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The 7 Day Bootcamp is a huge success!

By Leslie Samuel

Wow, I can't believe how great the launch of my FREE 7 Day Bootcamp is going. I knew it was going to go well, but I've been taken back by some of the comments that were left inside the bootcamp are. Just in case you haven't checked it out, let me give you a peak at some of the comments that were left:

“Thanks for the great info., Leslie.
My biggest issue seems to be organization and information stagnation. With your step by step guide, I’ll actually get something accomplished.” – Joe

“These videos were very helpful, Leslie. As someone who is intimidated by the idea of setting up a website, I have to say that watching your videos helps to remove a lot of the intimidation. When I get to the point of setting up a site, I feel like I will now at least try to do this myself. I have to admit I am still stuck back on keyword research.” – Linda

“hey thanks for the video very good info . looking forward to day 2 . I’ve been writing alot of content everywhere just trying to find the perfect niche . but this video shows me what questions to ask myself to help me before i write my first sentence .. good stuff .. thanks” – Edward

“Thank you so much for all this valuable information, it is appreciated greatly. You are an excellent teacher who is easy to understand and follow. Good things will come back to bless you!” – Cheryl

“Really cool, it’s one thing to have the tools but to know how to use them to fill in the blanks like you did today is great. I see that I can use this to improve my site content and keywords and actually know what I’m doing. Thanks looking forward to the next lesson.” – Chris

“AWESOME!!! What a way to kick off the 7 Day Bootcamp, Leslie has really out done himself like usual !! I cannot wait to see the rest of this course! Thanks Leslie for the wonderful Marketing Bootcamp, I cannot beleive its FREE!!! You sure help alot of people with your website and all of the ideas and knowledge you give out to help everyone with. Kudo’s to you!!” – Lee

“I’ve got the domain name picked (but not bought yet), hosting and WordPress is already taken care of and just sat down and came up with 25 posts for my niche. Just got to write them out. I didnt honestly think I could come up with that many in my niche. I think I could make 3 of the posts into ongoing series’. This bootcamp has gotten me extremely excited and I do believe this is the thing I needed to kick me in the butt. I have already taken more action in the last 4-5 days than I have in the last year and a half of looking into an online business. Thank you again Leslie.” – Ryan

The best part of this entire experience has been seeing people take massive action. When I see that, it really makes me feel like everything I'm doing is worth it. If you haven't joined the 7 Day Bootcamp as yet, you might want to stop whatever you are doing and head on over to

Here's what I want from YOU! I need answers to the following questions:

  1. If you are already in the 7 Day Bootcamp, what do you think about it?
  2. Are there things you would like to see added?
  3. What other topics would you like to learn about?
  4. Would you be interested in a paid private coaching program?
  5. If so, how much do you think would be a reasonable price?
  6. Any other suggestions for what you would like me to provide in the future  (Free or paid)

I would appreciate your feedback on those questions.


  • 1. I think it is helpful to the average newb!

    2. A website case study, maybe?

    3. Different types of websites and marketing formulas.

    4. 1000% YES YES YES(yeah, I know, I put one-thousand, I meant to)

    5. Lifetime membership for no more than 67$ in my opinion.

    6. I got nothing to suggest atm, thanks so far les!

  • Hi Leslie,

    1. I am in the bootcamp. I find it to be very worthwhile and allows me to revisit things I’ve done and make improvements.

    2. I am geared more to affiliate marketing and my blog is not my main thrust. Maybe some more on advertising. What is good and what should we pay? Should ads be using splash pages instead of offer pages? Things like that.

    3. More information on spash page usage. Suggested splash page makers and where to use splash page most effectively would be helpful.

    4. Yes, if affordable. My problem is commiting consistent time. I don’t want to do this every day for 8 or more hours.

    5. This is difficult to answer. $10 to $20 per month depending upon content is my best guess. You could probably get more from some people.

    6. My biggest problem is time management. I was a project manager and was good at managing my time at work. It seems to not apply to my new affiliate marketing/retirement program lifestyle. I don’t seem to get through all incoming emails, place ads, review all programs I am trying to do, email people, etc. Maybe you could offer some guidelines.

    Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Larry Burr

    • Great Suggestions Larry. I’m heavy into affiliate marketing right now, but from my blog. Thanks for the suggestions.

      Time management is essential when it comes to affiliate marketing, and making money online in general. I actually have some ideas for coming up with cool videos on those topics. Stay Tuned!

