Blogging Podcast

339 I’m Back and Reevaluating Everything

By Leslie Samuel

Today's episode is a little different. In it, I explain why I haven't released a podcast episode in over a month. I also share why I'm reevaluating everything I do in my blogging business.

Go ahead and click play below to listen.

  1. Hi Leslie! I just wanted to let you know how much this podcast meant to me! Your energy and enthusiasm is so refreshing!! I love how much you love your family and are taking the time to follow God’s leading for your calling! I too am on that path. It’s so exciting to not know exactly what His plan is but to move forward anyway. I am launching a website soon and will look into utilizing your resources. Keep up the good work…especially Three Men and Some Babies!

  2. Leslie, good to see your beautiful family. And that all is going well in your world. Good episode here. I can’t believe you’ve done that many episodes! 😉 I quit after Episode 101! I salute you.

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