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323 The End of Learning with Leslie

By Leslie Samuel

You read that right. This episode marks the end of “Learning with Leslie” – the podcast.

Rather than write out an explanation of why and what this mean, I would rather you listen to the episode.

Listen to This Episode

Fortunately, the end of Learning with Leslie is the beginning of something else.

I can't wait to take you on the journey with me.

  1. Leslie!!! Just listened to this episode. I was terrified at the title haha, but I am so happy about Blogging with Leslie! This is happening at the perfect time for me. I started my blog last month. I am so excited for future episodes!!

  2. I absolutely love this episode, Leslie! I think you and I are kindred spirits. I have been thinking about this a LOT lately, too. Social Media has become a rat race and it’s one that I only do what is absolutely necessary, which is to get people back to the blog and sign up for my email list, and then to create an autoresponder that engages them and creates value. It seems so silly when I hear blogger friends talking about posting some meme and “oh wow, my engagement was so high!” and I can’t help but think, “Umm…who cares?? Why does that even matter?” My mission is to provide a resource ( that inspires people to create, improve, and maintain their home on a budget, and so I create content that does just that. The big piece that’s missing is having products to sell to my audience, but that’s coming. I’m cleaning up a lot of my content with a 12-week audit (I’m on Week 6) and I am on schedule to finish by the end of 12 weeks. Once I lay the strong foundation, then I can build a house on my foundation. 🙂
    Anyhow, just had to add, I like where you’re going with this!

    1. That’s exactly it Serena. I don’t care if a meme goes viral but adds no value to what I’m REALLY trying to accomplish. No more chasing likes here. It’s about building the best resource to serve your audience. That’s all. Oh, and of course building your BUSINESS. Facebook ain’t doing it for us, so we might as well take it into our own hands. Excited to see where you go with your products. I can see you doing all kinds of courses on how to use Power tools. Or even guides on how to build certain things. I actually purchased plans on how to build a desk and it’s the studio desk I’ve had now for over a decade 🙂

  3. Leslie, I’m really grateful to you for this episode. I discovered your podcast when I left my job to start my own business in 2016. And thanks to you, I learn and I discover so many things. I must admit that I was a little scared listening to this new episode, but I suspected that you would not let us down :)!
    I completely share your point of view and I am 100% committed to the new Blogging with Leslie format. I hope to have the chance to integrate this program one day to benefit from your help to develop my blog and help me to reach my target and propose a value-added content.
    Thank you Leslie for your energy and good mood! Listen to your podcast, it’s very dynamic and it gives me the smile and the action mode immediately!

  4. I, too thought you were quitting the podcast. That would’ve been a shame considering I JUST found you. I like the new name and narrowed focus. I wonder if you’d be willing to cover upcoming changes happening in WordPress. Other groups have been saying new updates scheduled to be applied in April or May are going to be massive and may break some themes. If that’s true I’d like to know what I should do to prepare. .

  5. Great new focus on just blog platform building! Missing you on YT, but understand!

    Just an idea, there are a lot of writers/wanna-be-authors/authors who need help building their blog and platform before or after a book. I’m lucky that I was a blogger (in the homeschool niche) for many years before becoming an author (and changing my niche). Maybe a podcast and/or blog post about author specific blogs would be nice?? Many lost writers out there. Thanks! And God bless!

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