  • 1. If you are already in the 7 Day Bootcamp, what do you think about it? I have found the boot camp to be informative and well presented. You do a great job of breaking the information down so that it is easy to understand. While I am still unsure about some of the technical aspects of setting up a website, I feel like your step by step guidance is very beneficial.
    2. Are there things you would like to see added? While there are other areas that I would like to learn more about, I think that at this point there is so much content in the bootcamp that more information would probably be better saved for another program.
    3. What other topics would you like to learn about? I would like to learn more about effective marketing. I would also like to learn more about the kinds of products that effectively sell and what products are the best fit for your niche. I would also like to learn about outsourcing & when you should use it. And oh so much more.
    4. Would you be interested in a paid private coaching program? I would be very interested ( esp. if there was some one on one time involved in it ) but I am not sure if it is currently financially feasible for me.
    5. If so, how much do you think would be a reasonable price? I am not sure about this, but know that it takes up a lot of time so I would expect it to be costly.
    6. Any other suggestions for what you would like me to provide in the future (Free or paid) Info about advertising, marketing, list building, creating an attractive website.

  • 1.) I LOVE it! I have looked for about a year and a half for this info and always found some one who wants to charge an arm & a leg for it. It’s got so much more info that I blogged about it on my other 2 blogs and posted about it on Facebook. Great value!
    2)No. Too much info is what was one of my main problems this year. I had so much info from so many sources that I accomplished nothing.
    3)SEO. How to get your blog/site ranked higher in Google (fast). And easy ways to create our own products. I hear that is a big thing nowadays. And other things about running an online business.
    4)Of course I would be very interested in a private coaching program. But I would have to wait for a while to be able to afford it.
    5)Price? I would say $40-$60 a month is reasonable. But you should offer hourly rates as well. Just dont sell yourself short on either one. You have a lot of knowledge my friend. Just dont let your heart of gold take the shirt off your back. Hey you could probably do something with the forums. Say $10 a month for them?
    6)How to find someone to write for you and be cheap, Virtual Assistants, Effective and stress free ways to run multiple sites, How to create a membership site and run it.

    On another note this Friday I will be buying the domain name and the site will go live. All this week I plan on getting my first 25 posts written and ready to be scheduled in WordPress.

    • I’m so glad you found so much value in it Ryan, and like the others above – Great suggestions. SEO is a fascinating topic to me. I love learning about that stuff. I guess I need to start sharing what I’ve learnt.

  • Greetings,

    Much of the information you’ve provided during your 7 day bootcamp , I came across several years ago. The only difference is I had to pay for it.

    What’s superior about your information is the presentation through videos. That’s powerful.
    They make things crystal clear. Muhammad

  • First, beautiful camp, beautiful concept.
    1. Guess I answered this one already.
    2.Haven’t gotten to 6 and 7 yet, but I think so far the info is just what is needed to get people started in the right way. Any more detailed info should probably be given after they have their feet under them, and maybe as part of your subscription deal. You know, information overload and all. Which is probably part of the reason I’m back here at your bootcamp. Obviously how to drive people to the site to get the subscribers is the key, and you may go over that a little in the parts I haven’t gotten to yet. So I’ll have to withhold judgement on that at this time.
    3. Traffic generation is always most important.
    4. Yes, I would once I start earning.
    5. Wow, who the heck knows? The fewer you want, the more you charge. I would think on average $70 to $100 mt. would be reasonable. If you’re going to take them by the hand, I would think maybe even considerably more, but you would be getting the select few that could afford it.
    6. Haven’t got to 6 or 7, but maybe optimization and content selection, and traffic generation would be the logical choices going forward.

    Your a great man, and you do great things, whatever you charge wouldn’t be enough because your service and the care in which you provide it, are invaluable.

    • Wow David,

      Thanks a bunch. It’s good to know when people really find value in something you do. If there’s one thing all of you guys have done, that’s motivate me to continue doing what I’m doing.

      Thanks for the great suggestions. Don’t worry, Traffic generation comes on Day 7 😉

      Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have given that away, lol.

  • I’ve been going through Your 7 day boot camp and its going really well. Although not new to IM, I did learn a few new things in this series. Godd stuff. I’ve seen paid programs that don’t give as much value.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

    • Hi Dwight,

      Glad to have you be a part of the bootcamp, and it’s great to heard that it has been going well for you. It’s great to know when what you are doing is working. Thanks for the feedback and keep me updated on your progress!

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