was with just having the idea. Let's take that goal as the thing we're going to be working on over the next 30 days.

2. Create leverage

When it comes to accomplishing our goals, there are certain things we can do to create leverage, and there are two kinds of leverage that I want you to create.

Internal Leverage

This is the leverage that comes internally by you answering the following questions (and writing them down):

  • What will accomplishing that goal do for you? Be specific.
  • Why do you want to accomplish that goal?
  • What is the pain associated with not doing anything?
internal external leverage
Create an internal and external leverage

Answering these questions will give you more motivation to actually accomplish the goal you set.

External Leverage

This is the kind of leverage that comes from outside of yourself. Do this in the following ways:

  • Tell someone you respect. By doing so, you will get an increased motivation to get it done so that you don't have to go back to that person and admit that you failed.
  • Tell your community. This is another way of creating external leverage. By using social media or any other platform to let your community know your goal, you'll be even more driven to accomplish it and report back to them.

3. Identify the Process

This is where the rubber meets the road. What steps are you going to take to accomplish your goal in 30 days? I want you to ask the following questions in order to come up with the process:

  • Identify process
    Identify steps to accomplish your goal in 30 days.

    What do you currently know to do to accomplish that goal? Often times I find that it's not that we don't know what to do, it's that we don't do what we know to do. Answer this question, and keep asking yourself – What else can I do?

  • What don't you currently know? To accomplish any big goal, there are things that we will have to learn to make it happen. So – what's the ONE book or training you're going to follow? Choose one to follow.

Using these two ideas, come up with an action plan. What steps are you going to take? And more importantly – what activities will you do every single day?

4. Commit to the process

commit and be consistent
Commit to the process and be consistent

One of the things that can happen when we come up with a big goal is that we get overwhelmed by the goal. By focusing on the goal, we often lose sight of what we need to do right now.

I don't want you to do that. Instead, commit to the process. Every day, do the things on your action plan. If this involves going through a course, commit to going through the training.

Commit to every step and make sure you take consistent action.

5. Revisit your goal daily

While you are committed to the process, you must also keep the goal in sight. One great way of doing this is by reading your goal every single day. This will help to keep you focused on that goal.

My Challenge to You

Now that we've gone through all that, here's my challenge to you. Once you know what your goal is and what actions you're going to take on a daily basis, let me know.

Send me a video or audio message and use me as your external leverage. To send me a video message, use any of the following platforms:

And if you'd like to send it via audio, call the hotline at (888)835-2414.


Be More Consistent
Infographic: How to Be More Consistent and Get Real Results

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